Starting with Steel Phalanx

List #2: Steel Phalanx’ Comradery.

Steel Phalanx’ synergy comes from the Enomotarchos Rule. This rule makes the army incredible mobile, gives the teams enough members to get some strong bonusses and on top of that… it negates all their Frenzied characteristics. Kill, without going hotheaded the next turn.

To focus on this Enomotarchos Rule, we’ll focus this list purely on the Myrmidon and Thorakitai units since both are able to benefit from this rule.

What you’ll need:
The Starter Boxed Set
The Myrmidon Boxed Set
Nesaie Alke Blister
Myrmidon Spitfire Blister
Support Boxed Set

The List:
Nesaie Alke, Thorakitai Officer (Spitfire)
Thorakitai (Paramedic)
Thorakitai (Combi Rifle)
Thorakitai (Light Rocket Launcher)
Eudoros, Myrmidon Officer (Mk12)
Myrmidon (Chain Rifle)
Myrmidon (Spitfire)
Myrmidon (Assault Hacker)

Two linkteams; one of the Myrmidons, one of the Thorakitai, allowing you to move these four units with one order.
You’ll need Eudoros or Nesaie Alke to form these linkteams, as only they bear the Enomotarchos Rules.

The Myrmidon linkteam is protected by their O.D.D.. Be careful though, Fire will damage this device and then they become much more fragile.
Chain Rifle, Spitfire, Mk12 and an Assault hacker makes this team a deadly fist that will drive forward.
Thorakitai are a support force, bringing a Medic and an Engineer (which can repair the O.D.D. in case it burns off), and a Light Rocket Launcher for some extra Fire support.

Nesaie Alke is a new unit, and a Thorakitai Officer. She is a Character Thorakitai, following the same template, but a bit boosted; better BS and BTS statline, and the Courage rule, allowing her to keep her ground.

The Netrod is a chance roll, as you have to deploy this antennea at the start of the game. It might give you an extra order, and only cost 4 points. Worthy investment! 😉

Thijs "Scorch" van Tienen

Infinity enthusiast and longtime cyberpunk fan. Also enjoys some good quality tea and Thai food. Runs Data Sphere together with Arachas.

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6 Responses

  1. TJ Atwell says:

    Thank you for this article. This is so comprehensive yet readable for newbs like me. Please keep them coming. This is teaching me the intricacies of list building for sectorals.

    • Scorch says:

      I am glad these articles help you! It’s what they are intended for! Enjoy your first couple of games! 😉 More to come!

  2. Thanks for another great article! I don’t see any mention of Ajax or Penthesilia, would you recommand against fielding them in an A.S.S. armylist?

    • Scorch says:

      Definitely not!
      These lists are just 4 options. We decided to keep it to 4 because we could go on indefinitely otherwise. Both Ajax and Penny are great characters to run in A.S.S. (and vanilla too).
      Personally (and that’s just my preference), I like Phoenix and Machaon a lot, and that’s why I included them in the list. 🙂 If you like Ajax and Penny more, go ahead and field them!

  3. VisOne says:

    I agree with Scorch. Phoenix and Machaon are better first buys being overall of greater use in all of the variety of missions available to players these days.

    Ajax and Penny are great at drawing attention and dealing damage but they alone won’t win you many an objective based game.

    However Infinity certainly is a buy and play what you like game. 😉

  4. Vonkrolok says:

    You may wanna consider an update considering Dactyls came out as a linkable unit: a link of specialists is very order efficient at objective grabbing… although more expensive than a Thora link.
    There already reports coming out of having them in the baby pool with a probot to reload those sweet Panzerfaust and Flammenspear

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