USAriadna Army Pack Unboxing!

For those of you who haven’t been able to watch the awesome Beast of War video where the contents of the boxed set are revealed, Data Sphere will bring you a recap! 😉 It will also reveal some tidbits about the upcoming sectorial!

We’ll update this article throughout the week, so stay tuned!

Update #1: The Profiles! Plus the USAriadna Sectorial list!

Update #2: The yet unrevealed units, revealed!

Contents of the USAriadna Army Pack

  • USAriadna Starter Pack (consisting of 3 Grunts, 1 Foxtrot, 1 Minute Man and 1 Maurader)
  • Devil Dog boxed set (consisting of 1 Dog Warrior and 1 Antipode)
  • Maverick Boxed Set special miniature (the bike girl)
  • Pre-order Exclusive Dismounted Maverick

Those who pre-order during the GenCon promotional run get access to the Van Zant resculpt.

  • A USAriadna themed Terrain pack.
  • Custom Dice.
  • Army booklet.
  • All tokens/templates needed to play these particular units!

Angel Giraldez already showed the models on his Facebook!

What does it bring?
We already saw the Grunts, Foxtrots and Minute Man pop up in Infinity, but for those who haven’t been paying attention, here’s a quick summary for you!

The Grunts – USAriadna’s Line Infantry. A Medium Infantry unit, equipped with a variety of different weaponry and Infiltration abilities for certain profiles. ARM 3 is pretty great for a Line Infantry. Heavy Flamethrowers, Shotguns, Rifles, Sniper (with Marksmanship),

The Foxtrot – Skirmisher and Infiltrator. A flexible and versatile trooper, AVA 4. These are key units of the army. The Foxtrot will probably become a staple USAriadna troop for you to bring to the table. Forward Observer skill as well. And he has a Magno hat!

The Minute Man – Heavy Infantry, two Light Flamethrowers + Submachine guns. These will become a Fireteam in USAriadna. Holy… that’s nasty!

Now on to the new ones!

Marauders – A new profile, new trooper! A Medium Infantry, and can bring a bit more extra punch! Assault guys, quick for medium infantry. Comes in the box with Rifle + Heavy Flamethrower.

News: Advanced Deployment Lv1, Stealth, Jungle Terrain and V:Dogged, this is a strudy Medium Infantry, with a decent statline. Next to that, it comes with Haris, allowing you to deploy your full-sized link team up to 4 inch outside of your deployment zone, or similar with a second smaller linkteam… A new and unheard of combination of skills! And probably very powerful, as well!

Optional tools are a Multi Spectral Visor, allowing the Marauders to deal with camo, mimetism and ODD units more easily than none-visor units. There is also a Medikit in there and a good load of weaponry; guns, Rocket launchers, Mines, Flamethrowers, Sniper Rifles and Boarding Shotgun.

They have normal Medium Infantry movability, but make up for it by deploying advanced. A definite buy for the USArianda players!

Who let the dogs out?!

Devil Dogs – The Werewolf Marines Corps, with a rabid dog on a leash. How awesome can it get?! American Werewolves on Dawn. This model is a Dogwarrior that comes equipped with a G:Synced Antipode. We’ve already seen how the Antipodes and Dogwarriors changed in their design in the recent months. This one is nothing new in that regard; an amazing sculpt and very bad ass in his Marine armour.
Smoke Grenades, Heavy Pistols, Shotgun options… Still Irregular and X-Impetuous. A great assault unit!

Unlike what I expected in first glance at the trooper, the Devil Dog is Irregular and Impetuous. It comes with the standard Dog Warrior skills like Total Immunity, V:Dogged and Super-Jump and can also traverse Aquatic terrain, for those who play with the terrain rules. You can chose between a Heavy Shotgun or Chain Rifles, whichever you prefer. The Chain Rifle gets a Heavy pistol, but the Shotgun loses it. Pretty neat for 30 points. Its statline shows this is a close quarter killer. BS 10 only works with Chain Rifle, or up close Shotgun action (making it a BS16 within 8 inch).

Luckily it has a very high PH, allowing him to drop smoke grenades like candies. This makes it easier for the Marine to come up close to its targets.

The Antipode comes with Sensor skills (sniffing the baddies out their hiding places), Mimetism, Kinematica L2, and like it’s boss; Super-Jump and Aquatic Terrain. It is only a CCW in his hands, so use it for some up close kill-stuff.

The profiles show these units only come in pairs: 1 Marine, 1 Antipode. No Assault Packs for you! 😉

Exclusive Miniature!

Mavericks – This one is box-exclusive, much like Op:Ice’s Father Knight and Reverend Healer! A bike, so this is a Regular Impetuous, fast moving unit. She carries a Boarding Shotgun.

The Maverick is a biker unit, and comes with Kinematica Lv1, A Multi Spectral Lv1 (Ariadna won’t go higher than that), and carries a Light Smoke Grenade Launcher. She’s a Medium Infantry, making her a bit more sturdy. Regular Impetuous denies her the ability to get partial cover, so a bit of extra ARM won’t hurt a lot. 😉 But because she’s Regular Impetuous, unlike other bikes, it’s easy to remove the Impetuous movement for free.

She has a decent statline, and comes with Molotoks, Submachine Guns, Light Rocket Launchers, or a Rifle (with FO skills.. cheap Biker Specialists all the way!). High Burst weaponry, or some fire punch! Not a bad combination, right?

USAriadna Ranger Force

Also, revealed today; the USAriadna Ranger Force’s Sectorial List!

Looking at this, we only have to see 3 more units for this army revealed: Airborn RangersDesperadoes and Black Jacks as a regular unit, and the Unknown Ranger as a character.

