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Qapu Khalqi, ‘the men of the Gate’, are the military section of the Sword of Allah, and operate under the Funduq Sultanate. They are mainly the Sultanate’s defence forces, protecting the orbital elevators, astroports, caravansaries and the orbitals, Bourak’s gateways.

As a military force, Qapu Khalqi has a strong naval and security emphasis. Their main responsibility is the protection of the Silk traffic. All personnel under the Sultanate Military Command undergo specific training in security, protection and counter-terrorist military tasks.

During the reign of the old Ottoman Empire, Turkey was the main landmass connecting Europe with Asia, and it become known as ‘The Door’. The guards that protected the palaces were known as the ‘People of the Door’, a name inherited by the military forces of the Funduq Sultanate. The Qapu Khalqi inherited this name as they are the protectors of all the access ways onto Bourak.

Commerce – Haqqislam’s Vital Thrust

To understand the importance of the Qapu Khalqi for the Haqqislam nation you have to look into the importance of commerce for the Haqqislam nation. Commerce is Haqqislam’s main source of income, as their planet Bourak is scarce on natural resources. After the initial colonization phase, the Haqqislamic fleet dedicated itself to transport and commerce, making the fleet on of the most successful fleets in the Human Sphere.

The Commercial expansion was linked to the cities with a spaceport, the caravansariers and orbiting space stations around the planets and soon large commercial emporiums were created. The Haqqislamic State created an institution that would control the commercial pace and the wealth it generated. The Sultanate was born.

The City of Dar al-Funduq houses the biggest space port on Bourak. It is also home to the orbital elevator, making it the hub for all communication between the surface and the orbital ports. 80% of the nations commercial traffic passes through this city each day. The Sultanate grew from a organisation directly responsible for a series of space ports to control the cities surrounding them, turning into a regional government.

Haqqislam’s most lucrative asset is Silk, a rare synthetic drug that is mandatory for the Resurrection process. The wealth, and power derived from Haqqislam’s monopoly on the substance make Haqqislam a powerful nation, their influence extending throughout the intergalactic community.

The Silk trade is in the hands of the Sultanate, and through the Silk they gain influence in the entire Human Sphere. From the loading station of the MagLev train to the space port cities and the orbitals around Bourak and from there to the entire Human Sphere. The Silk must flow, and trade goes everywhere.

Protecting the Silk Route

Qapu Khalqi’s presence is most evident on the Silk Route; the MagLev train route crossing Bourak, from the capital of Gabqar, where the Silk is produced, to the orbital elevator and Dar el Funduq astroport, where the Silk goes off-world into the Human Sphere.

The MagLev train is loaded in the desolate Azar Desert, which is the perfect place for an ambush. The high-speed, heavily guarded MagLev train isn’t attacked by simples rogues and bandits, but highly trained professionals, who are willing to risk everything for the valuable freight aboard the train. Because of this, the Qapu Khalqi need to be alert at every moment, or the costs will be high.

The Qapu Khalqi Fleet

The Qapu Khalqi aren’t solely responsible for the protection of the Gateways to Bourak or the Silk Route. Qapu Khalqi is also in charge of the Fleet of the Sword of Allah, one of the largest fleet in the Human Sphere.

Thanks to the high incomes obtained through trade, taxes and commercial tariffs, the Sultanate’s navy has gained a certain independence from the Space Admiralty. The Haqqislamic Navy, consisting mostly out of merchant vessels, is scattered across the Human Sphere, making it difficult to create a strong naval protection. These difficulties will become really apparent during times of conflict, when the Admiralty has to focus their efforts on military matters. To solve this problem, the Sultanate uses their commercial resources to grant the Qapu Khalqi control of a fleet of corsair ships, completely willing to undertake protective tasks for merchant convoys in exchange for money and the possibility to board some valuable prey they happen to come across.

The Haqqislamite Armada’s composition is determined by its mission; protection of the Haqqislamite trade network across the Human Sphere. The fleet has to consist of ships that are capable of reaching a conflict rapidly. In order to defend Haqqislam’s commercial interest in the Sphere, the Qapu Khalqi need fast ships with medium weaponry that is easy to maintain. The fleet also has to consist of small and cost-efficient ships, as it will make the fleet able to consist of many of them.

Speed, manoeuvrability and surprise are the basis of the Fleet’s operational philosophy. The reckless nature of the Haqqislamic Naval Officers and the corsairs under their command is a blemish in the eyes of their PanOceanic and Yu Jing counterparts. But it is this bravour and boldness that makes the Haqqislamic captains the stuff of legends.

