How to start with the Merovingian Rapid Response Force

Merovingians are fast and mostly lightly armoured troops. They lack a bit the special ammunitions of generic Ariadna and the close combat feriocity of Caledonians. They have to make up for this with speed. There are many infiltrators and troops with mechanized or airborne deployment in the RAPID response force. Of course, as a sectorial they do have the advantage of fireteams.


  • List: Straight out of the Starter Box


This first list is written for people who have bought the starter box and want to make best use of it for their first games. Some models are added to get the list to the 200 point level.

There is 2 HMGs and a molotok in this list, not bad for a start.

This list has 11 models. I suggest you put the 112 in a second group. Once one of the members of group A has unfortunately been compromised, you use a command token to get the doctor on the main team.

2 Metros with Rifle

1 Metro with light grenade launcher

1 Metro with HMG

1 Jaques Bruant

Your first fireteam. The grenade launcher is probably not strictly necessary, but he gets to have two shots in the fireteam and maybe you can target enemies with the Zouave forward observer. Obviously, the grenade launcher works well against clustered troops such as fireteams. ย The HMG is clearly the strong member of the team. Well, apart from Jaques Bruant that is. He is your source of AP firepower. It is odd that Jaques is allowed to join a fireteam even though he starts the game as a camo marker. Experienced players will know immediately who is under that camo marker, but it wonโ€t help them much. Jaques is a professional badass. His X-Visor will give the molotok the accuracy it lacks. Make sure you use him at the right time to get the most of his limited camouflage. Some people complain that Jaques got a few points more expensive, but he has killed so many models in my games that I will not exclude him.

1 Zouave Forward Observer

I have to admit I have a bit of a problem with that model. It takes away 0.5 SWC, does not come in camo and only has a single shot DEP to show for it. As a forward observer, this mechanized deployment trooper may be able to target something. Make sure he is safe if you do not get the first turn. Donโ€™t expect this model in the other lists, as I do prefer a chasseur minelayer in its stead.

1 Chausseur Minelayer

Chausseurs are the star players of the MRRF. Camoflaged minelayers with light flamethrowers and a sixth sense for danger. In this list, the chausseur can use his mine and his own firepower to help the Zuoave a bit. Unfortunately, the model is only to be found in the generic Ariadna starter set.

1 Moblot Lieutenant

Moblots are elite fighters with good armour and weaponry. In this list, the model serves as the lieutenant. The other option for the rank would have been Jaques Bruant, but I rather see Jaques fighting and risking his life.

1 Para Commando with HMG

1 Para Commando with Rifle

Your flanking unit. They come on the board at the appropriate time from some unexpected angle. ARM 2 and mimetism are good protection, but be careful where they enter the battlefield.

1 112

A cool looking model with little fighting capacity and a bit of healing capacity. Deploy him close to the lieutenant for the case of emergency.

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12 Responses

  1. Errhile says:

    Well, the only thing stopping me from starting a MRRF force is the fact I have 3 other armies already…
    So many cool armies, so little time to play them all… ๐Ÿ™

  2. Timbucktoo says:

    I must say, DO NOT take the Metro w/ the LGL profile. He uses .5 swc and is useless in a link team. Use the model sure, but pay for the 8 pt rifle Metro. Sure, if you have no where else to put the points or swc……..You’ll still never use it

    The Zouave Forward Observer is a great profile. Even for the .5 swc. This dude is awesome and super versatile within 16″. Plus a Specialist for 21 friggin points!

    You don’t really want to compare him to the Chausseur Minelayer, since they seem to have different roles

  3. prophet of doom says:

    I tend to agree on the metro lgl. unlikely to get these two blasts in.

    I could also get a chaseur FO instead of a zouave. The chasseur got camo.

    • Timbucktoo says:

      Also, the metro lgl is ejected from the link as soon as he spec fires. Would he still get the 2 shots in this case?

  4. Prophet_of_Doom says:

    no. but he can shoot twice against visible targets. You may have noticed that I have only included the lgl in the first list. That is because I wanted to use all the models from the starter box. I think my text makes it quite clear that I do not really recommend the metro lgl.

    • Errhile says:

      Well, N3 actually nerfed the LGLs pretty much. But this is true across all the factions & sectorials.
      Still, there are no “shadow zones” any longer, and if you manage to get more than one target under the template of your LGL in LoS mode, optimum range and having the Link Team bonuses, I’d consider it totally worth it.

      Sure, it is pretty a situational weapon, and you have to wage whether it is worth the extra 4 points (and 0,5 SWC), but I wouldn’t call it useless…

      • Tim Andresen says:

        I wouldn’t get the link team bonus. As soon as he spec fires he pops out of the link team

        • Errhile says:

          Well, please note I mentioned LoS (line-of-sight) mode. Or, if you prefer RL military terminology, direct fire mode.

          In that case, all the Link bonuses do apply, and the user isn’t excluded form a Link Team. Sure, it isn’t as deadly (or long ranged) as ML or HRL in their Blast Mode (especially in Active turn), but it is also cheaper a bit than these. And still capable of killing more than one bird with one stone.

          Plus, not every Linkable unit has access to a missile or rocket launcher. Metros are such a case.

  5. Tim Andresen says:

    Well there we have it then ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Andrew says:

    Thanks for the write-up, PoD!

    What do you think of the Loup-Garous though? Vital, Aggressive Launcher, Boarding Shotgun, Flash Grenades, and X-Visors all round. And they can be linked.

    A good offensive link, or just not workable cause of zero specialists?

    Also: Briscards?? ๐Ÿ˜‰


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