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The Hassassin Society was formed by mystics and scholars obsessed with delving deeper into the metaphysical truths of Haqqislam. They were so fanatical that they were willing to give their lives for the ideals of Haqqislam. Assassin philosophers, who have taken the Art of Killing to its highest level.

The Hassassin Bahram form a secret sect, dedicated to defending the Haqqislamic faith and its ideals, the Search for Knowledge and seek metaphysical-intellectual illumination as a means to contact the divine. They act as the Haqqislamite Intelligence Agency, but do not function as a standard government organ, although they are financed by the Bourak government.

A History of Blood and Secrecy

Little is known about the Hassassin Society. They live in shadows and secrecy, or disappear in the crowds. Their origins lay in the murder of Farhad Khadivar, the creator of the Haqqislam movement, who was killend during a conference by a ‘exalted’ murderer.

The founder of the Hassassin sect, Abdulahmed Rashad, was a trained theologian, mathematician and psychologist, and followed the Haqqislamic philosophy as well as the new Sufi thinkers. As a Haqqislamic scholar, Rashad was devastated by the death of Khadivar. What struck him the most was the fact that people were willing to fight the Haqqislamic ideals, and thus fighting the Search for Knowledge preventing humanity to rise to a new level of Wisdom. He therefore sought to defend the Faith by any means necessary. Haqqislam, foremost a religion of knowledge, had to be defended against future destabilizing acts like the murder of Khadivar. Rashad sought to send a clear and strong message against all those that opposed Haqqislam; Haqqislam is untouchable and the development of human knowledge will not be stopped.

A month later, the murderer of Khadivar was found is his prison cell with his throat slit, and a few weeks later, another assassin killed the instigator of Khadivar’s murder; Imam Khalaf ibn Ahmad. He was killed on a public street. While the assassin was killed by the Imam’s bodyguards he died proclaiming Haqqislam’s truth, thereby sending the message to everyone trying to fight off the new religion.

According to various sources, Rashad was inspired by the old Society of Assassins, the Ismaili, and shaped his new Hassassin sect in its image. While Assasseen originially meant ‘Guardian’, Rashad settled with the term Hassassin, in order to distinguish his sect from the ancient Ismaili.

The Hassassin Barham’s main goal is to prevent anyone obstructing the Search for Knowledge. Anyone who threatens the Faith is a target of the Hassassin Society. Anyone who promotes the Ignorance will be considered an enemy of Haqqislam by the Hassassin Society. Any sentence will be fast, and the execution will be public, in order to spread the message of the Hassassin Bahram.

Their mysterious leader, The Old Man of the Mountain, determines who is an enemy and his followers embark upon their mission that will only end in the public death of the enemy.

The Power of Knowledge

Even before the Haqqislam nation was established, the Hassassin were working on a way to make sure they would become an undeniable aspect of Haqqislam’s new institutional order. When Bourak was discovered they politically manouvered the sect to keep it the primacy in Intelligence matters, and also to make sure the sect would keep its freedom of action without any interference by anyone, whether it was the State itself, or another agency.

The influence of the Hassassin Society allowed it to centralize all Intelligence activity around their own sect, forming it into a unique organism. The institution could only be controlled by agency with the proven capability and experience, both in which the Hassassin Bahram had no rival.

This was the formation of the Hassassin Bahram, the military branch of the Hassassin Society. Bahram means ‘victory’ in the Persian language, and this name would show the abilities of the sect, and the goal the focussed on.

Not much is known about the inner working of the Hassassin Bahram, but they are specialized in information collecting, analyses, security and intervention techniques. The only difference between the Hassassin Bahram and the Hassassin Society is the fact that the Hassassin Bahram is under direct control of Haqqislam’s High Command.

To prevent the Hassassin Society from getting a big direct influence in the Haqqislam government, they needed to include a small group of government personnel as well. Only the most elite of them can make it through the Hassassin Bahram’s training, and only when they do are they allowed on the battlefield. The Asawira regiment are up for it, and it is through this regiment that the government keeps control of the Hassassin Bahram.

