Nomads in N3

Nomads! We’ve published an in-depth look at Corregidor, but what about Tunguska and Bakunin? 😀



MOV 4-2, CC 15, BS 13, PH 11, WIP 13, ARM 3, BTS 6, W 1, S 2, AVA 3

Special Skills: MSV1, V:Courage

Combi+Light Flamethrower – 25|0

Boarding Shotgun 23|0

Multi Sniper – 32|1.5

Missile Launcher – 29|1.5

Spitfire – 30|1.5

Forward Observer, Sensor, Combi+LFT – 27|0

Lt, Combi+LFT – 25|0

This is cool. The new Grenzers really seem to fit the same slot in Tunguska as the Wildcats do in Corregidor: elite, linkable medium infantry. MSV1, combination of mid and long range weaponry, and access to a specialist, with sensor!

Corregidor Bandits [copied from this article, check it out for more focus on Corregidor]

MOV 4-4, CC 21, BS 12, PH 13, WIP 12, ARM 1, BTS 3, W 1, S 2, AVA 2

Special Skills: CH: Camo, Infiltration, MA L2, Multiterrain, Scavenger

Combi Rifle, Antipersonnel Mines, Pistol, DA CCW, SWC 0, Cost 27

Boarding Shotgun, E/Mauler, Pistol, DA CCW, SWC 0, Cost 26

Light Shotgun, Adhesive Launcher, Pistol, DA CCW, SWC 0, Cost 22

Assault Hacking Device, Light Shotgun, Adhesive Launcher, Pistol, DA CCW, SWC 0.5, Cost 28

Forward Observer, Light Shotgun, Adhesive Launcher, Pistol, DA CCW, SWC 0, Cost 23

Deployable Repeater, Combi Rifle, Antipersonnel Mines, Pistol, DA CCW, SWC 0, Cost 28

These seem to be the Corregidor equivalent of the Fidays – with the ability to Infiltrate and hide with Camo, the Scavenger rule allows them to pinch weapons from fallen foes, administering an automatic Coup de Grace in the process!  Finally, a thieving profile for the thieving Nomads! The AP Mines also bring the defensive game to Corregidor – getting slaughtered by Aragotos zipping around your Crazy Koalas is now a thing of the past – if you plan! This also makes all-camo Vanilla Nomad armies even more viable. Noticeable by its absence is the Minelayer option, and they bring the rather pointless E/Mauler. Has this thing been buffed?

Corregidor Jaguars

MOV 4-4, CC 21, BS 11, PH 13, WIP 12, ARM 1, BTS 0, W 1, S 2, AVA 4

Special Skills: MA L2, V Dogged, Frenzy

Light Shotgun, Smoke Grenades, Pistol, E/M CCW, SWC 0, Cost 13

Chain Rifle, Smoke Grenades, Pistol, DA CCW, SWC 0, Cost 10

Adhesive Launcher, Panzerfaust, Pistol, DA CCW, SWC 0.5, Cost 13

These Jaguars are interesting, basically a discounted Lupe Balboa with an emphasis on swordplay. They are Regular, fitting with the Corregidor theme of teamwork, but also have Frenzy. All I can say is… Intruders are going to be a lot happier with all of this smoke! Like the Bandits, they have no Lieutenant option. Close Combat is not a Corregidor specialty and it’s difficult to see how these are worthwhile compared to the cheap Impetuous Chain Rifle + CCW spam that other factions can field. I suspect that these guys will be linkable and AVA Total in the Sectorial.


Oldy but goldy!


MOV 4-2 CC 14 BS 12 PH 12 WIP 13 ARM 2 BTS 3 W 1 S2 AVA 4

AD: Superior Combat Jump/Zero G, V:Courage

Combi – 22|0 (2pt decrease)

HMG, E/Mauler – 31|1.5 (2pt increase, gained E/Mauler)

BSG – 21|0 

Combi, ADHL – 23|0.5 

Spitfire – 28|1.5

Hacker (Assault) – 28|0.5 

Deployable Repeater, Combi – 23|0.5 

Paramedic – 24|0 

Lt – 22|1 

They lose the light shotguns, but become 2 points cheaper. The changes N3 brings to the shotguns makes the Hellcat less lethal in close range. The Boarding Shotgun becomes one point more expensive due to these changes. Deployable repeater allows the Hellcat to tune in with the hacking shenanigans.

They also have a new skill: Superiour Combat Jump: which allows you to deploy anywhere in your deployment zone if you mess up the PH roll. Otherwise you’d be forced to your table edge.

Zoe and Pi-Well

MOV 4-4, CC 13, BS 11, PH 10, WIP 15, ARM 1, BTS 0, W 1, S 2, AVA 1

Special Skills: Engineer

Hacking Device UPGRADE: Stop!

Combi Rifle, D-Charges, Pistol, Knife, SWC 0, 28


MOV 6-4, CC 8, BS 11, PH 10, WIP 13, ARM 0, BTS 3, STR 1, S 2, AVA –

Equipment: ODD

Special Skills: Forward Observer, G Remote Presence, Repeater, Sat-Lock, Sensor, SWC 0, Cost 19

Have to be taken as a pair – SWC 0, Cost 47

Looks like the cost of pairs is now split and mentioned for each unit, which will come in handy for the ITS missions where point cost is needed to keep score. Other than that, the pair became 5 points cheaper, and we see some new skills to them: Sat-Lock


The user of this special skill is able to connect to the satellite network and use it to detect hidden threats and remotely tag enemies as artillery targets.This works on Camo and TO Camo Markers.

That’s cool! Great anti-camo addition to the Nomad force, although I still think they are pretty expensive. :p

Reverend Moiras

MOV 4-2, CC 16, BS 12, PH 12, WIP 14, ARM 3, BTS 0, W 1, S 2, AVA 2

Equipment: ODD

Special Skills: Multiterrain, Religious Troop

Multi Rifle, Pistol, Shock CCW, SWC 0, Cost 30

Multi Rifle, Pistol, AP CCW, SWC 0, Cost 30

HMG, Pistol, Shock CCW, SWC 1.5, Cost 34

Multi Sniper Rifle, Pistol, Shock CCW, SWC 1.5, Cost 34

Multi Rifle, E/M Light Grenade Launcher, Pistol, Shock CCW, SWC 1, Cost 34

Assault Hacking Device, Multi Rifle, Pistol, Shock CCW, SWC 0.5, Cost 36

Lt., Multi Rifle, Pistol, Shock CCW, SWC 1, Cost 30

CC+2, Multi Rifle 8 point reduction, HMG 5 point reduction. Pretty much the same unit, otherwise.

Many other units are postponed or largely unchanged! More will follow

Thijs "Scorch" van Tienen

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3 Responses

  1. Chronowraith says:

    Good to see the Moiras gets a sizeable point drop. They might be viable options now. The hacker saw a 14 point decrease and has an assault hacking device so that makes her much more competitive with the custodier right there.

  2. Dozer says:

    Loving the new Superior Combat Jump and Sat-Lock. A MOV of 4-2 for the Grenzer… a wee bit slow but the MSV and weapon options look damn fine.

    • Scorch says:

      MI all go to 4-2, as far as we know. Some HI keep it too. And it’s only slow if you think in ITS 😉 I love my MI-links in YAMS.

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