NeoTerra Capitaline Army

NeoTerra Capitaline Army
The Starter Set of the NCA

NeoTerra Capitaline Army

NeoTerra, nicknamed the Great Gem for its important economic and political role, as well as for its gleaming bright cities, is PanOceania’s capital planet and the biggest financial center in the Human Sphere. NeoTerra was the first planet colonised by humanity and was PanOceania’s first success in their space travels. NeoTerra is a technophile planet in the Human Sphere and home to some of the biggest and most advanced cities in the entire Sphere.

Its economic and political importance makes it the hub of humanity— a nexus of different Circulars’ trade routes and the perfect spot to set up shop for a lot of companies, making it the biggest business center in the Sphere. Especially the city of Turoqua; an unrivalled business center, even by NeoTerran standards

The planet is home to the biggest and most important commercial and private banks in the Sphere, maintaining PanOceania’s currency.

The city of Amaravati is specialized in Information technology, containing the central and most important companies that work with Maya, the interplanetary information and entertainment system. The city is the center of the research and technologically advances of PanOceania.

The Church

NeoTerra is also the seat of the Neovatican Pope, the center of the Christian Church, located at the city of San Pietro di NeoTerra. The Pope was relocated here to break with the Catholic traditions, becoming the spokesperson for all Christian sects. The city of San Pietro di NeoTerra is the center of PanOceanian Government and High Command, making the relation between the Government and the Church a close one.

The Hexahedron

The intelligence agency of PanOceania’s High Command, the Hexahedron. It was established to enforce the status quo and to uphold the strategic position of PanOceania in the Human Sphere. Their operatives are specialized in covert operations outside of national territory, training insurgent troops and abducting and interrogating key targets or just outright eliminate them.

The operatives of the Hexahedron have licences beyond the legal system and their actions are without restrictions. Even PanOceania’s military seems to loathe them, but they tolerate working with them because they only show up to keep the Human Sphere under PanOceania’s control.


The NeoTerran Capitaline Army is the sword and shield of PanOceania. A highly advanced force and one of the strongest in the Sphere, it is equipped with the latest technologies and some of the most advanced heavy weaponry.

Their military supremacy is related to their role as the defense force of the PanOceanian capital planet and their High Command. The NCA functions as the showcase of PanOceanian progress and innovation, making sure their forces are equipped with the greatest and latest weaponry and gadgets.

NeoTerran Forces


“Tutor et Ultor” (Protector and Avenger), motto of the Neoterran Auxilia.



The Auxilias are the Light Infantry regiments of NeoTerra, combining an internal security role with an all-round military unit. Their roles include leadership, citizen control, supervision and execution of defensive and protective activities—using deadly force in the defense and recovery of personnel, equipment and resources. Supported by the best and most advanced technology PanOceania has to offer, they are some of the most professional foot soldiers in PanOceanian military.

Auxilias excel in both conventional campaigns as well as asymmetrical, anti-terrorist missions.

The Auxilias are the key unit in the defense of the cities of NeoTerra. Every soldier is supplied with an Auxbot, which functions as a mobile weapon platform and an anti-intrusion detector. They function well in close quarters, spraying fire upon their targets and eliminating the dangers.


“Vltra Vires” (Beyond the legal authority), motto of Hexahedron’s operatives.



Hexas are the operatives of the Hexahedron. Their mission is to maintain the international status quo with extreme prejudice. They maintain PanOceanian control in hostile operations outside of national territory, conducting paramilitary operations and destabilizing missions. Their modus operandi is total freedom, making them some of the most feared and loathed agents of the PanOceanian Intelligence.

The Hexas are trained beyond conscience, keeping only the mission in mind. They will do anything necessary if they think the mission requires them to. The end will justify the means. They trust nobody, not even their own agents and their actions are classified. The little information that can be found on their operations shows even the PanOceanian military loathing these Intelligence operatives.

