PanOceania, the Hyperpower. A capitalist democratic nation run by multiple megacorporation. It’s the wealthiest nation in the Human Sphere and encompasses five planets; NeoTerra, the first planet colonised, Acontecimento, Varuna, Svalarheima and they even remain a powerful faction back on Earth. PanOceania is a melting-pot of cultures, encompassing large regions of South-America, Australia, New Zealand, India, the Philippines and the Indonesian Archipel. PanOceanian society is the most technologically sophisticated and it shows in its armies.

As the biggest nation in the Human Sphere, PanOceania has a lot of influential political power. Its thriving economy and cultural presence drives their eagerness for expansion.


The nation began its rise to power in the mid 21st century, just after North America and the EU fell apart, both unable to uphold their dominant standing in the world. On the other side of the planet, Australia and New Zealand joined with the economies of Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines to protect themselves from growing Chinese economic power. Shortly thereafter, India joined the new union and became PanOceania’s industrial center.

The crisis in North America released their economic control over South America which gave them the opportunity to grow economically and to reach the first world status. Brazil and Chile soon joined the PanOceanian union and it transformed into a global superpower, joined by the EU that was struggling for alliances.

The hybrid culture of Panoceania offers many recognizable features of its diverse constituents. A flexible society came out of the melting-pot and cultural integration would ensure the new nation would have inner harmony.


Though PanOceania strives for equality, society isn’t all that equal. It has a highly developed middle class, but it also suffers from extreme levels in poverty and wealth. It has a social elite, but also a sizeable underclass. While the social elite’s standard of living is higher than any other nation in the Human Sphere, the underclass suffers just as hard as those of other nations. A culture of technophiles, not being able to buy the latest technology defines these people as a-technologicals, or Atek for short—social pariahs.

PanOceania’s economic and political system is closely intertwined with the free market. Former hypocritical separation of state and economical powers were abolished, giving way to more transparency in State regulation.

The nation is run by lobbies; groups of persons or entities with the purpose of influencing the politics of the nation in such a way that their interests and views are heard above others?. Lobbies have evolved as entities capable of managing the State itself. They even managed to break up the traditional political structure until only the lobbies were left.

The great importance of money in any democratic society, the lobbies strived to create the most efficient state, increasing the power of the capitalist system and thereby their own power as well.

These lobbies aren’t linked to one company or family alone and often work together with a number of other companies and sectors, securing each others interests. These lobbies often join forces in several philanthropic foundations.

In addition to the lobbies, religion also has a strong presence in PanOceanian society. With NeoTerra the seat of the NeoVatican Pope, the Christian Church has great political and military influence within the society, ginving birth to the Military Orders. They keep strict control over the Resurrection system of memory Cubes; technology that stores one’s memories. This provides the Christians with big influence.

PanOceania was also a driving force behind the creation of ALEPH, the singular and omnipresent Artificial Intelligence. Their society is fully integrated with ALEPH since the convenience of a AI controlled society persuaded PanOceanian leaders to pass on more and more responsibilities and influence.


The PanOceania military is a technologically advanced fighting force, disciplined and equipped with the finest weaponry, all made possible by PanOceania’s economic power. The military is the driving force behind the PanOceanian expansionist strategies and its army is trained to resolve conflict in all kinds of war scenarios.

Tactical Armoured Gears (T.A.G.s) are PanOceania’s trump card, and their exoskeletons are the most advanced in the Human Sphere. They are a product of the dominant military philosophy which underlines the importance of mobile and light armoured forces. Their manoeuvrability is greater than that of the human body and their small size compared to other armoured support makes them highly mobile weapon platforms. PanOceanian technology equips the models with advanced weapon systems and even makes it possible for their T.A.G.s to be guided by a remote controller, leaving human casualties out of the equation. PanOceania is the largest T.A.G. manufacturer and supplierin the Sphere, making the construction and sale of T.A.G.s a profitable business.


PanOceania holds the largest territory in the Human Sphere with over four planets and remains a powerful nation back on Earth.

They were the first to venture into unknown space, looking for habitable and resourceful planets. PanOceania spends a lot of resources on sciences such as astrophysics and all the branches of science and engineering work closely together with the military, making it one of the most thriving economic pillars in PanOceanian society.

In that respect, the Army reflects a society of technophiles. PanOceania is the primary high-tech producer in the Sphere and their citizens are the best buyers as well, creating a high standard of living for all its citizens.


NeoTerra: PanOceania’s capital planet, the headquarters of State and Government, the Church and High Command. It’s the first system colonized by the humans and it remains a destination for many business executives. The planet is the R&D center of the main high-tech companies in the entire Sphere.

Acontecimento: PanOceania’s granary and industrial planet. The second system discovered by PanOceania and the first to be colonized by Latinos and other ‘minorities’. Extensive stockbreeding and agricultural lands contrast the vast factory complexes to form the industrial heart of PanOceania. The planet is also owner of the largest natural reserve in the Human Sphere. The untamed wilderness of Acontecimento is the training ground for the conflict on Paradiso.

Varuna: Varuna is the oceanic planet. The only habitable regions are some archipels and islands or human built complexes. The planet is also home to a semi-intelligent species called the Helots. While most of them work in Varuna’s multiple sea-factories or farms some of the Helots cause occasional trouble.

Svalarheima: Svalarheima is a snowball in space. Far from its star, the planet has low temperatures and is only habitable in zones around the tropics. The planet is rich with resources, such as Teseum, a highly valuable metal. The same resource sparked a feud between Yu Jing and PanOceania with both powers contesting the ownership of the planet.

Paradiso: Paradiso is a planet of constant conflict in the Human Sphere. Its lush jungles suffer under recent attacks of the alien menace and some of the beautiful cities of PanOceania are devastated by the conflicts.


A capitalist nation run by corporate lobbies, PanOceanian political and economic might is rivaled only by the Asian nation Yu Jing, PanOceania’s technological, political and economical nemesis. The economic advantage of PanOceania allows them to equip their military with the most advanced technology and gadgets. Though controlling the largest territory in the Human Sphere, PanOceania strives to become even bigger. Their expansionist drive keeps PanOceania constantly seeking new worlds to explore and colonise in order to remain the Hyperpower in the Human Sphere.

Why play PanOceania?

You want to play PanOceania if…

… you like to play a technologically advanced force.

… you like to play a capitalist democracy.

… you want to play a nation consisting of Oceania, India, the Indonesian Archipel, South-America and parts of Europe.

… you like shooting things.

… you like full body suits with helmets and organic lines.

… you want to bring an armoured exoskeleton in every game you play.


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Infinity enthusiast and longtime cyberpunk fan. Also enjoys some good quality tea and Thai food. Runs Data Sphere together with Arachas.

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