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This article is meant to take a look at the flexibility and the basics of list-buildings. For new players, Infinity and the building of lists can be a little bit daunting. So many options, units,special rules and equipment. That can be a bit much for most of us.

With the Starting with… series, we’ll take a look at two or three lists per army, showing some of the options you can choose.

To keep your budget in mind, we’ll start every list using the Starter Box of every army, which is an awesome deal for the amount of models you can get! We won’t keep in mind the need for specialists required in the I.T.S. missions! Specialists are certain units that can capture objectives. Those units aren’t a necessity right now because we’ll be focusing on the basics first. You’ll learn about them later on. You can get a solid grasp of the game mechanics and workings of Infinity with these lists!

The current Haqqislam Starter Box brings you 6 models:

  • Ghulam, Rifle + Light Shotgun / Pistol, Knife, (12pts)
  • Ghulam, Rifle + Light Shotgun / Pistol, Knife, (12pts)
  • Ghulam, Rifle + Light Shotgun / Pistol, Knife, (12pts)
  • Naffatun, Rifle + Light Flamethrower, Grenades / Pistol, Knife (12)
  • Hunzakut, Sniper Rifle, Anti-Personnel Mines / Pistol, Knife (0.5 | 21) – note that it is an Irregular model.
  • Janissary, AP Rifle + Light Shotgun / Pistol, Close Combat Weapon (36)

Total: 105 points, 0.5 SWC.


Haqqislam Starter Set

Lieutenant options (since you have to appoint your Lt): one of the Ghulam, the Naffatun, or (at the cost of extra 0.5 SWC) the Janissary.

Roles, pros and cons on table:

  • The Ghulam are your basic infantrymen, and can be trusted with any typical task you’d want a Light Infantry to do. Thanks to their Light Shotguns, they are going to be very effective on close ranges (getting +6 to hit modifier at distances shorter than 8”).
  • Naffatun is an assault infantry unit, capable of flushing out enemies entrenched in cover. Grenades can be also used for Speculative Fire attacks.
  • Hunzakut is a Camouflaged Infiltrator with a long-ranged, powerful Sniper Rifle.
  • Janissary is your most survivable model in this box, and thanks to N3 update, he can keep the pace with other models. In the basic list shown above, I’d suggest designating him the Lieutenant, to capitalise on the Lt.Order. With AP Rifle he can reliably take on enemy heavies, and the Light Shotgun will prove useful against anyone you can get up close.

The main problem I see is Order shortage (as the Hunzakut is Irregular) – the “starter box only” list is 5 Regular and 1 Irregular Orders.

Variants and proxies in the box:

The Ghulam riflemen could be upgraded to pack (besides their basic armament) some extra stuff. A few loadouts worth mentioning and also easily proxiable:

  • Light Grenade Launcher (1 | 13). Like the Naffatun’s Grenades, this can be used to reach  targets hidden behind a wall, building or other obstacle. However, it obviously has better range than gand-thrown grenades.
  • Panzerfaust (0.5 | 15), which is a powerful weapon (if with limited ammunition), at low points level useful primarily against Heavy Infantry.
  • Hacking Device (0.5 | 20) which has a plethora of uses (provided you’ve dabbled into the Advanced Rules: Hacking by now), however, still of limited application in low-points games. Still, it allows you to field Remotes, and they can be very useful.
  • Doctor (16). Haqqislam’s strong point is our mastery in life sciences, and there’s no point why you shouldn’t capitalize on that. A model rendered unconscious is a model out of play – unless there is a medic around to save him. Ghulam Doc is going to have a whopping 85% success ratio (thanks to her WIP 14 and Doctor Plus), and your opponents will be grinding their teeth seeing her in action.
  • Forward Observer (13) counts as Specialist in Paradiso, ITS and N3 Rulebook missions, capable of achieving mission objectives. He can also mark target at a distance – making them easier to hit for other models – but this ability will be of limited use in low-points games.

Naffatun LFT:

  • The only option here is to upgrade to a Naffatun HFT (13), keeping the rifle, swapping the Light Flamethrower for a Heavy one, and dropping the grenades.

Hunzakut – the Hunzakut Sniper is the only Hunzakut model currently available. He can be therefore deployed as the other variants, too:

  • Rifle + Light Grenade Launcher, Anti-Personnel Mines, Deployable Repeater (0.5 | 18) can rain grenades, lay mines and provide Repeaters for your Hacker (should you have one.
  • Rifle + Light Shotgun (and yes, he keeps AP Mines and Deployable Repeaters, plus he has the Forward Observer skill) (18) is a far more conventional loadout that can fulfill objectives in ITS, or – in a straightforward manner – jump enemy targets at close range.
  • Ghulam Sniper (0.5 | 16) is a model that can be easily proxied with the Hunzakut sniper miniature. While not as effective (lacking Camouflage), he’s still competent shot – and being Regular, he will provide an Order for the Order Pool. Please note that compared to the Hunzakut Sniper, he’s 5pts cheaper (bringing the starter box to a neat round 100pts)

Janissary – at the moment, there are two current Janissary models (rifleman and HMG… pus the same two loadouts can be encountered on old models). There are two loadouts your Rifle-armed Janissary from the starter box can represent, besides the basic one and the Lt:

  • Rifle + Light Shotgun, Tinbot A (0.5 | 37) doesn’t differ much from the basic Janissary, except that he gets +3 BTS extra against hacking attempts. Which is worth consideration if you expect a lot of hacking attempts by your opponent.
  • Doctor (41). While having all the advantages of a basic Janissary, this loadout is hands down the best medical specialist in the N3 Rulebook. While his success ratio is the same as Ghulam Doctor’s (85%), his two Wounds and Armor of 4 make him far more survivable. He can also heal multi-wound models (70% success ratio) with his Akbar Doctor ability, but unless you plan to have other HI on the table, this will rarely be useful. Keep in mind that the Doc can fulfill mission objectives!

Let’s grow our Sword of Allah force to 200pts:


Plays Qapu Khalqi, Corregidor and recently Hassassin Bahram. Claims to be "just a humble traveller on the Silk Road".

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