Starting with Corregidor

This article is meant to take a look at the flexibility and the basics of list-buildings. For new players, Infinity and the building of lists can be a little bit daunting. So many options, units,special rules and equipment. That can be a bit much for most of us.
With the Starting with… series, we’ll take a look at two or three lists per army, showing some of the options you can choose.
To keep your budget in mind, we’ll start every list using the Starter Box of every army, which is an awesome deal for the amount of models you can get! We won’t go into specialists required in the I.T.S. missions, as those are a very narrow example of Infinity style play. Many fan-made scenarios such as Yet Another Mission System (YAMS) offer a much more flexible and open style of play.

The starting place for Corregidor players should normally be the Corregidor Starter Box. However, it is not the greatest point to start playing Corregidor – or Infinity for that matter. Although it gives you about 140 points to start with, 5 of 6 units only have a 4-2 MOV, which in game terms make it probably the most frustrating starter to play with in the entire Infinity range (especially now that almost all Heavy Infantry can steam along at 4-4). Plus, one of the models supplied is an AD unit which means you would only start with 5 out of a possible 6 orders. In a Corregidor list, you can mitigate this somewhat because you can link the Wildcats – but they are still comparatively slow. The other units – the Intruder, Hellcat and Alguacile Hacker cannot be had anywhere else but are solid units which you will want to have. The “vanilla” Nomad starter box has 4 very important Corregidor units – the Mobile Brigada and 3 Alguacil Line Infantry, and a So, I’m going to show you two lists using the Corregidor Starter Box, one with the Nomads Starter Box and then a 300 points list using both.

Roles, pros and cons on table
I’ll be quite frank here: Wildcats are a difficult and frustrating unit to use with their slow 4-2 MOV. So here’s what I propose you do with them. Use them as area-denial units and spread them as wide as possible in a Link (up to 8 inches from the Link Leader) so that they can’t be gunned down so easily. Their Ballistic Skill of 13 is good enough to have them defending short to medium ranges with Combi Rifles. On the Active Turn, move them forward in a Link to cover as much ground as possible between them. Their Light Flamethrowers are good for clearing out enemy positions – either they take the good chance of survival and Dodge or almost certainly get burned with the Burst 2 Template. Fire ammo strips models of their camo, and continues to inflict damage until an ARM roll is passed. You can take one of the Wildcats as a Lieutenant for 0 SWC but they are somewhat vulnerable and exposed as they move up. Their Armour value (ARM) is 2 but their Biotechnological Shield (BTS) is 6, making them very strong against exotic threats like Viral ammunition. Finally, V:Courage allows you to choose whether to pass or fail Guts Rolls, letting you choose whether to \stand and defend after taking a hit or duck out of the way. It also means they will be able to attack during Retreat.
With Combat Camouflage, BS 13 and a Multi Spectral Visor Level 2, the Intruder is the perfect camo hunter, as well being an excellent camo unit himself. With a high Willpower (WIP) of 14, the Intruder is an excellent (although obvious) Lieutenant candidate. If you use Coordinated Orders to move some units up I recommend moving him up as well. His Combi Rifle and Light Flamethrower work best up close. Opponents can often forget about Camo Markers, so when in his Camouflaged state, the Intruder is quite safe. Enemies must make a Discover roll to even attempt to attack him.
The Hellcat is your fire brigade, coming in to tackle targets with a decent BS of 12, ARM 2 and BTS 3. Superior Combat Jump is an ability that is so far unique to Hellcats that allows her to deploy anywhere within the Deployment Zone if she scatters off the board with Combat Jump. Like the other units she only has a 4-2 MOV but Combat Jump allows her to make up for this by being able to get almost anywhere on the board with a single Physique (PH) roll of 12. Alternatively she can walk in from a non-enemy table edge with Airborne Deployment Level 2. The downside is that she keeps her Order for herself to jump in, leaving you with only 5 orders to work with if playing with the Starter Box.
The Alguacil Hacker doesn’t have much to do unless there’s something to Hack. I recommend proxying one of the Wildcats as the Boarding Shotgun / Deployable Repeater loadout so that as the Wildcats move up the board, they can push the Hacker’s Hacking Area further forward. She can also increase the Hellcat’s PH roll for a Combat Jump by +3.

