Starting With NeoTerra Capitaline Army

NeoTerra, the jewel of the Human Sphere. A bright chrome and glass diamond of activity.

This is the hub of the entire Human Sphere; trade, politics, diplomacy, media.. it’s all here! It also houses the most powerful organisation in the human territories: the Church! Don’t think a high-tech society equals secularity. PanOceania will prove this folly wrong! NeoVatican, the house of the NeoVatican Pope is NeoTerra’s pride.

When you want a taste of PanOceania’s real power in money, technology and martial might, you have to go for NeoTerra. The military forces of this planet is the most well-funded, best equipped and carrying the most firepower in the whole of the Human Sphere. That’s something right? 😉 The cherry on the pie!

This article will focus on this sectorial army, and show the starting players a couple of ways to build up your first forces. Keep in mind that these following lists are just ideas, and not meant as a set in stone guide for you. There is a myriad of options in Infinity, and I don’t want you thinking these 4 lists are the best. These are just ideas to help you on your way to your own force! 😉

Let’s take a look at NeoTerra’s Starter Boxed Set

The Boxed Set comes with three Bolts equipped with Combi Rifles, a Aquila Guard with a Multi Rifle, the Swiss Guard with a Missile Launcher and a Hexa Spitfire.

This is a weird starter for the beginning players. First of all, it tops over the 200 points, and two of the models in it have the Hidden Deployment skill. This allows them stay hidden and not show up on the table at the start of the game. This also means they won’t generate orders for you, so it’s not really newbie friendly fors tarting players.

What does this box give you exactly?

The NeoTerran Bolts are an elite and well trained MI option of PanOceania. While the consensus is that the Bolts pay too much for their skills. But that’s on paper, as multiple sources have used them to amazing effects. Don’t let theory-crafting steer you away from this option. The Bolts have an amazing set of abilities, that’s mostly reactional. But in that role, they shine. Bolts have the Veteran Lv1 Skill, which allows them to ignore Loss of Lieutenant, Retreat, and even Isolation. Simply put, whatever you throw at the Bolts, they keep the fighting spirit high, and keep generating regular orders. This is an ability that not only reflects on the Bolts themselves, but on your entire force: you can keep spending regular orders on everyone in your force. A link of Bolts will always give your force 5 regular orders to spent, even if you lose your Lieutenant in the first turn. The fiction says the Bolts are deployed when the situation needs their expertise, and this sure shows why.

Next to that, Bolts have the BioImmunity skill. This allows the Bolts to choose for certain ammo-types, whether they want to roll it against their ARM or their BTS value. With ARM2, and BTS6, this is a pretty nifty ability on many occassions. Next to that, they also ignore all the special effects of these ammo-types, treating them like Normal Ammo instead. Ignoring the ‘direct to death’ effects of ammo-types like Viral or Shock are great, especially if you can choose to roll your saves on the highest stat.

Both these skills makes the Bolts a rather weak option on paper; they don’t actively counter anything like the Bagh Mari or Nisses do with their Multi Spectral Visors. They have no special deployment skills like the Crusader Brethren or the Akalis. These guys start in your own deployment zone, and will advance, guns blazing. Their skills are mainly reactive, kicking in when the shit hits the fan. This looks weak on paper, as many don’t like to prepare their list for worst case scenarios, but as shown above, it’s actually a great skill in line with the Bolts’s fiction.

They all come equipped with Combi Rifles and Light Shotguns, and next to that these models all can be fielded as the DropBear profiles. The DropBear is a Mine-thrower; you can deploy mines at range, which is great to clear out a corner for your Bolts.

Next we have the Hexa, one of the Hexahedron’s Special Agents. These guys have the licenses to kill, and are often associated with disruptive operations in other areas in the Human Sphere. A TO Camo Light Infantry, the Hexa is the cheapest TO Camouflaged model in the game. Their low price, unfortunately doesn’t allow the Hexa to get the Infiltration skill, so these guys are deployed in your own Deployment Zone. Don’t expect them to stay there. Use their TO Modifiers and abilities to the fullest while moving them on the table. Watch out for Visors or Fire though, but that’s your own responsibility. This model comes with a Spitfire. A Surprise Shot with a Spitfire will tear through most targets. The first show of NCA’s firepower.

The Swiss Guard is next in line, a TO Camo Heavy Infantry, with devastating weaponry. Surprise Shots with a Missile Launcher is a sure kill. Explosive Ammunition is nothing to scoff at. Other than that the Swiss Guard is a standard Heavy Infantry; high ARM, high BTS, 2 Wounds. The Missile Launcher is a devastating model, showing the true firepower of the NCA; a punch in the gut of your opponent’s force. He’s paying through the nose for those skills though, so he won’t feature much in this article, as three lists are capped at 200 points, and the last is there to focus on ITS.

Last, we have the Aquila Guard, the crème de la crème when it comes to NeoTerra’s high-tech military force. Equipped with a Multi Spectral Visor Lv3 this Heavy Infantry can auto-discover any camo-marker on the board for a short skill, ignoring their modifiers. It also negates the effects of ODD, Mimetism, Smoke, and it makes the Aquila immune to Surprise Shots.

The Aquila Guard is a terror for armies that rely on their Camouflage or ODD skills. And it’s a terror that’s hard to take out. It’s a Heavy Infantry, meaning he has 2 Wounds, and high ARM and BTS stats. Not bad, right? 😉 The ranges of the Multi Rifle, make this Aquila still a good option for this game.

The Starter Box is a difficult one. Don’t expect to field this straight out of the box in your first games. The models are elite, expensive and in this combination not the best set-up for a starting force. But I have no doubt you want to learn to harnass this power. Let’s take a look at a couple of lists for new players starting out with NCA!

Thijs "Scorch" van Tienen

Infinity enthusiast and longtime cyberpunk fan. Also enjoys some good quality tea and Thai food. Runs Data Sphere together with Arachas.

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  1. anchoress says:

    Just a small addition to your last list: You can switch the 3 Fusilier Boxes/Blister with the new 4-Fusilier-Box. Nicer, new models and still including an HMG and a Hacker 🙂 Please keep up the work! Would really like to see lists like this for all factions and sectorials!

    • Scorch says:

      Yes, it is a recent addition to the catalogues and the series is on hold, so I haven’t updated the articles yet. When N3 hits the shelves, we’ll redo the already published ones and continue with the series, using the new unit loadouts/cost.

      Thank you for the compliment. We’re planing to continue this series as soon as N3 is in the picture and we’ve had a taste of the new rules!

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