Starting with Hassassin Bahram

This article is meant to take a look at the flexibility and the basics of list-buildings. For new players, Infinity and the building of lists can be a little bit daunting. So many options, units, special rules and equipment. That can be a bit much for most of us.
With the Starting with… series, we’ll take a look at two or three lists per army, showing some of the options you can choose.

To keep your budget in mind, we’ll start every list using the Starter Box of every army, which is an awesome deal for the amount of models you can get! We won’t keep in mind the need for specialists required in the I.T.S. missions! Specialists are certain units that can capture objectives. Those units aren’t a necessity right now because we’ll be focusing on the basics first. You’ll learn about them later on. You can get a solid grasp of the game mechanics and workings of Infinity with these lists!

The current Hassassin Bahram Starter Box brings you 6 models:

Daylami, Light Shotgun, Panzerfaust / Pistol, Knife (0,5 | 7)
Daylami, Rifle + Light Shotgun, Limited Camouflage, Inferior Infiltration (10)
Hassassin Lasiq, Viral Sniper Rifle / Pistol, Knife (1,5 | 26)
Hassassin Ragik, Rifle + Light Shotgun / Pistol, CCW (26)
Hassassin Fiday, Rifle + Light Shotgun / AP CCW, Pistol, Knife (30)
Hassassin Muyib, Rifle+Light Shotgun, Panzerfaust, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife (0,5 | 24)

Total: 123 points, 2,5 SWC

Lieutenant options (since you have to appoint your Lt): Actually none, if we assume the above breakdown as-is. However, Muyib has a Lt profile (1,5 | 22) which packs a Rifle, a Light Grenade Launcher with normal and smoke ammo, and loses the Panzerfaust and D-charges + Light Shotgun.

Roles, pros and cons on table:
Daylami are Irregular light infantrymen who come very cheap. The problem is – they don’t do as cheap Order generators – but they can do as cheap infiltration troops. Use them to either provide rear area security, or as speedbumps to slow down your opponent. In the starter box there are the only two models so far, and both of them can represent the Inferior Infiltration, Limited Camouflage loadouts (the Panzerfaust one can also represent the non-Infiltrating, Camo-less variant that is whole 1 point cheaper). Somehow many Bahram players don’t consider Daylami to be worth the trouble, but, perhaps, in N3 that isn’t very correct (for example, a Command Token can be used to turn an Irregular Order into a Regular one). Still, they aren’t very useful in the starter box.
Lasiq is about as good as possible when it comes to providing long-ranged, precise firepower. These Viral bullets do hurt, and against single Wound target, they tend to be straight deadly. She can also negotiate walls easily (thanks to Climbing Plus), which means she can take a good sniping position without using too many Orders. Downside – Lasiqs tend to be feared (and rightfully so!) by our opponents, which often means that they are eliminated with extreme prejudice. So, in short, Lasiq Sniper is what it says on the box: use her to limit enemy’s movement and dominate long fire lanes.
Ragik is a pretty typical AD: Combat Jump Medium Infantry. While a few point more expensive than similar troops in other armies, he’s Dogged and Religious – which means he will fight to the bitter end. However, with PH 12, it may be a little risky to drop him into the thick of things by the means of AD L3: Combat Jump – you might consider downgrading him to less flexible, but way more accurate AD L2: Airborne Infiltration. The weapon configuration presented in the box (Rifle + Light Shotgun) is very effective on a drop troop. Don’t get carried over the Close Combat Weapon the Ragik is brandishing, though – with no CC-related skills and CC ability only slightly above that of an average infantryman, Hassassins Ragik make rather unimpressive hand-to-hand combatants.
Fiday is the only Impersonator among Humanity’s armies, and pretty universally feared. A master of disguise, he’s usually capable of first striking any target on the table. However, Fidays are equipped to go primarily against light targets – like Light Infantrymen – and quite fragile themselves. While they’re good in Close Combat, they’re hardly the CC monsters some would like to see in them – most of the time, they should be using their guns. Remember to use Smoke for your advantage if there’s a need, and expect to lose your Fiday rather sooner than later.
Muyib is a Light Infantryman – and while Muyibs make one of the more popular troops in the Bahram, they are pretty expensive for a basic infantry, even if their stats are above-average (and they tend to be festooned with gear). Religious and Dogged – like the Ragik – he will fight to the bitter end. The model in the starter box is the most generic Muyib available – though, using other models to fill available loadouts, he’s usually identified as the Panzerfaust Muyib, who can be effectively used against both light and heavy targets.