Hidden in their Thermo-optic camouflage, the Hexas strike without warning, disrupting enemy forces, and taking out key units. They work alone and won’t hold back their aggressive methods to complete their missions; whether abducting or terminating their targets.

NeoTerra Bolts

“Percute et Percute Velociter” (Strike and Strike Swiftly), motto of the Neoterra Bolts Regiment.


NeoTerra Bolts

With PanOceanian High Command on constant alert, the Bolts strike hard and swift. Only by defeating every half-credible threat can PanOceania maintain its number one status—and beating others takes more than technology.

The Bolts are PanOceanians finest; professional soldiers responding to the state-of-the-art technology and striving to get the best results from it. They are the backbone of the NeoTerran army, and where the Auxilias are focussed on the internal defense, the Bolts are the mainstay in Panoceania’s foreign operations; be it law-enforcement, pacification or punishment operations.

Experience always goes before training and the Bolts have had plenty of experience. They are deployed wherever the action is, sticking their thumbs up while all hell breaks loose around them.

The Bolts are a well-equipped and weaponized unit. They are heavily shielded against all kinds of nuclear, biological and chemical weaponry, as well as electronic weapons. Albeit a slow unit they are tough as nails and will receive an stat-update in 3rd Edition.

Aquila Guard

“In omnibus princeps” (The First In Everything) The Aquila Guard’s motto.

Aquila Guard

Aquila Guard

The Aquila Guard are an elite regiment from the military academies of the Aquila territory. Their members are some of the best tacticians in the army and the Aquila Guard will lead their forces from the vanguard.They are specialized in high-risk missions, especially search, combat and neutralize missions. The Guard is also responsible for the personal security of PanOceania’s leaders; the commanding officers and authorities. They also guard some of the maximum security facilities on NeoTerra, protecting classified military material from any dangers.

In order to carry out their missions the Aquila Guard is given a degree of diplomatic immunity. Provided with state of the art equipment the Aquila Guard puts the technology of PanOceania to good use.

If the Aquila Guard shows up in an area of conflict, it means High Command takes the situation very seriously and is ready to risk the best men to achieve its objectives.

The Aquila is equipped with some of the most advanced technology available in the Human Sphere. Their soldiers are able to see through all kinds of camouflage, taking down camouflaged soldiers without any effort. Their suits can withstand a lot of punishment and their heavy weaponry is able to answer any threat.


Why play the NeoTerran Capitaline Army?

– If you like to play a technologically advanced force, carrying the latest and most advanced equipment in the Human Sphere.

– If you like an army with a lot of firepower, well-trained and well-equipped.

– If you feel the need to terminate insurgent targets with extreme prejudice.

– If you like to play on extremely crowded tables.

– If you want to defend the most important planet in the Human Sphere and the Hyperpower’s High Command.


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  1. Pipboy says:

    They are not very used in my meta, but the guy who plays them has won 2 tournaments, they are certainly a really nice sectorial full of high-tech toys!

  2. JoeSmokem says:

    The article forgot about the Swiss Guard. A TO Camouflaged Heavy Infantry with a HMG costing 67 points and 2 SWC is a steal. And the unit fits in nice with the pope and all, as they guard the Vatican City.

    • Scorch says:

      Yes, the Swiss Guard is also a familiar NCA model, but I’ve decided to cover only four units per sectorial. I decided to go for the Aquila Guard since I’ve seen them being fielded more than the Swiss Guard (probably because of its cost and the Guard’s MSV), and are therefore, in my opinion, more recognizable for the NCA.
      Thanks for the feedback though! I’ll take it into consideration for the next article on Acontecimento, covering the Montesa Knight instead of the Guarda de Assalto. 🙂

  3. Fracas says:

    Thanks for the intro to the NCA?
    Maybe a follow up as to how they play?

    • Scorch says:

      Articles on tactics will follow in the future, yes! 🙂 As of now we’re creating the most content we can. 😉

  4. Jupiter says:

    I should build my own planet.

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