Hexagon Mill: Interview and Kickstarter

Watch it people, there is a new terrain-maker in town! Hexagon Mill, another terrain company by (among others) Dexter Schiller, from the Krug podcast fame, who’s already known for his work at Shark Mounted Lasers.

Hexagon Mill designs a beautiful range of terrain, that will be launched on Kickstarter in a couple of weeks.

The line will feature affordable, pre-painted, modular, stack-able terrain, that is easy to store as you can break it down entirely without much effort. Dexter himself brought 2 tables worth of terrain down to the Rumble on Route 66 in a tiny box. This flat-pack nature makes this range awesome for people that lack room in their play areas, or that travel a lot between play locations.

Hexagon Mill is also working on game mats. And a lot of these game-mats will be designed to fit with the ( apparently different) styles of pre-painted terrain, which is all kinds of exciting!

The game mat’s design will be focused on playability first; no roads or pre-set textures, which is fitting for the modulair and free-form design of their terrain.

For the American players, these will be one of the first game mats that can be bought domestically.

Quick summary for those without sound/possibility to watch the video.

Hexagon Mill’s kickstarter should have launched the 12th of May, but is slightly delayed.

This delay is caused by the fact that Hexagon Mill is working hard to ensure their products have the best quality possible, finding the best resources for their products and to make preparations on their side to make sure the Kickstarter is shipped as soon as possible. They’re making sure the product is perfect for the line, before launching the Kickstarter.

Hexagon Mill’s products are manufactured domestically. USA home-grown! The Kickstarter is mainly meant to fund the materials needed for their products. Planning for this amount of resources, materials and the logistics involved takes time and effort to get it all right and run smoothly. Hexagon Mill doesn’t want to encounter these kinds of problems after the Kickstarter is funded, so they tackle them in advance.

The kickstarter will be very simple. It will focus mainly on a few number of packages, combined with different stretchgoals. Keeping it this simple makes the shipping and logistics on Hexagon Mill’s side as easy and quick as possible.

While Hexagon Mill is USA-based, they’re pushing to make their Kickstarter as Euro-friendly as possible, which is great news for the Infinity players in the ‘Old World’. 😉 This also goes for Australia!

A lot of designs are in the pipelines, right now. We can expect to see acrylics and billboards, scatter terrain, and armoured parapets.

The initial launch will future a few different designs, as well as some new designs. But! During the Kickstarter campaign, they will launch a ’99 Designs Contest’ which will allow us all to submit textures in the contest. Everybody is able to vote for their favorite designs. These will be available as Kickstarter rewards. Hexagon Mill is really trying to get the community involved with this Kickstarter, which we feel is great!


Hexagon Mill during the RoR66

The Kickstarter hopes to ship and deliver before the products will go for sale domestically. But, this will depent on the size of the Kickstarter. They’re aiming to have the Kickstarter out of their hands end of 2015.
Also, there might be some further talks between CB and Hexagon Mill, but that’s something for the future!

Check out Dexter’s future Audio Tactica podcast, that will focus on the tactical implications of the different Infinity Armies!

And yes, we’ve set up the Hexagon Mill forum sub-section! 😉

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  1. Pretty cool stuff, especially like the ‘roof’ texture. Really interested in seeing the pricing for the kickstarter. Also appears to have a high wife-acceptance factor with the flat pack storage, hiding competing stuff like MAS buildings is always a pain.

  2. VisOne says:

    First rule of the hobby is you shouldn’t have to hide it from your significant other. Well not after it’s bought, built and painted at least. 😛

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