The Lost Missions of 20×20

mirage5In the course of writing the scenario system 20×20, some missions were exchanged for others and some missions never made it into any version of the 20×20 document. I have received feedback from some players who would like the return of some of the missions that got lost in the process of improving 20×20.

This document has been written to bring back those lost missions, revised and in the new format.
Even though I believe they are all playable, there were reasons why missions did not make it into 20×20 or were removed from it.

  • I saw balance issues (Hostage Siege, Destroy Ammo Depot, Data Recovery II, Dropship Assault, Clear the Mines, Confiscate Illegal Weapons)
  • The mission seemed to be too hard to achieve (Breakthrough)
  • The scenario was too convoluted (Evacuate Diplomats, Data Hack, Heroic Action)
  • The scenario seemed to be too bland (Rivers of Blood, Quadrant Control, Data Recovery I, Cause Retreat, Defend your Ground)
  • The scenario violated my principles of mission design a bit too much (Calibrate Antennas, Rescue Casualty)
  • Black Operation does not seem to stack very well with different game sizes.
  • Abduct Engineers is a fun mission, but it does not work very well if you don’t use buildings with an accessible interior.

As you may have noticed by now, Lost Missions includes previously unreleased material.

Some players may want to use their  Classified Decks  in 20×20 missions. For them, I provide five different ways of doing so as secondary objectives.

As a bonus, this document contains my abandoned plan of an environmental impact chart, dubbed 20x20x20. The idea of this chart is to make every game truly unique and encourage players to use a wider variety of models. The often neglected special terrain and scenic structure rules come into play using the chart.

You can download The Lost Missions here.

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2 Responses

  1. Prophet_of_Doom says:

    I made a small change with the night fighting rules. I forgot that Low Vis Zones do not allow AD 3-5. I changed this so it is v 1.3 now.

  2. Jet says:

    These are fluffy and fun. We almost always use 20×20; I love these

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