Devil Team’s Army 4.0

Army 4.0 – aka Infinity Army 4.0 by Devil Team – is the official army builder for Infinity.

It does indeed have a number of advantages – beautiful graphics that keep with Infinity graphical style, a number of filters (you can filter available units by skill, type, weapon, or what-not), and so on.

The really important features, however, are different:

  1. It is official. So, if you create an army list with it and the program says it is legit – it is legit. Also, all the profile modifications and erratas are put into effect very quickly.
  2. Every skill a given unit / profile has is a direct link to the Infinity Wiki, so you can check how that will work in game. An invaluable tool for a novice player.
  3. The interface is very intuitive.
  4. There is an option to create a “hidden” list for your opponent to see – which is useful for tournament play, but can be applied in casual play too. A “hidden” list doesn’t show up those of your models that are not placed on the table at the start of the game (camouflage, AD and so on).
  5. Lists can be exported, printed, saved to .pdf and so on.

Are there any drawbacks?

Indeed, I see a few. First, due to the amount of graphics, it takes a while to load (however, I got an information that if you use the “save as” option, the army builder will start like an inflation from then on. Might definitely be worth a shot!). Second, it doesn’t allow for building non-ITS-legit lists (i.e. those with extra mercs, that generally are agreed-upon thing for a given casual game) – simply there is no such an option.

And third, it no longer allows to print compressed army lists in two columns. What it generates these days is typically very long – 3x A4-sized pages for a common 10-model list, which I find unwieldy to use (yes, I’m such a dinosaur that I still sometimes use a hardcopy of a list. But using my Kindle for that purpose doesn’t make it much easier either, if I have to flip through several pages to check on a given model. Or weapon range.). At least – this is the Classic look. The Simplified one is a bit more compact, but in my opinion less clear.

Do I use it myself?

Nope, I switched to Aleph Toolbox in that awkward period when we were waiting for Infinity Army 4.0 – there was a number of new profiles available, and the 3.0 Army Builder wasn’t updated any longer. And I’m happy with the Aleph Toolbox.

Of course, once the N3 hits the community, that may change again, depending on how fast the updates will get there…

However, 4.0 Army Builder is fine (if you don’t mind its loading time), especially if you do make use of the direct Infinity Wiki link feature. Definitely an excellent tool for the players who are still a little new, and want to check on a skill or equipment piece or two when building a list.

The filters are pretty useful, too, if you’re starting a new army / sectorial, and want to locate a specific thing that you just knew was somewhere out there… or check if a given army / sectorial has the access to it at all. If you know it inside out already, you can do without them.

Also, Army 4.0 works in five languages – Spanish, English, French, German and, if I recognize it correctly, Catalan. Which matters if you use a specific language version of the game (I go with English version myself, so does my local community).

All in all, good, solid army builder for Infinity.



Plays Qapu Khalqi, Corregidor and recently Hassassin Bahram. Claims to be "just a humble traveller on the Silk Road".

3 Responses

  1. Athanadros says:

    As this used to be my go to army builder I am interested to see how 4.0 functions.

  2. Chriss says:

    Print a simplified army list to pdf and then use 2 page layout in pdf viewer for paper printing, you get at neat foldable 2 page army list on one sheet of paper. Simple workaround untill they add that option directly.

    • Errhile says:

      See, I tend to use a .pdf on my Kindle actually (I’d be delighted if they made an option to export it to a .mobi or .epub!). Hard copy only if for some reason I couldn’t have taken it with me.

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