April Preview #1: Aquila Guard

The Aquila Guard, the pinnacle of PanOceania’s military power. High-tech, heavy armoured, lots and lots of fire power.

While the old HMG model of the Aquila Guard aged well, CB decided to resculpt him. Was it worth it? Hell yeah! Even I, who was skeptical at first, will definitely be buying this model. The design is on level with the Father Knight from Operation Icestorm and I have no doubt it will look as menacing on the table as it does in the pictures!

NeoTerra and PanO vanilla players are already familiar with the terror that is the Aquila Guard. While his ultimate trick was nerfed a bit in N3, it still shines on the tabletop and is a deadly and feared foe.

His gimmick is the Multi Spectral Visor Lv3. This equipment allows the Aquila to auto-discover every camouflage marker on the table. That’s scary for a list that uses Camouflage a lot. In NeoTerra, you can even bring three (3!) Aquila Guards.

Rumours say the thing on the Aquila Guard’s schoulder is a upgrade in his profile because it looks a lot like a Panzerfaust on other PanO models. A Panzerfaust was a weapon previously not available for the Aquila Guard. Having another high damage weapon available for this monster is amazing!


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