Art of War Studios Review

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Art of War Studios
is a company based in Britain run by Grantt Ennis with his wife Kallie which makes a range of acrylic tokens for various games including Infinity. They started making MDF tokens for Malifuax in 2014 before moving into other systems and onto acrylic. A year later they began producing tokens for Infinity and are soon to release a scenery range to go alongside their token range.



Basic Tokens

As you would expect they do a range of basic tokens such as order markers and status markers like wound, and prone. These come in the usual colours, green, yellow and red for regular, irregular and impetuous. They have a couple of features that set them apart from other manufacturers which are the standard size for the tokens is 20mm. I found this feature handy in some respects as although order tokens are nice in the larger 25mm size status markers can quite easily start to clog the board at that size but the drop to 15mm I find makes them too fiddly to handle. The second one is the icon on the tokens is actually cut out. This is a feature that helps distinguish things like wound and unconscious which tend to be the same colour, so if you want you markers the same colour this will help identify. They have a unique design with their deployable tokens in which they feature a 3D element which is a nice added touch. The stand out items here would be the direct and impact templates. Here they have a cut out design where the small teardrop fits inside the large one but unlike the set from another manufacturer in the same design the large one feels more sturdy build. These pieces are really nice and have a quality feel to them. The circular template has a 25mm hole in the centre which allows for marker tokens to be used and the template placed if and when necessary.


Special Tokens

Of course Art of War Studios also have a range of the more specialised Infinity markers, from a suite of Hacking markers to camo and Holoprojector markers. This is where size and material is a factor as the smaller size and lack of a printed image can make the tokens difficult to tell apart. Which isn’t an issue with the frequently used tokens as you become familiar with the range but the lesser used tokens take that bit extra time to find. This is true with any token range so not a deal breaker for sure. Here again there are some stand out pieces in their 3D element range. Here camo, holo and impersonater tokens all have a 3D aspect to them, something that really makes them a bit extra when using them on the battlefield. The camo tokens I am not a huge fan of myself, but that comes down to purely an aesthetic taste. The holo tokens on the other hand are the exact opposite as the design they have gone for here does a good job of fitting the Infinity feel to me. It is also nice having the acrylic base, especially for the 55mm Lu Duan holo maker. Impersonation markers in the range are the same and they are all really nice.



A really nice range of tokens. All the basics are covered for someone who is looking to get an acrylic token set for Infinity. The 20mm size can be both a hindrance and a benefit depending on the game situation. There are a few stand out pieces which are excellent in both the basic range and the more specialised tokens, mainly those with the 3D element, which are especially nice. Also the template set is by far the best quality set I have handled and that alone is worth using these as your go to token.These definitely come with a good recommendation.

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3 Responses

  1. ARCangel says:

    I’m really liking that smoke token. Good write-up, Bobman.

  2. Riker says:

    I’m a big fan of Art of War – the aesthetic fits perfectly with the neon clad feel of Infinity, and the all tokens can be a customised colour, so can be tailored to suit your army. Perfect if you’re an OCD head like me.
    The 3d markers make it a lot easier to remember where your (and more importantly your opponents) camo units are, too!

  3. Panos says:

    Great article Bobman.

    Pls post more often, not every two months 🙂

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