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Acontecimento Shock Army

Acontecimento is the second planet colonized by PanOceania and the industrial hinterland and granary of the nation. The planet houses heavy industry and agriculture, making it a middle-class center of PanOceania. History PanOceania was...


May Preview – PanOceania Bagh-Mari

Thanks to Corvus Belli, Data Sphere has their hands on a new preview for you all! 😉 We present you the Bagh-Mari! BAGH-MARI UNIT “Sarvada Shaktishali” (Ever Powerful). Hindi motto of the Jungle Warfare...


Starting with the Shock Army of Acontecimento

The Acontecimento Shock Army or to give their proper title ‘Shock Army of Acontecimento’ are an interesting combination of a hard hitting, lightly armoured PanO sectorial. The troops of Acontecimento are used to winning...