Today’s video revealed some extra tidbits about some of the yet unrevealed profiles and units!

Airborne Rangers – Paratroopers of USAriadna. Their reveal shows that Molotoks and Submachine guns are a very common weapon in this army. These will be like soldiers dropping on the field by helicopter.. either by rope, or landing.

Van Zant will be the Special character for this unit, and comes with a Heavy Pistol, a axe, and a Rifle. This will be a tough fighter, especially when it’s supported by the other Airborn Rangers.. getting locked between an Anvil and a Hammer of USAriadna won’t be nice.

Desperadoes – Clint Eastwood! Yes, definitely USAriadna territory. Two Heavy Pistols, Chain Rifles, Smoke, Submachine guns and Boarding Shotguns. The wild bikers of USArianda. These look like old-skool Harley drivers.

The bikes they drive are beaten down, off-road dirt bikes. Really looking forward to these guys! Compared to the Maverick’s bike, you can clearly see the the difference in their attitudes. AVA 6. Seeing this load of bikes in the army, we’ll be seeing a fast moving and mobile army here.

Black Jacks are ‘something HUGE’, according to Bostria. Huge Heavy Infantry, perhaps?

Core is the new way of showing which units can form a Fireteam with their own units. Similar to Haris. It will not tell you with who they can form a fireteam, but what KIND of Fireteam they can form.. as Bostria mumbles softly: “lots of different kinds of fireteams will be there in the future.

Come again?! N3 Human Sphere teasers!

Anyway. Core will tell you that you have a 5-man Fireteam of the same unit.

For those who can not wait to field their new models, Bostria revealed the USAriadna Army will be a legal army to play right away. This is an boxed kickstart of your new army! 😀 Bostria reveals the USAriadna will get kickstarted some more, as CB will start a month-to-month USAriadna run, making sure the army gets fleshed out as quickly as possible.

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14 Responses

  1. hokage says:

    does this box set bring you up to 300 pts
    and with specialists for ITS missions

  2. Scorch says:

    We’ll know later this week, when the profiles show up!

  3. Bobbyziltch says:

    I’m guessing it’s closer to around 150 pts at best.

    In the BoW video they flip quickly through the recommended ITS army lists they’ve created and it’s near 300 pts when you add in unreleased things like their little arty tank and a 112 emergency service among other things.

    So going by the current box and how they were originally planning to release this similar to a support box set I would say it’s floating closer to 150-200 pts worth of models.

  4. TanKoL says:

    We’ll know later for sure, but I can already tell you that the answer is “no”
    Here’s a rough breakdown of what I estimate the costs to be about
    3 Grunts = 30-35 . Foxtrot = 20 . Minuteman = 20+ . USMC puppies = 30-35? . Marauder = 20-25? . Maverick = 15-20?
    That’s about 150 pts, 170 if you run the dismounted Maverick as a second Foxtrot

    Can’t really expect non-Kazak Ariadna to be expensive enough to run 10 at 300 pts 🙂

  5. hokage says:

    I was really hoping it would be 300 pts
    since Icestorm had around 150 pts per side, so its technically 300 pts for the box

  6. Adam says:

    From the picture of the army book/pack it looks to be at least 170pts worth of models not including the dismounted maverick. It looks like with more expensive options this is roughly a 200 pts 3swc army box

  7. VisOne says:

    I think its more like 150.

    There are no perfect analogue lists to match it too but at a glance its lucky to be 150 points and 2 SWC.

    GRUNT Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (10)
    GRUNT Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (10)
    GRUNT Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (10)
    FOXTROT Rifle, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (17)
    MINUTEMAN Lieutenant Rifle, 2 Light Flamethrowers / Pistol, CCW. (22)
    CAMERONIAN 2 Chain Rifles, Grenades, Smoke Grenades / AP CCW. (23)
    (Antipode stand in) Chain Rifle, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, AP CCW. (6)
    (Ranger stand in) AP HMG / Pistol, CCW. (1.5 | 34)
    (Maverick Girl stand in) Boarding Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 19)

    2 SWC | 151 Points

    Thats not using the Maverick dismounted as another model though.

    Also I honestly do not expect any further faction or sectorial box sets to be release or more to the point I do not expect them to come out and say here is one for faction A, faction B, Faction C and so on. With the way CB has being reducing its SKU range it would be a massive step backwards to go and ask retailers to stock a whole range of boxsets on top of their already large SKU range. I’m not saying this is a one off completely but I highly doubt its going to be the Norm.

    Its clearly just a pretty well planned businesses move to capitalise on a market which is currently ripe for the picking.

  8. Scorch says:

    Guys! Profiles are up in the article! see for yourself how much this box will bring you in points! 😉

    • Errhile says:

      Yeah, and you still can’t Infiltrate a Link Team – Marauders can Advance Deploy (L1) up to 4″ out of your DZ, that’s all (still a handy “all”, though).

      • Rainshine says:

        Well, if you have models with Infiltration and Linkable, you can infiltrate them unlinked then link them on the first turn with your lieutenant order I believe.

        • VisOne says:

          Lieutenant orders are not used to create or recreate Link Teams anymore N3 uses Command Tokens to do that now.

          • Errhile says:

            Plus, so far we have no Linkable Infiltrating (or Mechanized Deployment, for that matter) troops.

          • Rainshine says:

            Visone: True enough, forgot about that.

            Errhile: Still, going to be lots of fun to have a 5-man Grunt Link team with a Forward Deployed 3-man Haris Marauder team. Greatly looking forward to it 😛

          • Errhile says:

            Yup 🙂
            I’m waiting to see what will change for my sectorials (CJC, QK and HB) in HSN3. Especially HB could use some adjustments, like Haris teams for example.

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