April Preview #2: Tiger Soldier

The Tiger Soldiers got a redesign in N3. They got a little kitty-mask, and became much more armoured in design. I loved it when I saw them in the N3 books!

But, there wasn’t a sculpt for one of the best droptroopers in the game back then. Now there is! And it looks amazing!

CB really nailed the drop troopers on the head this month. The Tiger was the first drop trooper to be released this month, and it looks like CB is getting the hang of this new 3D modeling, design wise.

The model has a dynamic pose, showing he just dropped in from the air, ready for battle. Anatomically the model is one of the best I’ve ever seen!

I do have some doubts about the sturdiness of the Tiger’s ‘wings’ on his back, but having experience with the previous 3D designed models most of these things were actually surprisingly sturdy.

The kitty mask looks really cool and is definitely less goofy than I originally thought it would be. The Tiger looks more like a case of pragmatic helmet design than an Egyptian god.

One thing I really love is how the legs got armoured. The army paints go straight into an armoured suit.

Already looking forward to the Combi+Flamer and Spitfire models!

BoW confirmed the Tiger would be part of the Huang Di Sectorial; Yu Jing’s Svalarheima regiment expected to come out in the next expansion Acheron Falls

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