Border Clash OKC vs. The Falls

A short article today, folks.

I wanted to bring a bit of recap to showcase more events happening in the states! This time, the event took place in Wichita Falls, Texas.

The meta involved were numerous! We had people from Oklahoma City, Wichita Falls, Dallas/Fort Worth, College Station, and Houston. Maybe even one or two more metas!

The morning started for me and my carpool buddy, Cameron, as we left DFW in the early morning amidst torrential rain that we couldn’t escape until we arrived (two hours later) in Wichita Falls. Oddly enough, we were the first ones actually there.

Oddly empty store. I wonder where everyone is...

Oddly empty store. I wonder where everyone is…

But we weren’t alone for long. People started trickling in and boards were set up to accommodate the 18-man tournament that was soon to be underway!

The tournament was 300 points, no Spec Ops, 3 rounds (Supremacy, Nimbus Zone, Transmission Matrix). Yours truly ended up placing 5th! First was taken by WarPanda (Josh), who also holds the title of #1 in the USA, with his Tohaa! Way to represent OKC, Josh! Congratulations on the hard earned win, scoring 29/30 points across the 3 rounds!

Congratulations to WarPanda for another 1st Place win!

Congratulations to WarPanda for another 1st Place win!

Thanks to Galaxy Comics in Wichita Falls, TX for hosting the event and for stocking a LOT of Infinity related product! Seriously, take a look at this!


Of course, a big round of applause for the TO of the event: Carlos Aleman! Thanks for running such a fun event, Carlos! See you next year?


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5 Responses

  1. VisOne says:


    Those are some almost Euro Style tables not at all what I would consider the norm for Merica Style. That said there seems a good mix of density of terrain so assuming you’re not drawing a terrible round by round tables draw you would/could play each table to the best of your advantage. 😉

  2. Hero of Man says:

    Someday I’ll have the time to make one of these events… or hell, even just the drive up to OKC every once in a while.

  3. Nicklinc says:

    Is that Castle Black & The Wall in the top right? Pretty sweet!

    • Claudius Sol says:

      Yes. Yes it is. It looked great, but plays weirdly. Talking with Carlos (the board’s creator), it’s still a WIP.

  4. Carlos says:

    Hey man!!! Thanks for the write up. It was a blast. I really appreciate everyone that took the time to make it out. I hope to make it to more events also. See you guys on the road.

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