Variants and proxies in the box
The Wildcats have a variety of useful loadouts. First of all is the N2, which is simply a skill that becomes a Link Leader automatically in case the Link Leader falls unconscious or is killed (but not through any other reason such as deliberately breaking the Link, suffering E/M effects etc.) The Engineer is the next option, and is really useful for scenarios as well as taking a more mechanised list. The Hacker is a decent option, and the regular Hacking Device he uses has the widest range of programs which can more useful in many situations. However, the Hacker breaks out of the Link if he tries to do Hacking in ARO whilst everyone else is declaring Dodge, or else Shoot. The Boarding Shotgun loadout has Flash Grenades and a Deployable Repeater, so probably more useful for a Hacking focus. Tossing Flash Grenades in Speculative Fire, around a corner or over a wall where he cannot actually see the enemy, will break the Link as it is a non-movement Entire Order skill. Since the new Nomad weapons are now very similar-looking, it’s not too much of a stretch to proxy one of the Wildcats as the Spitfire version for 24 pts and 1.5 SWC.

The Intruder can trade in his Grenades for either a regular Hacking Device for 43 pts and 0.5 SWC, or an Adhesive Launcher for 1 SWC and 36 pts.

The Hellcat can likewise trade in her Combi Rifle for a Boarding Shotgun (although there is a Boarding Shotgun model) or take a Spitfire or HMG – both weapons are visually similar with the new Nomad weapon scheme. Currently there is no Spitfire model for the Hellcat.

The Alguacil Hacker looks like an Alguacil Hacker. But you could proxy her as a regular Alguacil with Combi Rifle, Paramedic, Forward Observer or whatever – heck, even a Clockmaker for a WIP 15 Engineer.

Let’s bring our space banditos up to 200 points…

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7 Responses

  1. Markyr says:

    Great article! A little confused at why you haven’t gone for a full link with the Wildcats – I always try and take it and find that the +3bs is amazing!

    My 2 favourite links so far with them are:
    Engineer, N2, Boarding Shotgun and 2x Spitfire
    Lieutenant, Engineer, N2, Spitfire and HRL

    You use slower link teams by picking the most suitable model to lead the link team each turn, then you leave dangerous models out for ARO (HRL). They can be absolutely brutal!

  2. Kaio says:

    How nice, I’m looking to start Infinity with a Nomad army!

    What about Remotes? They have so many awesome looking drone models. Not good for beginners or just not a fan?

    • Errhile says:

      I guess not really proxyable with other models, and thus pretty expensive for a beginning player (and these articles – including the lists presented – are written with a starting player in mind) to field.

      Personally, I like my Corregidor REMs, but don’t always field them.

    • Scorch says:

      I second Errhile. Remotes are expensive boxed sets. Corregidor’s REMs are totally worth it, though. I like to field them often, and they can be buffed to great heights.
      But, it’s a bit of a money sink for starting out. 😉

  3. Archon says:

    I play mostly 300 pts games and go either with a 5 Wildcat link if the mission is killy or with my new favorite the 5 + 1 Algua Link (the plus is the hacker, she is not in the link, cause she buffs remotes).

  4. Lampyridae says:

    Thanks for the comments, guys.

    The last page with the details of the 300 points list explained my reasoning, but it seems not to have been uploaded. Basically, the 5-man Wildcat link forces you to spend 3.5 SWC if you don’t proxy or duplicate the Spitfire, which constrains your other options. Plus it’s rather risky for a newbie to use. One Chain Rifle can wipe out a poorly placed link and take out half your Order pool, no matter how killy it is. Not to say that I never run it, it’s just not for the beginner in my experience. My personal preference is 5 Alguaciles (possibly including Lupe), and either Valerya or the Alguacil Hacker, with a small Wildcat “troubleshooting team” of an Engineer, Boarding Shotgun and Spitfire, and then whatever else I can afford for heavy weapons on top.

    REMs are also a great choice, but then you can also run those in Vanilla with same AVA aside from Lunkhods and even more diversified Hacker support. I did mention substituting Lunokhods for Morans in one of the lists.

  1. October 10, 2015

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