July Preview #1: Ariadna Antipodes

Ariadna Antipodes

We saw the renders at FicZone, we anticipated awesomeness, and CB delivered. The newly designed Antipodes of Ariadna were shown by our friends at MiniWargaming.com and boy, the aesthetic of Infinity is getting better and better with each release! They look amazing, and the paintjob on the Antipodes themselves is superb!

As we understand right now, these badboys will be part of the Ariadna Kazak sectorial, going to be released in N3 and with the recent Spetznatz and Scout in the last months it seems to become an awesome sectorial army!


With all the changes to the forums, the Data Sphere magazine went a bit on low priority. We’ve been pushing content later than planned with all these commotion, but to keep all of you that don’t like to go deep into the forum threads updated with the news we’ll be working hard to keep everything up to date from now on! We’re sorry for the inconvenience!

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