Customeeple’s Faction Pack!

You have finally decided on which army you like the most! Is it the righteous path of Haqqislam? Or are you more of a PanO-player with their fancy toys? If you like toys, Nomads perhaps? Or do you rather clean the table with the strength and brutality of Aleph? Either way, you’re going to need some extras to play your beautiful models. Status markers, Order markers for bookkeeping and perhaps even some camo tokens. Then I can only recommend you the Faction Pack of Customeeple!

The Faction Pack is a package deal to give you all the things you need to start with your faction!

The Pack contains the following:

  • 21 order markers: 11 regular (green), 5 irregular (yellow) and 5 impetuous (red) tokens.
  • 14 status markers: 4 prone, 4 wounds, 4 unconsciousness, 1 out of ammo, 1 link-leader
  • 5 camouflage markers, or 2 if you are playing Tohaa (and we’ll get to those soon! 😉 )

The order markers

The order markers come in three different types. Regular, Irregular and Impetuous. with 21 markers, it’s probably enough for any 10-model list, unless you go full-on bikes.

The faction pack is designed for each vanilla faction within Infinity. If you, for example, chose to play PanOceania, the Faction Pack’s orders will show the army symbol on each order token. That’s superneat!

Keep in mind; Customeeple’s strength is customization. If you play only one sectorial of the vanilla faction, I know they will be happy to lasercut you the symbol of the sectorial army! Send them an email, and they’ll get back to you a.s.a.p.!

Status Markers

The Status Markers are beautiful designed. Customeeple decided not to go with 25mm tokens, but with 5mm wide quarter-circular markers, that you can fit nicely next to the base of the model.

In my opinion, it gives you a great overview of the model’s status, and the colours and shapes reminds me of Head-Up Displays that show you information in bright colourful texts, or even the futuristic Reactable, a turntable that is entirely digital, showing information in bright lights around objects you put on it. It gives the table an extremely futuristic look with all the status markers around each model.


Each Status Marker comes with text which you can easily read, and like the Order tokens, the Status Marker shows the faction symbol.

The Status Markers come with a couple of status variants: Out of Ammo, Unconscious, Prone, Link Leader, Wounds and Inactive (disabled/immobilized is my guess). Keep in mind that they won’t cover every status that the game has. They do cover the statuses that pile up quickly like wounds, ammo and prone. If you try to cover that with Infinity’s own base-size tokens, you’ll have at least 5 bases hovering around the model. I like Customeeple’s approach very much!

Once again! You could always try to email Customeeple to see if they can make you a special status token, if you want them to cover anything else!

Outside of the Faction Pack, Customeeple has these markers not only for 25mm, but for 40mm and 55mm bases as well! The fact that N3 will no longer have base extensions for the models might come in handy with these markers, as they will fit nicely on the edge of each base without any trouble.

Camouflage Markers

The Camouflage Markers of Customeeple are really cool! They are acrylic silhouettes of the actual models by Corvus Belli, complete with base. They are shaped like the model itself, and if you know the models well you can easily identify each Silhouette, whether it is a Hexa, Spektr, al’Hawwa or Naga.

But why would I want to show which model I try to hide, you ask? Now that’s the coolest thing, in my mind. You can add another level of psych-war with these camouflage tokens. Why not hide your Hexa with a Swiss Guard Silhouette? Nobody will dare to call your bluff. Or hide your Hac Tao with a Ninja Silhouette. Fragile as the Ninja is, your opponent will come in for the kill, and you pick them apart when you reveal your lethal Heavy Infantry. You don’t have to use the Silhouette of the model you’re hiding! 😉

The Camouflage markers come in different colours, and while they do not yet cover all the factions options in terms of load-outs, they do give you 5 unique unit designs.

Is it useful for N3?

That’s a good question. You can see the Faction Pack is designed with 2nd Edition in mind. With what we know from N3 right now, the Faction Pack alone misses certain things needed for N3.

A blue Lieutenant Order, for example. And with the changes that are happening to the Loss of Lieutenant and Retreat status, the faction Pack might need a little update before it is ready for N3. I really hope Customeeple will get to update this really useful starter product!

Just in from Customeeple. 🙂 They are going to update the packs along with a few other things!


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