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The Emperors of Yu Jing come from two different dynasties, the Qing and the Ming, rotating in their power. This prevents one emperor from becomingall powerful as they were in ancient times. The rotating power, and the competition between the two dynasties, undermines the power of the Emperor, making him vulnerable for usurpers. The Qing and Ming dynasties know their vulnerability all too well and to prevent usurpers from questioning the Emperor’s power they formed the Imperial Secret Service, the paramilitary wing of the Judicial Corps, to guard the Emperor against all His enemies.

This constant scheming leaves the court paranoid to the core and on its toes all the time. Although the dynasties and the Party both want to keep the status quo, most of the individuals still have personal ambitions and enemies. Yu Jing wouldn’t be Yu Jing without misinformation and propaganda.

The Wrath of the Gentle Dragon

The Imperial Secret Service was formed by the Emperor who envisioned the form of the ISS; a paramilitary organization tasked with maintaining law and order, beyond any legal responsibility.

The Imperial Secret Service was formed as an answer to the Triads; mafia and criminal organizations run as secret societies. The Triads have good connections within the society of Yu Jing, making both the economical and the political systems vulnerable for corruption. Under the reign of the Emperor the Triads became a mighty force within the Imperial System, getting their way either by violent force or by bribery and blackmail. The Imperial System had a hard time battling the Triads, lacking the force or means to fight them.

When the mightiest Triad attacked the Imperial court during a trial for one of its members, resulting in many civilian casualties, the Emperor formed a new agency. The Triads were heavily entrenched in Yu Jing society, so in order to dismantle their networks the Emperor needed a special breed of investigator; agents willing to do anything to guard the safety of the StateEmpire’s citizens and willing to execute the will of the Emperor, working as his guided hand. This new agency would be known as the Imperial Secret Service.

Hunting the Triads

The hunt for the Triads breathed new life into the Imperial Service, giving it a carte blanche in their missions. No effort was spared to destroy the Triads, and even ALEPH came to help to ISS in their investigations. Hundreds of crime-bosses and Triad leaders disappeared, decimating the criminal underworld of Yu Jing.

It was during this period that rumours began to spread about the Special Reclusion Units; invisible prisons outside of the Yu Jing penitentiary system. There were no records of the prisons, or the arrests of citizens and disappearances of the inmates inside the prison. If anyone investigated those rumours, they found nothing but false leads and closed doors. This was the Imperial System at work.

The Triads tried to regain their former power, but were mowed down by the Dragon’s Wrath. The fights were bloody and brutal, each one of the factions trying to get the upper hand. Many civilianswere caught in the crossfire, but the State media never mentioned these attacks; no word or image was ever released. These fights continued, crushing the Triads with every attack, until the new Triad leaders realized the true goal of the Emperor; the Triads were so interwoven with society that the Emperor was never going to completely wipe them out. Instead, they were to return to their former role; a useful, tolerable annoyance. The Triads accepted their new place and went underground, or were destroyed in their unwillingness to comply.

The Imperial Secret Service

The Imperial Secret Service (ISS) is the tactical wing of the Yu JingJudicial Corps, protecting Law and Order in the State Empire. The Imperial Service is deployed for special tasks like internal defense, civil and military security and anti-terrorism, protecting the Emperor and His citizens. Sometimes even against themselves.

The Imperial Service is under direct control of the Emperor and the Service is his representative on the streets. This earns the Service its nickname; The Claws of the Dragon. Only when the Imperial Secret Service is tasked with military duties is their hand guided by Yu Jing High Command. The collaboration between the State Empire Army and the ISS, while tactically sound, cannot be called harmonious.

The Imperial Secret Service has a bad reputation. They are known for their ambiguous and questionable morals. The use of penal regiments, in combination with the paramilitary police forces of the Celestial Guard, makes the Service a feared organization throughout the Yu Jing nation, where drastic solutions are common. Its members are trained to act without scruples. The Service operates completely above the law, making its members unaccountable for their actions.

Not only is the Service the paramilitary operational corps, they are alsothe investigators, making the operatives not only the eyes and ears of the Emperor, but also His judge, jury and sometimes even executioners.

For the ISS, the end justifies the means.

ISS Forces

Celestial Guards 天兵 (tian bing)


Celestial Guards

The center of the military police force of Yu Jing and the guards of the Emperor’s Forbidden City, Zijincheng. They are intervention troops, specialized in urban fighting. To serve in the Celestial Guard regiment,  one needs to be a veteran forthree years in another unit. Since they guard the military complexes of the Imperial Palace, the selection needs the highest levels of competence.

The Celestial Guard are known for their violent and brutal methods, and they are feared because of their unlimited authority to arrest and prosecute. The unit is considered dirty and treacherous and rumours exist that they had a hand in many of the disappearances.

Kuang Shi 僵尸 (jiang shi)


Kuang Shi

The Kuang Shi are an infamous penal regiment. They are named after soulless zombies from Southern China.

The Kuang Shi are quite similar to the zombies from which they take their name. The regiment consist of political and reoffending criminals who mysteriously disappeared from the prisons of Yu Jing, and underwent ‘political teaching’ by the Imperial Secret Service until there is nothing left but a human shell, spouting the Yu Jing propaganda. Their punishment is a delayed death sentence as they are turned into a weapon useful for the Dragon’s claws.

It is seen as a deed of redemption to die for the Emperor, who in his benevolence has given the Kuang Shi a last chance to become His loyal subjects.

Before they are deployed on the battlefield, Kuang Shi are loaded with explosives controlled by a remote detonator. They are operated by a Celestial Guard, carrying the device. This allows the Celestial Guard to set of the explosives on the Kuang Shi if they get out of control or withdraw. Needless to say, most Kuang Shi don’t survive their first mission.

Imperial Agents


Imperial Agents and a Bounty Hunter

The Imperial Agents are feared throughout Yu Jing. They are the inquisitive investigators, capable of asking questions but also turning creatively violent if they don’t like what they hear. The agents never leave loose ends and always perform definite solutions. The Imperial Secret Service is the brute cleaning staff used by the Agents to make sure there won’t be any embarrassing situations in the future.

The Agents are trained with the idea that violence is unavoidable, and it’s the only language understood by everyone. Tracking and hounding suspects the Agents are driven by their task to neutralize any threat to the Emperor or the State Empire, making sure any criminal or traitor will pay the highest price. Within the ISS, the appearance of an Agent means there is blood to be shed.

For the Agents, it is only the end that justifies the means, no matter how many people may die in the process.

Hsien 仙 (xian)



The Immortals are the elite personal bodyguards of the Emperor. They are the best of the best, the cream of the crop. They provide armed escort and armoured protection, personifying the defensive and offensive sphere around the Emperor’s persona. The Hsien are trained beyond any regard for personal safety, protecting the Emperor to their death.

In areas of conflict the Hsien are send as a manifestation of His will, taking the upper hand in almost any conflict by sheer firepower and intense close quarter combat.

The Hsien will arrive at the scene with full authority, making the hard decisions and taking the hard actions before disappearing again.


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