Starting with the Morat Aggression Force

The Morat Aggression Force. The Fist of the Combined Army. An army of red-skinned apes, trained for battle growing up in a martial culture. These tough bastards bow to no-one, and it shows in their rules.

All Morats benefit from the Morat-rule, which basically makes them Religious and Veteran Lv1. That means they ignore Retreat and Loss of Lieutenant, staying regular and battle ready the entire time, even if the battle is effectively over in the favor of their enemies. It also allows them to ignore the Isolated stat.

This makes the Morat Aggression Force a terrifying opponent.

Morat’s favorite trick: kicking face!

On the other hand, they lack the things that are considered great in ITS; cheap order spam and cheap specialists. Morat forces aren’t cheap and their only Infiltrator lacks the survivability of camouflage. Morats aren’t about subtelty or claiming objectives. This is the armoured fist that punches you in the face, again and again, until you stop twitching.

A look at the Starter Box

The Morat Starter Box is a big chunk of metal. Bulky musculair apes and a super Heavy Infantry. A good starter box for this army.

The Starter Box gives you 3 Morat Vanguards; the basic infantry of the Morat force. The statline of the Vanguar isn’t that amazing. Many players would advice against investing in the Vanguards in favor of better options, but they begin to shine in the Sectorial where they can form a linkteam, applying their bonuses across the linkteam.

Combined with load-outs like Missile Launchers, Heavy Machine Guns and a K1 Sniper Rifle (that ignores any ARM value of the target) from the Special Weapon Boxed Set, this linkteam can become a terrible force on its own. Your enemy won’t be able to ignore it.

The box also contains the Raktorak, a cheap unit that can for a linkteam with Suryats, one of the Morat’s Heavy Infantry options. Since the Heavy Infantry of the Morats aren’t cheap, this Raktorak is a great way to to create a tough and devastating linkteam.

They have unparalleled speed for Medium Infantry, and have a decent statline. Nothing spectacular unless you take into account the Combi Rifle + Heavy Flamer option. He’s a good cheap anti-camo counter.

The Oznat comes in this box as well. The Oznat is another unit that really becomes worth her points within the sectorial. She’s able to link with the Hungries, unruly and wild Zerg-like aliens. Linking these units will make them lose their impetuous state, which means you can coördinate them better and get some cheap irregular orders to fill out your army list.

A smoke grenade launcher gives her the ability to hide her pack of Hungries too, which is a good way of protecting them. Cheap, terrifying, especially if you decide to let the Hungries loose.

Last in the box is the Sogorat, a super Heavy Infantry. Bigger Silhouette, comes with a 40mm base instead of 25mm and has the statline to show it. He’s more cumbersome than other Heavy Infantry although he isn’t slower, heavily armoured and a high stat-value on everything.

He carries a Feuerbach; a fearsome weapon that deals Double Action + Armour Piercing Ammunition. This is a great hunter for TAGs and Heavy Infantry, or a good ARO attack piece: Double Action counts as two ARM rolls when hit. 😉 Another die is always good!

Together with the Morat Rule and the AutoMediKit, this attack piece is hard to dislodge, and packs a punch.

Let’s look at a couple of cool lists to start off your Morat force!

Thijs "Scorch" van Tienen

Infinity enthusiast and longtime cyberpunk fan. Also enjoys some good quality tea and Thai food. Runs Data Sphere together with Arachas.

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16 Responses

  1. Tim Andresen says:

    Since the Oznat can run a Fireteam of Hungries, even in vanilla, can you run them as well as a link of say…… Yaogats?

    • Scorch says:

      You mean Proxying? Yes, you can.

      But the Oznat/Hungies combination only works with those units. Yaogats can only link with Yaogats.

      • Tim Andresen says:

        Sorry, I phrased that question incorrectly. What I’m trying to figure out is this:

        The Oznats Control Device allows her to form a link team of Hungries. Does this count toward the one team limit? If so, is she useless in vanilla since you can’t use fire teams/links vanilla? Seems like they wouldn’t restrict a models use like this.

        But the Hungries Control device rules do state that they follow all the rules for Link teams, so I’m not sure

        • Tim Andresen says:

          I guess I kind of answered my own question. Seems silly to take her just for smoke in vanilla since you’re paying for the device

          • Scorch says:

            It’s not uncommon in Infinity to have a unit being a sub-par choice in vanilla, while it shines in its sectorial (often together with the link-team rules). For example; Corregidor’s Wildcats, NeoTerra’s Bolts, Tunguska’s Grenzers. All are outclassed by other profiles in vanilla, but have a solid place in their own sectorial.

            CA has some more striking examples, because it really is a ‘combined’ army. The two current sectorial differ so much, it’s hard to imagine them even being the same faction.

          • VisOne says:

            Its clearly based off the already existing Celestial Guard w/ Kuang Shi Control Device.

            However they couldn’t or didn’t retcon the Hungries to require a Oznat to be enlisted before you could add Hungries to your lists.

        • Blasphemy says:

          I’ve used her in vanilla a bunch myself. At 20 pts. She is only 4 pts. More than a base vanguard and is a BEAST in close combat for that cost… the S-LGL is amazing at guarding her own advance and for your msv carrying brethren (including the always fun charontid and yaogat) and also helps when your witch soldiers botch their grenades or need to move faster(not using first order to ‘nade and just going mov-mov under cover of the lgl)

    • VisOne says:

      Wait what?

      No you cannot form a link team using an Oznat and Hungries in a Vanilla force. That is 100% against the rules of Fireteams and has not being retconned or FAQ’ed changed in anyway allowing you too. Excluding Tohaa who do have the special caverat Fireteam: Tohaa allowing for Fireteam: Tohaa in there Vanilla force and multiple Fireteam: Tohaa at

      You CAN enlist as many linkable troops as you want but you cannot have more than ONE x Fire Team: Link Team operating at the same time as laid out in the Human Sphere rules.

      The Combined Armies Sectorial Forces so the MAF (Morat Aggression Force) or the SEF (Shasvastii Expeditionary Force DO NOT have access to Fireteam: Tohaa, Enomotarchos or Haris these allow for the extra Fireteams of various types but it’s specifically tells you in there rule sets.

      So I’m sorry based on what you have written thus far isn’t an option.

      • Scorch says:

        What VisOne said is true; no linking in vanilla… I missed that part of your comment.
        Only one linkteam per army if they lack Haris, Enomotarchos or FT:Tohaa rules.

  2. Ian says:

    The Sogarat is 4-4 so he is pretty much average move speed for N3

    • Scorch says:

      Oh, did I mix them up with the Azra’il’s statline as they share Silhouettes? My bad. 😉 I tend to play Haqq more than CA armies.

  3. Jon says:

    Doesn’t the Oznat also make the Hungries in link regular (otherwise they would be hella bad in link, as don’t irregular orders being spent break link?)

    • Scorch says:

      I would love that, but I couldn’t find any rule supporting that.. :/

      • aldo says:

        you may want to re-read the rules for the Hungries Control Device then, because it explicitly states that

        “Thanks to the Control Device, when the Fireteam is formed,
        the Gakis and the Pretas become Regular. Moreover, following
        the Fireteam rules, all the members of the Fireteam become
        Not Impetuous.”

  1. October 10, 2015

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