December Preview #5: Yu Jing Hac Tao

We end with the cherry on top! The Hac Tao resculpt! Originally promoted as the hacker sculpt, it recently got changed to the HMG version. What a menacing pose, and a great paintjob! I’m actually thinking about quitting all together…. nah, kidding! 😉 Giraldez does what he does best; Painting models with godlike skills.

Still not sure which Yu Jing sectorial will get access to the Hac Tao, but that’s the one I’ll be collecting! Otherwise this sculpt is still an amazing addition to your vanilla forces! It certainly shows why Yu Jing is the Heavy Infantry faction. They just bring the best.

The Hac Tao has dropped significantly in price now that the N3 rules are available. I think we’ll spot this beautiful sculpt on the table more often than we did during 2nd Edition!


Another addition to the Hac Tao’s new N3 awesomeness is the Executive Order, which functions like a reverse Chain of Command. He just takes the role of LT even though you already have an LT on the battlefield! Awesome

Thijs "Scorch" van Tienen

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  1. Jet says:

    That model is amazing! It was Yu Jing’s sculpts are what got me into the game.

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