Variants and proxies in the box:
The Daylami:
Apart from being fielded as different Daylami loadouts, they can make very convincing Ghulam (several loadouts available, including Panzerfaust and Missile Launcher variants). Ghulam riflemen are as close to cheap (12pts) Regular Order providers as you can get in Hassassin Bahram. Ghulam provide a spectrum of useful and inexpensive specialists, too.
Lasiq sniper:
A somewhat cheaper (still 26pts, but 0 SWC) variant exists, carrying Viral Rifle + Light Shotgun instead of the Viral Sniper Rifle. It offers completely different tactical options – same mobility and resilience, shorter range of fire and weaker punch, but at the same time better Rate-of-Fire, Suppressive Fire-capable, and armed with Light Shotgun for close-in work. As he retains the X-visor, he’s going to have an edge over other models armed with Rifles or Combirifles in long-distance firefights… and Damage 13 Burst 3 Viral Rifle is still not something to be overlooked! All this makes the Lasiq Rifleman more proactive variant, while the Lasiq Sniper is better geared toward reactive duty.
The Ragik rifleman:
Could easily fill the role of Ragik Hacker (32 pts, 0,5 SWC – an appropriate model exists) – apart from Assault Hacking device, it is the same loadout. With WIP 15 he’s a very dangerous Assault Hacker, and AD L3: Combat Jump (or AD L2 Airborne Infiltration, at your discretion) allows him to get right into the thick of things, immobilising his targets and then putting them to his gun – or just grabbing the objectives.
Same unit, different loadout – Spitfire (if you want high Burst weapon) or Boarding Shotgun (for high-power shotgun with AP capability). I must say I’m not sold on the Boarding Shotgun here – the standard Rifle + Light Shotgun loadout is 1 point more expensive, and while it has 1 Damage less (and no AP slugs available), it offers comparable short range performance with the Light Shotgun, and better medium-range performance with the Rifle….
if you assemble the Fiday without the Rifle+Light Shotgun that comes with him on a sprue (keep it for future conversion work), you can use him to represent any Hassassin Fiday there is. Two basic variants differ in the Close Combat Weapon they carry (AP for 30pts or DA for 31pts), third adds Anti-Personnel Mines (32pts) to the AP CCW loadout (pretty nasty thing on an Impersonator – you can lay the mines almost on the toes of enemy troops in their own Deployment Zone!). The fourth variant (which, actually, has its own, very pretty miniature) exchanges the Rifle + Light Shotgun for Boarding Shotgun (30pts). Extra punch and AP ammo available, it makes for an interesting option…
while Hussein al-Djabel has his own model, the basic Fiday can proxy for the most infamous of his brethren, too. Somewhat more expensive (35pts), Hussein brings a deadly Viral CCW, an extra Martial Arts (L4) training and slightly boosted stats. Basically, he’s a Fiday on steroids…
Apart from the Panzerfaust, the rifle-armed Muyib can also represent a Minelayer variant (23pts with E/Maulers, 24pts with nasty, nasty Viral mines) or a Doctor (26pts), who, with the Doctor Plus skill typical for Haqqislamite medical personnel, is an outstanding lifesaver. All of these pack DEPs as additional weapons, too.
While Grenadier Muyib does actually have his own model, the guy from the starter pack can represent him, too. Forfeiting the Light Shotgun for a Light Grenade Launcher limits his close-range performance, but in turn allows for a whole new bag of tricks to open – with Speculative Fire, smoke and standard fragmentation grenades! This option will set you back 22pts and 1 SWC (1,5 SWC, if he is to be your Lt, which actually can be worth it).

Let’s grow our Hassassin Bahram force to 200pts:


Plays Qapu Khalqi, Corregidor and recently Hassassin Bahram. Claims to be "just a humble traveller on the Silk Road".

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  1. Alkasyn says:

    A ncie article, however I have to disagree on certain points:

    – Ghulam link wihout a Spec Ops is pretty mediocre, having only 4 members.
    – Barid should be the first purchase for any Bahram player, he will be used in every list.
    – 11 Orders, even with 6 specialists, will not go far due to order starvation. I would’t use the Asawira in ITS scenarios.

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