Customeeple’s Neon City line

Thanks to Customeeple we got our hands on some great products of their Neon City line!

Here we’ll review the following:

Big Building pack Neon City Yu Jing

Two Yu Jing Nightclubs

Bonsai shop & Sushi bar

Small Building pack Neon City Yu Jing

The Neon City line is Customeeple’s second step in terrain making for Infinity, after they dropped their amazing Church on the community! The buildings are designed to show a cyberpunky shady district filled with nightclubs, dojos and food stands. This might be the area where the Japanese Yakuza resides on the twin planets of Yu Jing.


The Neon City lines show Customeeple’s biggest strength: beautifully designed, colourful scenery with lots of character. Each building comes with lots of accessories to create an truly great masterpiece of scenery.

One of the nightclubs has bright acrylic chinese lanterns on the side of the roof, combined with engraved graphics on the walls. The other nightclub sports a big Torii archway above the entrance, accompanied by a big ‘neon’ banner and two anime-inspired laughing samurai cartoons. Its entrance looks like a bamboo sliding door, and its shady entrance might even show the nightclub’s link to the Yakuza.

The Sushi bar has a big banner above the bar, with engraved stylized Kanji and a acrylic take-away box. The Bonsai shop has two glass sliding doors, which I personally found amazing. It also has a nice banner above its entrance and the walls have engraved kanji. This pack also comes with a separate staircase, which allows easy access to the roof. This staircase allows a 25mm base to fit on its steps.

This pack also comes with different designs; a dojo and a octopus food stand.

Every building comes with its own airco unit and stairs, which can be fitted on the side of the building or through the hole in the roof, going on the inside.

All these things add to the great cyberpunk-vibe of the buildings. The vibe that I really like to see about Infinity.

The entire line is modular, meaning you can put the smaller buildings on the roof of the larger ones. The staircase that comes in the small building pack can be set up in any way.

The engraved kanji make it easy for all to paint these Japanese characters without being skilled in calligraphy or Japanese language. I think this is great. It makes it easy, even for the worst painters among us to paint the buildings to a level of awesomeness that will attract the folks from your FLGS to your table!


The buildings are easy to assembly, which is another BIG plus on Customeeple’s part. Each building consist out of 4 walls, a roof, and accessories/design elements to differentiate the buildings. You will need glue for all the pieces, as the roof keeps the walls together, and the ramps on the roofs are also glued in place.

One minor thing is the same thing I mentioned in the article on Customeeple’s banners: the acrylic is a little bit thicker than the MDF it is set in, so you might want to bring a file for some of the MDF pieces, or put some extra glue on the MDF to stick the acrylic itself on the wood.

photo 1

A linkteam of Celestial Guard is ambushed!


The buildings of Customeeple are really strong. This might cause these buildings to lose some of their playability. For example, you can’t easily play with units inside of the buildings, although the doors of the buildings slide open and close, because the roof is glued onto the walls.

This isn’t a big problem, as most metas seem to play around buildings, but it is something worth considering. The buildings can be spiced up with the newest additions from Customeeple; walkways and roof scenery, to break Line of Sight from the rooftops. This certainly brings playability to the outside of this set!

photo 2

Ambushed! Will they come out alive?


Customeeple does what they do best: creating beautiful scenery with lots of character that will spice up any table you put it on! This new line of scenery combines it all into some great additions to the table! While these buildings aren’t great for inside-shootouts, they sure bring a lot of spice to the table. The additional products of the Neon City line allow you to create table filled with awesome looking buildings and lots of modular playability! Certainly recommended by the Data Sphere team!


Thijs "Scorch" van Tienen

Infinity enthusiast and longtime cyberpunk fan. Also enjoys some good quality tea and Thai food. Runs Data Sphere together with Arachas.

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  1. Entil_Zar says:

    Nice review but I have to disagree with some points after assembling the two large buildings myself yesterday.
    The included instructions were faulty/incoherent (difference in placement of higher sidepanels for the roofs) and the problem with thick acrylics might be a simple fix with the Advertisements but proves a major problem with the zigzag-piece used to fix the gap on the House with the corner entry. either you have to widen several elements by at least 1 mm or you have to slim the arylics.

    They are not bad (expecially compared to the first Gen MicroArtStudio) but in my book at least the large YuJing Buildings are a mere 6 out of 10

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