The Armada of the Qapu Khalqi shares many characteristics with their Nomad counterparts. The Sultanate highly prefers their subordinates to enjoy a certain liberty in their actions and decisions. Their Naval Academy fosters self-confidence and decision making in their young cadets as they will most likely command solitary missions in deep space, away from support fleets.

Above all else, the fleet values those that can act on their own accord, who are comfortable when they can think for themselves and who are willing to ignore fleet regulations if the end justifies the means.

The Qapu Khalqi fleet is in a constant state of involvement in diverse conflicts, from international confrontations to an ongoing battle against piracy. This allows their personnel to acquire military experience incredibly fast, faster than many would prefer. Being on constant alert enables the ships and their crews to constantly adapt and adjust their naval tactical protocols and evaluate the response capacity of the personnel and the ship itself.

The key element of it all is the intensive training and personal motivation based on the humanist ideals and emphasis on labour of Haqqislam that allows the Haqqislamite fleet to be one of the most effective fleets in the entire Human Sphere.

Foreign Forces of Qapu Khalqi

Due to the mercenary nature of the force, the Qapu Khalqi make no objection to recruiting foreigners to their ranks. If it reinforces the military power of the Sultanate, they are willing to pay.

In this way the Qapu Khalqi make use of corsairs, as well as professional mercenaries during their ground and naval operations. Thanks to the excellent training of the highly qualified officers from the Military Academy of Al-Khaafidif, the Qapu Khalqi know how to make the most out of the mercenary forces in their service, and to have them working beside the regular troops under Sultanate’s command.

Qapu Khalqi Forces


According to the Islamic tradition, the first copy of the Qur’an was kept by Hafza, who was named after the guardian angels that protect the believer against the influences of the devil. In the army it is the officer’s duty to protect their men, and they are responsible for their fates. His decisions will guide their men to victory or death. These decisions are the responsibility of the Hafza unit, the top graduates from the Military Academy of Al-Khaadafidif. The Hafzas are known for their leadership qualities and tactical flexibility. The Hafzas will never ask from their men what they would not do themselves, and so the Hafza will be in combat with their men. This caused the fatality rate of the Hafza unit to spike, and today they are trained to disguise themselves with the use of obscuring technology. Now, the Hafza can be anyone in the Haqqislamic forces and surely they are there, guiding their men to victory.


The Hafzas


Odalisques are fascinating creatures, in whose hands seduction becomes a lethal weapon. They can defeat a man without moving as much as an inch. The Art of Seduction is the Odalisques’ greatest asset, and they will use it to gain the upper hand. It doesn’t depend solely on beauty, but on intelligence as well. A fast and cultivated mind is as necessary as a beautiful body.

The Odalisques are artificially enhanced, making them constantly aware of their surroundings, which is useful in their role as security professionals and VIP escorts. Being one step ahead of your enemy isn’t easy, but the Odalisques undergo rigorous training to always be one step ahead. These precious courtesans are the Sultan’s sword and shield as the same time.


A team of Odalisques

Kaplan Tactical Services

The Kaplan Tactical Services are the private security company of the Beyhan Resources Inc., a private engineering and construction corporation, owned by one of the biggest Silk tycoons. They were established as to guard and defend the assets, facilities and staff of Beyhan Resources during the turbulent Silk Revolts.

The success of the KTS is mainly thanks to their bold and efficient founder; Colonel Ozalan. He created the Kaplan’s self-sacrificing combat spirit, driven by the Haqqislamic ideals. The Kaplan mercenary is known for its intelligence, courage and uncompromising attitude towards its mission.

The Kaplan uphold to a code of honour, and they have the liberty to break contract with their client, if the objective or operational terms contradict their own code. These aren’t just the soldiers of fortune, but professional mercenaries and their qualities, skills and adaptability are esteemed by their clients.

The KTS has been fully integrated in the Qapu Khalqi forces, and they have become known as the ‘Sultan’s Tigers’, as Kaplan means ‘Tiger’ in Turkish.


The Kaplan Tactical Services


The Djanbazan Tactical Group is the Special Assault Corps of the Muhafiz, the Security and Intelligence force of Haqqislam. Their mission is to defend the gateways of Haqqislam and preserve the Silk commerce.

The Djanbazan are subjected to a genetic engineering program, granting them superious stamina and recovery abilities. They are known to be reckless and extremely dangerous, something that comes of use fighting of pirates, smugglers and insurgents. Some say the Djanbazan gazed into the Abyss and the Abyss gazed back, and they have become the same as those they fight against.

This is known by the Muhafiz Command, but they don’t mind if the Djanbazans go a bit over the top, as long as they do as they are asked.




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