November Preview #1: Kasym Beg

November will be a weird month. The most recent MayaCast episode told us we’ll only have two releases this month, due to Corvus Belli needing some time to regroup after the crushing success of Operation Icestorm.

The first release of the month already dropped by Miniwargaming; Kasym Beg, the Kum Biker character.

It’s really cool to see Corvus Belli is making a trend out of the standing versions of the bikers. After Yojimbo for Yu Jing/Mercenaries, the Haqqislamites get a standing figurine too!


Kum Gang Assemble!

For those who were eagerly awaiting the other releases of November, don’t fret! They will be postponed till December. We hope CB will use the extra time on their hands to regroup themselves in time for N3 to hit the shelves!

Thijs "Scorch" van Tienen

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2 Responses

  1. Hero of Man says:

    I feel like his face is too… flat? Empty? I’m gonna have to green stuff him a hobo beard.

  2. Errhile says:

    His face is badass. Though the rest of him looks like the guy eats steroids like candy…

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