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Acontecimento Shock Army

Acontecimento is the second planet colonized by PanOceania and the industrial hinterland and granary of the nation. The planet houses heavy industry and agriculture, making it a middle-class center of PanOceania. History PanOceania was...

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May Preview – PanOceania Bagh-Mari

Thanks to Corvus Belli, Data Sphere has their hands on a new preview for you all! 😉 We present you the Bagh-Mari! BAGH-MARI UNIT “Sarvada Shaktishali” (Ever Powerful). Hindi motto of the Jungle Warfare...

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Starting with the Shock Army of Acontecimento

The Acontecimento Shock Army or to give their proper title ‘Shock Army of Acontecimento’ are an interesting combination of a hard hitting, lightly armoured PanO sectorial. The troops of Acontecimento are used to winning...