August Preview #2: Yojimbo

The wandering biker samurai Yojimbo finally arrived, but it is even better! Not only did he arrive, he came with his own dismounted miniature, like people on the forum have been asking for since day one! A great model, a great sculpt and I guess the JSA player will be happy to finally field this badass Samurai! His bike is constantly followed by two Crazy Koalas – the small teddybear mines that are great to cover this impetuous model’s back!


For those of you that didn’t get the reference. 😉 Yojimbo is based on a similar named jidaigeki movie from 1961. A real classic and this model pays a great homage to the movie!

Thijs "Scorch" van Tienen

Infinity enthusiast and longtime cyberpunk fan. Also enjoys some good quality tea and Thai food. Runs Data Sphere together with Arachas.

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  1. November 7, 2014

    […] really cool to see Corvus Belli is making a trend out of the standing versions of the bikers. After Yojimbo for Yu Jing/Mercenaries, the Haqqislamites get a standing figurine […]

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