June Preview #4: Jannisary SWC Box

Also Qapu Khalqi and Haqqislam got their fill this month; the Jannisary SWC Boxed Set. The Jannisary are the standard Heavy Infantry from the Haqqislamic army. They have a standard profile, but come with the Religious special skill, as they believe Allah guides their bullets to victory.

Especially a worthy boxed set for the Qapu Khalqi players, who can run a linked team of Jannisaries, and sometimes even for cheap, as QK comes with the ability to link cheap with the Hafzas. Discount Heavy Infantry links? Hell yezzz!

The pack also shows something new and shiny; the very first Tinbot! These rascals can come with the AP Rifle and the Boarding Shotgun profiles, and protect the Heavy Infantry unit from hack-attacks. This also means to boxed set comes with three Jannisaries instead of the usual 4 man boxed sets. You can fill it up to a 5 man link by adding the HMG blister and the Starter Pack Jannisary with Rifle.

Next to that, the Jannisary got two new profiles this month in ARMY V: the Missile Launcher and the Boarding Shotgun + Tinbot load-out both are new. But we all know we run the Jannisary for his Akbar Doctor Skills!

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