Corregidor in N3

Now that 3rd Edition is out, let’s look at how the rules and unit profile changes might impact a typical sectorial. I’ve chosen Corregidor, since I wrote the tactica for it and will no doubt be updating it soon! Note that Human Sphere profiles will for the most part *not* be in the new rulebook,

First off, let’s start with the stuff we do know (a big thank you to MacAttack01 and Robot_Jones and various tg/entlemen):

Corregidor Bandits – New Stuff!

MOV 4-4, CC 21, BS 12, PH 13, WIP 12, ARM 1, BTS 3, W 1, S 2, AVA 2

Special Skills: CH: Camo, Infiltration, MA L2, Multiterrain, Scavenger

Combi Rifle, Antipersonnel Mines, Pistol, DA CCW, SWC 0, Cost 27

Boarding Shotgun, E/Mauler, Pistol, DA CCW, SWC 0, Cost 26

Light Shotgun, Adhesive Launcher, Pistol, DA CCW, SWC 0, Cost 22

Assault Hacking Device, Light Shotgun, Adhesive Launcher, Pistol, DA CCW, SWC 0.5, Cost 28

Forward Observer, Light Shotgun, Adhesive Launcher, Pistol, DA CCW, SWC 0, Cost 23

Deployable Repeater, Combi Rifle, Antipersonnel Mines, Pistol, DA CCW, SWC 0, Cost 28

These seem to be the Corregidor equivalent of the Fidays – with the ability to Infiltrate and hide with Camo, the Scavenger rule allows them to pinch weapons from fallen foes, administering an automatic Coup de Grace in the process!  Finally, a thieving profile for the thieving Nomads! The AP Mines also bring the defensive game to Corregidor – getting slaughtered by Aragotos zipping around your Crazy Koalas is now a thing of the past – if you plan! This also makes all-camo Vanilla Nomad armies even more viable. Noticeable by its absence is the Minelayer option, and they bring the rather pointless E/Mauler. Has this thing been buffed?

Corregidor Jaguars – New!

MOV 4-4, CC 21, BS 11, PH 13, WIP 12, ARM 1, BTS 0, W 1, S 2, AVA 4

Special Skills: MA L2, V Dogged, Frenzy

Light Shotgun, Smoke Grenades, Pistol, E/M CCW, SWC 0, Cost 13

Chain Rifle, Smoke Grenades, Pistol, DA CCW, SWC 0, Cost 10

Adhesive Launcher, Panzerfaust, Pistol, DA CCW, SWC 0.5, Cost 13

These Jaguars are interesting, basically a discounted Lupe Balboa with an emphasis on swordplay. They are Regular, fitting with the Corregidor theme of teamwork, but also have Frenzy. All I can say is… Intruders are going to be a lot happier with all of this smoke! Like the Bandits, they have no Lieutenant option. Close Combat is not a Corregidor specialty and it’s difficult to see how these are worthwhile compared to the cheap Impetuous Chain Rifle + CCW spam that other factions can field. I suspect that these guys will be linkable and AVA Total in the Sectorial.

Mobile Brigada

The single biggest change, along with the new models! Good old “doorkicker” won’t be left in the box with these new changes. A MOV bump to 4-4 is excellent, and in line with the changes to all other HI that have been rumoured. There seem to have been a lot of 3rd Edition discounts across the board, so it’s hard to tell where the points will finally lie, other than what we’ve seen in Operation: Icestorm. The Multi Rifle and Boarding Shotgun are now a lot more useful, whilst the HMG is going to be more of a long-range support option. Templates have gotten a little weaker, in that they are easier to dodge but since templates now ignore cover. Corregidor’s trademark weapon, the Light Flamethrower will be very useful to clean out entrenched troops. A good link of Brigada would probably feature all three options. Hacking looks to be somewhat more effective now, so there is an added risk to running them. Perhaps we will see new Brigada profiles, such as a Combi Rifle or a Hacker? We can dream.

Intruders (Info Released!)

There are few changes to the Intruders’ cost and profiles, testament to the strength of this unit over the years. The Intruder Multi Sniper Rifle has dropped to the FAR more reasonable cost of 43 points and the Hacker is the same cost as the MSR. The flip side is that the Intruder Hacker seems to “only” have the regular Hacking Device. In the new rules, that’s basically just L1 programs but even then those are all far more worthwhile than the simple Hacking rules of days gone by. The changes to Combat Camo means that Intruders are no longer the squishy liability they once were when attacking from Camo. The HMG option will no longer be the demon it once was, but it will still be absolutely deadly with the right positioning. The MSVL2 will be as vital as it was – ODD and TO camo will be harder to burn off now. Adhesive Launchers seem not to have changed, Combat Camo has made the task of gluing opponents slightly more difficult but safer – although the Jaguars will most likely take over this role with their ability to sneak in close.


