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December Preview – Haqqislam Murabid Tuaregs

CB delivers another great Haqqislam model; the Murabid Tuareg hacker; the TO Camouflaged Infiltrator of the Haqqislamic forces. MURABID TUAREGS The forward scouting units of the Murabid Tuaregs are composed of Badawis from the...


November Preview #2: Combined Army Starter

The Combined Army starter hits the spotlights at Beasts of War! This starter is composed out of entirely new models and units, and does not have any options for the previously released CA sectorials:...


November Preview #1: Kasym Beg

November will be a weird month. The most recent MayaCast episode told us we’ll only have two releases this month, due to Corvus Belli needing some time to regroup after the crushing success of...