The mixed nature of the operations can be seen in by the presence of the elite troops, but also in the presence of many guerrilla troops. They undertake distraction and sabotage tasks, supporting the special operations and seeding chaos and destruction through which the Hassassin Society works. They are specialized in unconventional warfare and guerrilla tactics, which prevents them from being fully integrated from the regular Haqqislam army. They do prove their value for the Hassassin Society, and those that really show their courage and skill on the battlefield are allowed inside the Society.

The unique set of skills of the Hassassin Bahram allow them to become an valuable asset to the Haqqislam nation, and their lust for information makes them feared even within their own nation.

The Fear of the Unknown

Fear and secrecy are the working tools of the Hassassin Bahram. It is the way the sect functions. The reason for the lack of any real information on the Hassassin Society is found in the fact that not a single Hassassin has been captured alive, ever. They also do not posses cubes, which makes their death a true death. No memory dumps, no Cube-loads, or internal data banks, nothing.

The intel we do have is all thanks to soldiers fighting alongside the Hassassin sect, or from the few lucky survivors who found themselves fighting against the sect. But most of our information is disinformation, spread by the sect itself to infest Mayanet with false information.

The whereabouts of the Old Man on the Mountain, one of the most wanted men in the entire Human Sphere, is a big mystery, as is the location of the sects training grounds. Their external data bank is one of the most highly sought data banks, as it can unravel the whole sect.

Their assassinations are propaganda for their beliefs and warnings to all the enemies of Haqqislam. The biggest strenght of the Hassassin Bahram is the fact that their members are unnoticable in crowds, and they pass unnoticed among us.

“We give name to their worst fears. We are the unimaginable vengeance of Haqqislam when the situation gets out of control or someone become unmanageable. The ultimate emergency solution when everything else has failed. We are the Hassassin.”

Hassassin Bahram forces 



Hassassin Muyibs

Muyibs are the demolition experts of the Hassassin Sect. They are experienced combatants dedicated to the Hassassin mission. Trained in numerous combat techniques, each of the Muyyibs is an explosive expert. Their modus operandi is that of raw combat. If the swift strikes and trickery can’t do the job, the Hassassin Bahram bring in the Muyyibs.

Hardened and dogged they will take out any enemy of Haqqislam with techniques learned on the battlefield, and off the battlefield as well. The Muyyibs know hundred ways to win the battle, some ways more honourable than others. They will not hesitate to use the less honourable techniques, even if it means blowing everything up.



Hassassin Fiday

Fiday are the most feared Hassassin. Killing an important person is quite easy, but most killers won’t make it out alive. For normal people, that is enough reason not to risk it. But the Fiday are different than normal people as they don’t mind losing their lives for the Haqqislamic ideals. This makes them the most dangerous Hassassin, as they don’t have anything to lose when they approach their target.

The true way of the Hassassin Bahram is incarnated in the Fiday, who is the public executioner. They are experts in handling weapons, disguises and infiltrating enemy territory. This enables them to get close to their target, taking them out at the most opportune moment, and they are not afraid to lose their lives in the process.



Hassassin Lasiqs

The Lasiq are the bringers of death at long distances. They form the long arm of the Hassassin sect, and where the Fiday can not go the Lasiq will be waiting for their targets, eliminating them at a long distance, bringing fear to those around their targets.

They are also the watchmen of the Sect, overseeing the operation and stepping in when something goes wrong, making sure the mission is fulfilled.

They are specialized in urban areas and tactical situations with multiple targets, and prefer mobility over concealment, creating chaos and confusion. Their modus operandi is the old elite sniper saying: ‘One shot, one death’. Backed up with the Haqqislam bio-tech armouries, the Lasiq’s shots are always lethal.




The Strike Force tasked to protect the Shah. Elite heavy armoured troopers, they make sure the Hassassin Sect will stay under the supervision of the Haqqislam government.

Their finest light-weight armour is customized with automed-technology, making the Asawira fast and durable troopers. They are drafted from the toughest and hardest areas in the Middle-East, making sure the Asawira are a race of born and bred warriors.

Their training focuses on tenacite attacks and a lack of self-preservation. The Asawira die, just like any man, but they will not fall before they have drawn rivers of blood from the enemy’s forces. Fighting and winning against superior numbers is the trademark of the Asawira.


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