Starting with Steel Phalanx

Steel Phalanx, the Myrmidon Army; Aleph’s answer to the shock and awe of the Combined Army attacks during the Paradiso Conflict. An army focussed on assault, mobility and close combat.

The beginning of the Steel Phalanx is a bit ambiguous.

Aleph, the Artifical Intelligence of the Human Sphere, was not allowed to have a standing army. Aleph did have access to the Special Situations Section, otherwise known as Vedic Aleph; a small force of remotes, cyborgs and artificially enhanced humans, focussed on protecting Aleph’s assets and maintenance of its structures, but since Aleph was supposed to be a tool in service of the Human Sphere it was not allowed to have an attack force.

Aleph’s purpose was purely as an advisor, and any offensive actions were left to the governments of the Human Sphere.

But during the Paradiso conflict O-12 made sure Aleph was able not only to advice but also to protect the Human territories. O-12 allowed for the creation of the Assault Sub-Section; the attack force of Aleph.

Not that it really mattered, as unofficial documentation already made mention of the Special Situation Section working independently and it was rumoured the operatives were actually nothing more than a paramilitary police force.

Extra evidence of Aleph’s hidden intentions arose when the initial forces of the standing army of Aleph were already finished when O-12 gave the green light. The constant attacks of the Combined Army made Aleph’s new force grow in size and capabilities, forming it into the openly militarized arm of the A.I.

For propaganda purposes, Aleph made sure the Assault Sub Section was very humanized, unlike the operatives, who have a more uncanny and inhuman vibe. The Army features characters, each with unique personalities, making them larger than life heroes and poster boys of Aleph’s fight against the Combined Army.

Every soldier of the Assault Sub-Section is is a vat-grown, enhanced body, with a personality downloaded into its cube. This cube allows them to have a direct link to the mainframe of the A.I., so it can control and keep watch of every fight on Paradiso and beyond.

The soldiers of the Steel Phalanx are trained on orbital platforms, where they run through multiple and constant trails and combat recreations before being deployed on the battlefield.

Soldiers of the Assault Sub-Section don’t die. Their bodies can be destroyed, but Aleph just uploads their personality in a new body, that will continue to fight in the next battle.

Steel Phalanx Starter Box

The Starter Box of the Steel Phalanx is a unique one. It features a character, which is not common in the range of Infinity.

It immediately sets the Steel Phalanx apart of the other armies. This is no standard army.

The box comes with the following units:

Thorakitai (Chain Rifle)
Thorakitai (Combi Rifle)
Thorakitai (Light Rocket Launcher)
Myrmidon (Assault Hacker)
Agema Marksman (Missile Launcher)
Eudoros, Myrmidon Officer (Mk12)

This starter surely packs a punch; Rocket Launchers, Missile Launchers, MK12, and an assault hacker.

There isn’t much synergy to get from this starter box. At least, not the synergy that can be found in the Assault Sub-section.

Thorakitai are odd line infantry units, but they’re the closest thing the A.S.S. has to line infantry. They’re Medium Infantry, which makes them slower but better armoured.

They have a 360 visor, so you won’t be able to sneak up on these bad boys. A link of Thorakitai is a good idea, but this starter lacks the Character to do so.

The Myrmidon is a Warband unit, focussed on close combat and assault tactics, and terribly good at it too! Martial Arts Lv3, Kinematica L1, and the much hated Optical Disruption Device (-6 on every shot aimed at the Myrmidon) to keep her a bit more safe. Equipped with an Armour Piercing Close Combat Weapon, Nanopulsers and even smoke grenades, these Myrmidons actually fill the roll of Line Infantry in this army. 😉 Very elite Line Infantry.

The Agema Marksman is the A.S.S. long range fire support. Equipped with a Multi Spectral Visor L2 and long-ranged weaponry like Mk12, Sniper Rifles and Missile Launchers, these are formidable foes, aimed at keeping the enemy at bay before the close combat oriented forces of the A.S.S. have crossed the distance.

Their Courage allows them to keep their position, even when under heavy fire. A Missile Launcher on a good sniper spot can ruin your opponent’s day. 😉

Last in the box; Eudoros, the Myrmidon Officer. This is one of those units in the A.S.S. that make the synergy happen.

Eudoros has access to the following special rules: Fireteam: Enomotarchos, which allow Eudoros to form linkteams of 4 soldiers with other Myrmidons. He’s a Number 2, which means if you lose your linkleader, it won’t break the link. Chain of Command, within the link.

Like every other Myrmidon, Eudoros is focused on close combat, and comes equipped with a Double Action Close Combat Weapon, Nanopulser and a Mk12. He has the help of the O.D.D. to keep him safe and he also has the cyberneticly enhanced body of Aleph; No Wound Incapacitation; he won’t fall unconscious, but keeps on fighting until he receives another wound.

Next to that, Eudoros comes with Zero-V Smoke, which even negates the Multi Spectral Visors of your opponent, while the Myrmidons close in to their forces. Downside is, he’s Impetuous, and without another Myrmidon (at least) you can’t link him up with his Enomotarchos rule, and he won’t gain partial cover and will run towards the enemy.

The Starter Box is a bit frail. Amazing units, good statlines, great equipment. BUT… A.S.S. has hot-headed troops. They’re disciplined but once they taste the fight, they are unstopable.

This means 4 of the 6 units in the starter become Impetuous as soon as they draw blood. 1 is Impetuous from the start.

You can counter this by linking the units with the Enomotarchos rules of the A.S.S. But, right from the Starter you won’t be able to link any of these troops. So, we’re off to expand on this boxed set, with some cool units! 😉

Thijs "Scorch" van Tienen

Infinity enthusiast and longtime cyberpunk fan. Also enjoys some good quality tea and Thai food. Runs Data Sphere together with Arachas.

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6 Responses

  1. TJ Atwell says:

    Thank you for this article. This is so comprehensive yet readable for newbs like me. Please keep them coming. This is teaching me the intricacies of list building for sectorals.

    • Scorch says:

      I am glad these articles help you! It’s what they are intended for! Enjoy your first couple of games! 😉 More to come!

  2. Thanks for another great article! I don’t see any mention of Ajax or Penthesilia, would you recommand against fielding them in an A.S.S. armylist?

    • Scorch says:

      Definitely not!
      These lists are just 4 options. We decided to keep it to 4 because we could go on indefinitely otherwise. Both Ajax and Penny are great characters to run in A.S.S. (and vanilla too).
      Personally (and that’s just my preference), I like Phoenix and Machaon a lot, and that’s why I included them in the list. 🙂 If you like Ajax and Penny more, go ahead and field them!

  3. VisOne says:

    I agree with Scorch. Phoenix and Machaon are better first buys being overall of greater use in all of the variety of missions available to players these days.

    Ajax and Penny are great at drawing attention and dealing damage but they alone won’t win you many an objective based game.

    However Infinity certainly is a buy and play what you like game. 😉

  4. Vonkrolok says:

    You may wanna consider an update considering Dactyls came out as a linkable unit: a link of specialists is very order efficient at objective grabbing… although more expensive than a Thora link.
    There already reports coming out of having them in the baby pool with a probot to reload those sweet Panzerfaust and Flammenspear

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