March Preview #2: Authorized Bounty Hunter

The Authorized Bounty Hunter. Many remember her as the prize of ITS2014. Corvus Belli decided to make every price model available the year after the season ended, with some slight changes to the model.
She came with a sniper rifle in ITS2014, now she comes with a bike and boarding shotgun. Yes, we approve! 🙂

Angel gave her the amazing colour combination that can be found in the N3 book, and it is a striking model with bright colours! The way we love Infinity! ^^


Thijs "Scorch" van Tienen

Infinity enthusiast and longtime cyberpunk fan. Also enjoys some good quality tea and Thai food. Runs Data Sphere together with Arachas.

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9 Responses

  1. TanKoL says:

    I didn’t want more bikes
    I’ll need one more …

  2. Angus says:

    Nice model, I approve… but, since the motorbike is a random piece of booty you have roll for I cannot see this model getting much game time. And no dismounted version, disappointing.

  3. Hero of Man says:

    Definitely a vanity piece I want regardless of 1/20 chance playability! Good to see that ITS Sniper got a bike and a shotgun. Really wish Motorcycle was just a profile option though.

    • Scorch says:

      Agreed. 😉 This will not make it high on my to-buy list due to the 5% chance of fielding it whenever I field a ABH. Even though I like the model very, very much. I have no doubt it will one day be part of my collection to showcase.

  4. Kenza says:

    Damn, I was thinking I gotta have this. So few chances to play cool bikes with PanO. Didn’t realise that there’s no standard bike option for the ABH.

    That model is sweet though.

  5. Eric says:

    considering how they tend to make their models. She is probably separate from the bike. So a bit of tinkering and a few magnets and you have two models. That would be my hope

  6. Dozer says:

    Once more into the breach – that has become my wallet. Damn you CB, damn you’re awesome looking bikes. Also please update the profile with a Bike so we don’t need to roll for it every time.

  7. Pacific says:

    Definitely a beautiful miniature, one of my favourites in the range (although the Aleph biker just squeezes it on having the extra tiny detail of fingers hovering over the front brake)

    As for random bounty hunter rolls, for friendly games a good opponent should allow you just to use this lovely miniature 🙂

  1. March 26, 2015

    […] it’s from those nice chaps at the Data Sphere. See what you think of the new version of the Authorised Bounty Hunter that will be available for […]

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