Customeeple’s Objective Room

Today we take a look at the Objective Room or ‘Infinity Panic Room’ from Customeeple. It’s a must-have for playing Campaign Paradiso, the Dire Foes missions and some ITS-scenarios. The Objective Room comes at a very good price, and while the design of the building looks basic, Customeeple created a really cool piece of terrain with some complexity.


The ITS room comes in 4 large wall sections, 4 floor sections, 4 doors and some little MDF pieces and plastic-card. The plastic card pieces are used for decoration of the walls and this gives the walls and doors the much-needed texture.

During assembly I made the mistake to interpret the lines on the walls as a tool for aligning the plastic card pieces. Note to self: you have the plastic-card to create texture on the outer walls, but the inner walls can have the lasered lining on them. These lines are needed for aligning the pieces that support the roof on the inside.

It doesn’t really matter, as the walls still looks great, but it is something to keep in mind as it makes assembly much easier. I needed to measure the height of all the roof-support.

Assembly isn’t hard, but glue is needed! Especially for the plastic-card pieces and the roof support.

I must say, I am quite impressed in the minimalistic design. Every piece has a double function, allowing it to be used as decoration and support. The roof support also functions as an ‘Exit’-sign, for example.

The plastic-card is pretty unique and a good way for Customeeple to show that they really care about these kind of details.


Objective Room style


Generic Building style

The Room

The end result shows a 20 x 20 cm room, that can be used for all kinds of purposes. The roof is optional, but I would advise you to buy it if you’re planning on using the room for other things than Objective Room. That way the building functions as both Objective Room or a large LoS blocker, with roof and doors.

On other thing I like about the design is the interlocking walls. I didn’t glue them together and this allows you to quickly disassemble the room for transport. Great for those that play at home and at a LGS. A 20x20cm room isn’t easy to carry around, taking up a lot of space in any bag.

If you prefer to glue all the pieces together, the room can function as a box for the ITS Objectives. Whichever way you prefer.

The interlocking walls also allow the corners to have partial cover, as the walls stick out a bit on both sides. Within Infinity’s mechanics, that’s a really nice thing to have. It allows you to enter/leave the building without getting shot from the sides.


The interlocking walls allow for partial cover in the corners

The only minor hiccup is the fact that all the doors have the same height/width; that of a Silhouette 2 model. For Campaign Paradiso two doors should be large enough for 40mm based models to get in. But, that is not such a big problem, as you can easily agree with your opponent about which door is which, and otherwise you can use Micro Art Studio’s door size-tokens, if you’re running a big event. But, for ITS, which uses 4 doors of the same size, this is a perfect fit! 🙂

All in all

The Objective Room from Customeeple is an affordable, durable product, showing Customeeple’s eye for detail and their skill at minimalistic design, keeping it functional and decorative without bloating the product with extras. It is not only a great objective room but also a really nice generic building if you go for the roof-option.

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