The Light Shotgun on these guys will actually serve a purpose instead of making the Combi Rifle look “more dakka.” We don’t know if the HMG will be replaced with the Spitfire (as there is a recent HMG sculpt), as will be the case PanO’s Akalis. The new scatter rules seem to indicate more serious consequences to failing your AD roll. The near-pointless MSR variant will be cheaper as we have seen with the Tigers but will not be dropped.


N2 will now save you a very valuable Command Token when Link Teams would have been broken – the only Command Token resource Corregidor seems to have access to. V:Courage means they will now stick around during Retreat! and be able to still press the attack.


It’s unlikely they will see a significant role change in N3 – however, the Command Token ability to heal a trooper with a Cube will make them even more valuable. With AD:3 becoming a lot more unpredictable, it seems these useful troops will become even… usefuller.


Alguaciles are a little more resilient, with a Cube should you wish to try and re-roll a failed Doctor roll. The standard weapons changes will also apply, as with all line troops: the MSR’s discount will make her a lot more useful in a defensive setup. Lupe Balboa’s V:Dogged ability will now not kill her.


Aggressive Infiltration will be a thing of the past. Either you land up where you intended or your start up back in your deployment area. Again, the Boarding Shotgun is a serious contender and worthy of consideration, and Repeaters that can Infiltrate are always welcome.


McMurrough seems to have taken a small knock, losing the benefit of cover and his twin Chain Rifle templates now being quite easy to dodge. But Martial Arts makes up for that in spades! Meanwhile, Sr. Massacre got a boost with the Boarding Shotgun and being able to toss his grenades further. We await the changes (if any) to his niche skillset: Natural Born Warrior and CC With Two Weapons. Frenzy also presents a bit of a problem, but these two mercs are the only ones subject to Impetuous in the whole Sectorial. As for Valerya Gromoz, it’s hard to see much of a role for her beyond perhaps a different kind of Hacking Device? The only reason to take her in N2 was her Markers, although with her weak BS it wasn’t the best investment.


Now occupy a clear short-range TAG role, whereas before they were just cheap TAGs. The new Hacking threats are pretty serious though, especially for the BTS 3 Geckos. I see them competing with Brigada for the close assault role, something that didn’t exist in N3. With the Multi Rifle revision, the Brigada might be a better choice for taking on armoured or tough units. The Panzerfaust and Blitzen retain the edge for them as a deterrent.


With a weakened short range band, weaker templates and no price drops, the HMG-equipped Iguana is not so keen to go tearing off into enemy territory now. Hopefully the Ejection System rules will be better worded. Now we know we it’s pointing – “that guy’s too close! Somebody go dig him out!”


Apparently cheaper across the board now. They seem to be most affected by the hacking tables. Since all REMs can be upgraded via Hackers to receive an extra B in ARO, they are a serious defensive option, including the Shotgun Lunokhods and Feuerbach Tsyklon REMs. Clockmakers will benefit from the re-roll to fix broken REMs.


Final Analysis

Overall, the Corregidor Sectorial gains much-needed mobility, desperately needed toys like mines and more infiltration, as well as a bit of resilience. All of these options has eroded their distinctiveness as a Sectorial though – will the Assault Army of Aconticimento get MSVL2 and TO Camo? The question is, what do they gain and lose with respect to other armies? Also, that depends on your meta: the South African meta was the American “Chain Rifle Alley” which invariably boiled down to who could close fastest with the most templates. My thoughts for the coming playstyle of all armies is something like this:

  • More teamwork caused by differing weapon ranges
  • Medium density terrain forced by weapon ranges
  • Emphasis on specialists outside of ITS
  • Increased use of combat camo
  • Fluid repositioning due to lots of Dodge opportunities

I think these things are pretty good. A more fluid, responsive game is what Infinity promised and I think this is what we are getting. The increased prevalence of Dodge AROs is, in my view, a good thing.


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4 Responses

  1. Archon says:

    I think N3 is good for coregidor – more options and slightly corrected pts-values. The new bandits seem a nice and useful new troop type – hope the model will be nice-looking as well, but i wait still for the swc box of the alugas.

  2. Beardicus says:

    I really hope that Wildcats get an update soon. MI seem to be suffering in N3. HI are so much fasterling and now reasonably costed. Their niche has kinda been lost. Hopefully a few points drops will make them viable.

    • Scorch says:

      We’ll have to see the entire armylists and rulesets before we can really make an assessment on the roles of different units.

      I agree, from a 2nd Edition point of view.. MI seems to suffer, although they are still the ‘to go to’ units in many armies if you want to access counters/equipment. Wildcats suffer from Nomad’s access to better equipped MI. I think we will see a price drop on the HRL. And N2 skill still is good, especially with link teams.
      I just hope the models will get a resculpt x’D No where near a priority, but the MI looks like school children next to the new Alguaciles!

  1. December 14, 2014

    […] and long range weaponry, and access to a specialist, with sensor! Corregidor Bandits [copied from this article, check it out for more focus on […]

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