Customeeple’s N3 Update

N3 came with a lot of new stuff. New statuses, new tokens, new mechanics, new rules.

We got our hands on a couple of the N3 updates from Customeeple and we’ll look a bit deeper into them.

N3 Update Pack

The N3 Update pack comes with the following things:

  • 4 Command Tokens
  • 1 Isolated marker
  • Lt Order

The 4 Command Tokens are a mandatory extra for N3. No longer do order pools consist of Regular, Irregular and Impetuous orders, it also brings Command Tokens and Lieutenant Orders.

Command Tokens can be used for a variety of things, among them rerolling failed engineer/doctor rolls when the model has a cube or even switching units from one combat group to another.

The Tokens are acrylic square pieces that can be engraved with a Faction/Sectorial logo of your choice. Knowing Customeeple, they can even help you make custom tokens.

One downside on the update pack; if you ever tend to play with Sun Tze, you’ll be wanting one extra Command Token. The pack doesn’t offer you this option.

Isolation is a new status in N3. Customeeple has a lot of options already in markers; wounds, prone, unconsciousness that fit nicely to the base of the model. They come in all sizes, fit for 25, 40, 55mm bases.

The Isolation marker comes in a nice frosty ice-white, making it very easy to spot when you get Ice-olated. *Oh, that was a bad pun*

The last thing in the pack is a single blue Order Token, that falls in line with the other order Tokens of Customeeple. It comes with a symbol of your choosing engraved into it. Not bad at all.

 Silhouettes are another N3 invention. And they are handy to have.

The Silhouettes of Customeeple are really really nice. They combine all the Silhouettes in 3 plates of either MDF or Acrylic, and they come with bases. This makes them cheap on resources, which in turn can be seen in the price of the package.
They also come with a nifty shuriken thingy, that allows you to place the Silhouette in the exact location as the model was. You can place the model to the base of the model, pick it up, and put the model in the slot of the shuriken. No ‘oops-guess-I-moved-the-model-a-bit’ situations. In fact, I think this shuriken thing is worth this pack on its own, even if you choose to use another set of Silhouettes with it. But they already come in the package as well, so why would you? 😉
The acrylic version comes in a variety of colours. No doubt you’ll find on to your liking, or matching your army! 😉

Suppression Fire Markers
Suppression Fire also changed as a mechanic. We saw whole threads show up on the forum about the implementation. So I’m gonna leave it at that. 😉 It changed, and with it came new tokens to show that the model has is in Suppressive Fire.

The arc of fire is a 180 degrees 24 inch zone on the front of the model. Customeeple designed their Suppression Fire markers with exactly that idea in mind. Just like Customeeple’s other status tokens, you can slide this marker on the base, and it shows the 180 degrees arc on the front of the base, pointing with a nice arrow into the direction the model is facing.

A sound buy and it’s easy to spot line of fire, showing the new mechanic better than a round token next to the base.


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4 Responses

  1. While I love the look of everything customeeple makes, I’ve been scared off by the fact that I have to order directly from them. Really wish there was a US based distributor for them.

    That said, they’re soooo pretty that I may go ahead and try them out.

    • Scorch says:

      Try to combine and stack up an order is my advice. 🙂 Don’t send out an order for every new thing. 😉

    • Roy says:

      There are lots of USA gaming stores that carry Customeeple stuff. Many of these also have EBay storefronts. No distributor, lots of retailers.

  2. Damion Spearman says:

    Ohhhhh this is super nice for a beginner!

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