Starting with Steel Phalanx

List #3: Let’s go Troy on their!

As you might have noticed by now, Steel Phalanx’ is inspired by the Greek heroes that fought during the Troian battle.

One of the biggest heroes of the Troian battle was Achilles, a young Greek warrior favoured by the gods. He fought, and died during the battle of Troy, but according to legend he was the bravest, most handsome and glorious warrior in the Greek history.

Aleph sure took note of this Greek hero, and constructed one of its L-Host in the liking of this famous warrior.

This list will focus on Achilles and his Myrmidon warriors.

What you need:
Achilles Blister
Myrmidon Boxed Set
Myrmidon Spitfire Blister
Ekdromoi Blister
Support Boxed Set

The List:
Achilles (Multi Rifle)
Myrmidon Officer Chain of Command (Boarding Shotgun)
Myrmidon (Chain Rifle)
Myrmidon (Spitfire)
Myrmidon (Chain Rifle)
Ekdromoi (Chain Rifle)

Achilles is a man-sized TAG. His stats are on par with many TAGs, his Close Combat Stats are even better. Martial Arts Lv4, Kinematica L2 combined with an Explosive Combat Weapon. He literally vaporizes everything in close combat.
Achilles can move up to 10 inches per order, has an O.D.D. to keep him safe, and his Kinematica allows him to shuffle his dodges and engage skills up to 4 inch. Multiterrain allows him to keep doing this no matter where he is running.
The only upside for your opponent is the fact that he becomes Impetuous in Turn 2, as he undoubtebly killed something in the first turn. This negates Achilles the benefit of partial cover, so only his O.D.D. will protect him (-6 on any BS action, which is still sickening).

Achilles is unable to form a team, so he’ll be off on his own. Let’s focus on the rest of the list.

A linkteam of Myrmidons. You’ll need the Officer to form the team, but not to worry. In case Achilles really dies because someone shoots him in the heel, the Officer will take over his Lieutenant role, allowing you to continue the fight without Loss of Lieutenant.
The Officer comes with Chain of Command, Zero-V Smoke Grenades, and a whole load of other goodies that is part of a Myrmidon. Together with boosted stats and No Wound Incapacitation.
The rest of the Myrmidons carry a load of weapons to finish everything off.

The Ekdromoi and Netrods are for surprise and order support. You might feel the Netrods are a bit wonky to count on two of the eight orders, but remember; You’re bringing Achilles to a 200 point game. You pay for that. That’s like bringing a tank to a gunfight.

Thijs "Scorch" van Tienen

Infinity enthusiast and longtime cyberpunk fan. Also enjoys some good quality tea and Thai food. Runs Data Sphere together with Arachas.

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6 Responses

  1. TJ Atwell says:

    Thank you for this article. This is so comprehensive yet readable for newbs like me. Please keep them coming. This is teaching me the intricacies of list building for sectorals.

    • Scorch says:

      I am glad these articles help you! It’s what they are intended for! Enjoy your first couple of games! 😉 More to come!

  2. Thanks for another great article! I don’t see any mention of Ajax or Penthesilia, would you recommand against fielding them in an A.S.S. armylist?

    • Scorch says:

      Definitely not!
      These lists are just 4 options. We decided to keep it to 4 because we could go on indefinitely otherwise. Both Ajax and Penny are great characters to run in A.S.S. (and vanilla too).
      Personally (and that’s just my preference), I like Phoenix and Machaon a lot, and that’s why I included them in the list. 🙂 If you like Ajax and Penny more, go ahead and field them!

  3. VisOne says:

    I agree with Scorch. Phoenix and Machaon are better first buys being overall of greater use in all of the variety of missions available to players these days.

    Ajax and Penny are great at drawing attention and dealing damage but they alone won’t win you many an objective based game.

    However Infinity certainly is a buy and play what you like game. 😉

  4. Vonkrolok says:

    You may wanna consider an update considering Dactyls came out as a linkable unit: a link of specialists is very order efficient at objective grabbing… although more expensive than a Thora link.
    There already reports coming out of having them in the baby pool with a probot to reload those sweet Panzerfaust and Flammenspear

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