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Hey there, I’m Bobman and I’m bringing you another article in the ‘Starting with’ series. This time we are looking at the other side of the new Icestorm box and the Nomads. The Nomads are, well, nomadic. Inhabiting space faring vessels they follow trade routes latching on to the circulars for inter system jumps. There are three main ships for the three Nomad nations, Tunguska, Bakunin and Corregidor and while the may not have the technology to rival the great powers they certainly have the tenacity.

This article is meant to take a look at list building and some of the options available. Two of the lists will have the starter set as a base and each a different process behind it to explore different avenues open to the faction, be it flavour, trick or mission focus. With the first I’m going to offer a list that has cost in mind. But before all that lets take a look at the starter set.

Nomad Starter

The Nomad Starter Set


  • Alguacile – Combi Rifle
  • Alguacile – Combi Rifle
  • Alguacile – Combi Rifle
  • Grenzer – Multi Sniper Rifle
  • Spektr – Combi Rifle
  • Mobile Brigada – Multi Rifle + Light Flamethrower

This list comes in at 132 points and 1.5 SWC. There are a few possible options for the Mobile Brigada but this loadout gives you a Lt option. The rest of the box includes the usual threee LI plus a couple of options. With the Nomads you get a Spektr who has TO, Infiltration and mines, a great combo any day of the week. You also get a Genzer who has MSV level 1 and a Multi Sniper Rifle, both of which have seen buff in N3.

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5 Responses

  1. MiniJunkie says:

    Before I even have time to read this, I just want to say “yay, thanks for doing Nomads!”

  2. dude163 says:

    Thanks for this

  3. E-Warden says:

    Interventors do not have a Boarding Shotgun option as Lt. according to the PDF. Did I miss an option somewhere?

    • VisOne says:

      Your right the boarding shotgun isn’t a LT option but it’s a 1 point difference between the boarding shotgun and combi rifle and no one says you have to run WYSIWYG with the models.

  1. October 3, 2015

    […] Here is an overview of the Nomads Starter Box […]

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