The mercenaries are private contractors that will fight for the highest bidder. As of now, the Mercenary faction isn’t a real army in the Human Sphere but you can use units within other armies. They are rumoured to be available as an fighting force on its own in the next edition.

Most of the units are professional soldiers like the Druze maffia and their TAG warrior Scarface, others are warriors fallen out of grace like Saito Togan, privateers like McMurrough, fugitives like Avicenna, or just plain old pirates like the Yuan Yuans. Others are more like the private army of some big company like the Kaplans who work for the Beyhan Resources. In the Tournament System, only some mercenaries are allowed in certain factions, so you can’t run an entire mercenary filled faction.

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  1. Ymirmidon says:

    Which is a shame. I wanted to run a Mercenary campaign, everyone picks up to 3 factions.

    They then play a few starter missions at 150pts to accumulate resources. Once they complete those, they create a name and (artistic skill limiting) a faction symbol.

    Then, we get into the fun stuff. Once they determine their company and their MO, they start to gain certain abilities like increasing the AVA of certain units (ala Paradiso), strategic assets (something like command tokens for N3), and a few other things I am working on.

    For more advanced players, I might have them convert a Spec Ops model, representing their leader rising from nothing to riches. Which, they can use in game when they want to give themselves some extra oomph, but should he fall, there are some dire consequences.

    Getting to the nitty gritty, the games will revolve around Merc companies getting missions, contracts and should they perform well, meaning they meet their primary and secondaries, they may be contracted for more, or even better… picked up by a corporation.

    I’m trying to work all of the details out, but I think there could be a lot of fun had with a Mercenary sub game.

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