Infinity Worldwide: Karargah Grand Infinity Tournament Recap, Turkey

We received this article in the mail. Check out how Infinity is played in Istanbul. Not all the guys there play Qapu Khalqi, in case you were wondering!

Sorry for the late debriefing. Our second grand Infinity tournament hosted and organized by Karargah Gaming Club, is completed with lots of joy & excitement.

The morning began with little tension when we heard that ferry services were suspended due to heavy fog & southwester. This meant our 5-6 guests from Bursa and İzmir would not be able to appear in tournament. But their high valued “WIP – willpower” beat the D20, and they decided to use bus services. Our tolerant and sensible members as hosts of the organization understood situation, so tournament began with 2 hours delay.Table02

While waiting the guests from other cities, players was reviewing the new ITS rulebook. Everybody was sharing their comments about the changes in scenarios, usage of Intelcom Card and new scoring system, as this was the first tournament of 2016. Our club takes place in a hobby store which has players from various tabletop wargames, board and collectible card games. Many people observed the organization hall with curiosity and admiration. At the end of the day, we have converted 2 players in favor of Infinity.Model03

Thanks to Karargah community members, lots of new terrain pieces were assembled and painted in order to cover every tournament tables. Players were impressed with lovely terrain and table set-ups. Table06I am happy to say that despite fatigue of bus journey and late start, all players were happy at the end of the day. All of the players contest in sportsmanship and enjoy the hobby.

Unforgettable moment of the event was when Combined Army player was so sure that he has the third position. He even declared himself as the “third”, as other players didn’t have closer tournament points and weren’t winning in the last game. But a NCA player accomplished all objectives in the last turn, so he got 3 tournament points and became the “third”. Here you may see the top Tier players at the end of the event, and you may see how we were tired. Our champion and the second from Bursa Gaming Community celebrating their victory.


Top 5 is

1. Mufuks (Ufuk Soylemez) – Ariadna (TP:9)

2. Perseus (Berkay Ayanoglu) – Tohaa (TP:8)

3. Grrhh (Serkan Kavri) – NCA (TP:6)

4. Baghatur (Bahadır Hacioglu) – Combined Army (TP:5)

5. Diavol (Gokhan Saka) – Combined Army (TP:4)

Here are army lists of our champion, which may influence Ariadna players. (Please see here)

Lastly, Karargah Gaming Club wanna thanks our beloved Warcor who contacted to several Infinity partners and received marvelous sponsorships from Corvus Belli, Shae Connit Games, Micro Art Studio, Systema Gaming, Zen Terrain, Thor Miniatures


Patrycjusz 'Alkasyn' Piechowski

Warcor for Warsaw, Poland. Plays Haqqislam, USARF and Tohaa. Enjoys S-F books and board games. Owner of blog about Infinity locales in Central and Eastern Europe

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  1. James "Burritomaker7029" Ramirez says:

    Sigh Army 6 won’t load the list for some reason 🙁

    • Thijs "Scorch" van Tienen says:

      My guess is that it might be a hiccup, as CB is currently switching between the editions. I hope it will get back again soon!

  2. Darek_CTR says:

    Nice tables, guys. Congratulations to the winner.

  3. Aikas says:

    That winter table is so-amazing!

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