Customeeple’s Operation Icestorm Pack!

Operation Icestorm is inbound! Right about now most of you have already received your Operation Icestorm pre-order, and if not, I bet it will come very, very soon. As most of you know, Operation Icestorm is not only a two player starter set, but also an ideal introductionary demo set for the complexity that is called Infinity! It covers almost all the basic mechanics, introduces some flavourful special rules like Thermo-Optic Camouflage, Infiltration and Arial Deployment as well as the unique order and ARO systems that make the game so great.

With these basic mechanics comes lots and lots of tokens. Corvus Belli was good enough to provide every boxed set of O:I with a pre-cut piece of cartboard, containing all the things you need to play through the campaign of O:I; order tokens, wound/unconscious markers, ruler and template.

That’s a lot of tokens! There is one little problem though. These tokens are made out of cardboard. It isn’t sturdy, and a small draft can blow them off the table and onto the floor. Chances are you will probably lose one during a busy demo day at the LGS. And that’s where Customeeple comes in with their awesome new Operation: Icestorm Deluxe Pack!

Customeeple’s Operation Icestorm pack

Customeeple’s O:I Pack provides you everything you need for a great demo game, all in shiny and sturdy colourful acrylic. This will make your O:I look so much better on the table.

Included are:

  • Regular order tokens
  • Irregular Order Tokens
  • the new Lieutenant Order Token – introduced in the N3 rule system
  • Wound marker
  • Unconscious marker

These all have the faction logos lasercut into them, dividing them evenly among PanO forces and Nomad forces. The orders are hexagonal pieces of acrylic with the faction logo cut into it, and the wound markers are bend pieces that can fit alongside the bases of your models, which in my opinion looks totally awesome. They look like a holographic status bar along your models. So neat!

  • Thermo-Optic Camouflage silhouette

Yes, one of Customeeple’s strengths are their silhouettes whereby a miniature’s outline is cut out from acrylic, providing you with beautiful silhouette that can be used as a camo marker or even a holoecho! This one features the Spektr

Next to that the pack also contains:

  • a Ruler that measures 8 inch/20cm
  • a Circular Template, with arrows in 10 directions designed for N3.
  • the new Silhouette 2 – introduced in the N3 rule system.

All these things are needed for Operation Icestorm. The Ruler and Circular Template are great, although the sturdy acrylic misses the flexibility of the cardboard rulers which might come in handy with models going around corners.

The Silhouette is actually the first Silhouette designed for N3 that’s available for sale! I do hope Customeeple will provide the other silhouettes as well in due time, but as an Official Partner I can only say I am pretty sure they will.

photo 1

Showing the O:I Pack overlay of the O:I Box contents

The only thing missing it the Exclusive Pre-Order miniature, but I guess you can find a proxy model for that yourself! 😉

But that’s not all!

Customeeple and Angél Giraldez, the paint-magician of Corvus Belli himself, teamed up to design the Giraldez Bases which allow you to base your models on the beautiful minimalistic designed bases that are used by the Corvus Belli studio and Angél themselves!

The Customeeple’s Operation Icestorm pack contains enough Giraldez Bases HDF-toppings to base all your Operation Icestorm models on these bases. Seven for your PanOceania models, and eight for your Nomad force. This way you can also base the camo-token of the Spektr on one of them! Neat!

You can check out our review on the Giraldez Bases here.


Customeeple’s Services

Customeeple is a company that focusses on custom designed game pieces and accessories. With that in mind I ordered a little something special for myself to be included in the package.

photo 2

Oh yeah, baby! Data Sphere Lieutenant tokens! Now I can demo Infinity and promote the blog! ^^

This is what Customeeple does, and it is worthy to look into it if you want something special made for your Infinity forces!


Thijs "Scorch" van Tienen

Infinity enthusiast and longtime cyberpunk fan. Also enjoys some good quality tea and Thai food. Runs Data Sphere together with Arachas.

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3 Responses

  1. Dozer says:

    These look great, I’m eager to get my copy of Operation: Icestorm and I’m looking at expanding my current set of templates, markers, and some new bases. This one was at the top of my list and I was wondering if it was worth the price. Thanks for the review, please keep them coming.



  2. costi says:

    The circular template is smaller and the ruler looks like it doesn’t match… seriously, Customeeple?

    • Now that you mention it, the template is 12cm as is the official size of the template in N3 confirmed by corvus belli, operation Icestorm has a litle bigger template I dont know why, but we think that we should sell the pack with the official N3 templateand it should be 12cm.

      The rule should be the same size, maybe is an effect of the photo, we will re-check everything to be extra sure that everything fine.

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