May Preview #0: Ficzone Announcement

Thanks to Miniaturas y Wargames we now have an insight in the May releases! The announcement reads the following:

  • Kazak Spetsnazs – Francotirador (Ariadna)
  • Kazak Spetsnazs – Sniper (Ariadna)
  • Caja de Caballeros de Santiago (PanOceania)
  • Boxed Set of Knights of Santiago (PanOceania)
  • Raiden Seibutai – Lanzacohetes pesado (Yu Jing)
  • Raiden Seibutai – Heavy Rocket Launcher (Yu Jing)
  • Caja de Interventores + Fast Pandas (Nomadas)
  • Boxed Set of Interventors + Fast Pandas (Nomads)
  • Tirador Agema – Francotirador Multi (ALEPH)
  • Âgema Marksmen – Multi Sniper Rifle (ALEPH)

The Kazak Spetsnazs is an entirely new unit type and according to the information it will be similar to the Scots Guards in that it has two operation modes. It can be fielded as an ambusher or a para-trooper.

The Fast Pandas are ZoC enhancers and repeaters for the two Interventors and will also be a unit we’ve never seen before!

We want to thank Miniaturas y Wargames for their live-blog of the seminar. It made it possible for everyone to follow the released news that was released at Ficzone.

Of course Data Sphere will follow the releases of May closely, just like we did in April! 😉


Thijs "Scorch" van Tienen

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  1. Lampyridae says:

    Looks like we’ll be getting new rules and a taste of the Tunguska and Khazak sectorials at the end of May! Quite stoked about the Santiagos too. Just as I finish collecting my Hospitallers… O my ducats.

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