May Preview #5: Crocman

Saving the best for last, CB? Not only the Naffatun got their redesign this month.. we also saw a new Crocman. Wh00p!
The Crocman is a Sniper, which according to a lot of people is the least favorable load-out for an infiltrator. I don’t know, maybe I lack the imagination to pull them off right. Never tried them out myself. 😉 The Crocmen do carry X-Visors, which might make the Sniper worthwhile. Anyway, he got a completely new design!

CB’s CAD sculpt techniques allow them to build the models up from previously designed models. And that’s exactly what happened here. We see the Fusilier armour clearly returning in the Crocman design. It makes the Crocmen looking way more in touch with the rest of their army.
They got rid of their antennae and in return now clearly wear a wetsuit. Which is great for the Crocmen, who always were associated with marine activities.

Their redesign sounds like CB’s clearly pointing them into the Varuna Sectorial (PanOceania’s oceanic planet). This only makes me more exciting for the Varuna Sectorial in the future!

Thijs "Scorch" van Tienen

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