Why Play Haqqislam?

This series of articles is meant to present the various powers of the Infinity universe not from an in-game, on-table perspective, but from a wider, story-based point of view.

Why to play: Haqqislam

Greetings, o brothers. May peace and blessing of God be upon you. Please, sit down. Help yourselves on tea and Turkish delight – and listen.

Haqqislam is not the greatest power of the Human Sphere. We know it, we admit it, we do not plan nor scheme to change this fact. What we crave is not a pursuit of power, but of knowledge.

Of course, one can not follow such a pursuit without means – studying and exploring is a noble vocation, yet expensive one.

Fortunately, God, in his wisdom, has gifted us with the means to provide for it. The best known example – and therefore first I’m to call – is Silk. The wonder medicine that allowed to download Cube-stored personalities into new bodies. Some say that Death itself was cured this way – whether you do agree with this exact opinion or not, it is nevertheless not a trifle achievement!

And the plethora of various Silk derivatives – from medicinal, through cosmetic to purely recreational – remains in constant high demand thorough the Human Sphere.

Silk – in its raw form – is found only in the Ghazbar province of our planet, Bouraq. And only we have the technology to refine it into usable substance.

Second example springs exactly from the same source: Silk – as well as any other product of Haqqislamite economy (and there are many of these, trust me!) – needs to be delivered to our customers. And this is the task of the Haqqislamite merchant fleet, who move immense volumes of varied goods between the worlds of the Human Sphere. Yes, it may be a stereotype, seeing us a merchants and hagglers… but truth to be said, a lot of our money comes from commerce. up to the point where we’ve buildt Caravansary stations in every star system of the Human Sphere (or even several of them in some systems!). Like caravan way stations of old, these provide rest and all the comforts of home to the weary traveller, space where goods may be stored, and professional guards to protect it all from bandits – once highwaymen, nowadays, pirates. Which also makes Caravansaries a perfect ground for business negotiations of any kind.

Naturally, every time you earn something, you also earn something you can lose. We have to pull our weight in the Sphere’s politics – including having enough military power – and to protect our vast interests. Indeed, Haqqislam is a force to be reckoned.

While our armed forces aren’t the biggest in the Human sphere, nor equipped with the most cutting-edge technology, we have some assets that allow us to hold our own.

First, the indomitable will of our soldiers. No matter how advanced weapon is devised, it means nothing if there is no man to wield it. And while Haqqislamite troops tend to use less advanced equipment (yet proven and rugged!), they are dedicated, strong-willed and as perceptive as veterans from the other armies.

Second, our vocation for knowledge and medicine allows the Sword of Allah to provide its troops with the best medical care. Hands down, no power in the Sphere, not even the alien forces with all their advanced technology, is able to come even close to the mastery of Haqqislamite field doctors!

And indeed, they do miracles when it comes to keeping soldiers alive, well and fit for duty.

Apart from battlefield medicine, we have been able to provide some of our more elite troops with genetic (or cybernetic) upgrade programs, allowing them to perform feats of superhuman ability – heal their wounds in a blink of an eye, jump several stories high, or sense an incoming danger, and so on.

A sad necessity – we had to apply this knowledge to create some deadly weapons. A small number of these are being fielded by a select cadre of Haqqislamite Military Intelligence operatives – with devastating effects.

Indeed, we can pull our weight and defend our Search for Knowledge.

Should you wish to enlist with the Haqqislamite Armed Forces, there are three branches that do recruit troops these days:

  • The Sword of Allah army in general. It employs a whole spectrum of Haqqislamite troops, so whichever regiment has caught your eye, it will be there. This allows the forces of Haqqislam to employ any tactic and combined arms strategy – from overwhelming numbers of light troops, to small cadres of elite troops, from infiltration tactics to mechanized assault, and from airlanding troops to heavy armor…
  • The Qapu Khalqi, Men of the Gate – forces of the Funduq Sultanate – who are responsible for protection of our trade interests abroad. Some of the finest troops we have are tasked with this job, as well as numerous outside professionals and free market talents. While very diverse, this force is best known for the emphasis they put on teamwork.
  • the Hassassin Bahram, Haqqislamite Military Intelligence Service (associated with Iran Zhat Al Amat Shahnate). If the shadowy world of secret operations is what you crave, you couldn’t choose a better arm of service than the disciples of the Old Man of the Mountain. There is no place in the Human Sphere where the name of the Hassassins wouldn’t be spoken with well-earned respect… and often, a healthy dose of fear.

Two more forces, fielded by Al-Mendinat Caliphate and the Gabqar Khanate, do not do recruiting at this moment.

So, brothers, have you made your minds already?

For me, it was the feeling of being a part of something greater than myself. Supporting the Quest for Knowledge rather than trifle struggle for money, power and influence. Knowledge will, eventually, benefit the Humanity as a whole, while money, power and other such things are gained by come by taking them away from the others. Plus, with all these fully qualified doctors around, you know the Command is taking your well-being seriously!



Plays Qapu Khalqi, Corregidor and recently Hassassin Bahram. Claims to be "just a humble traveller on the Silk Road".

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