Adepticon Seminar

Livestream was made available thanks to Nestor and his Nestourage team. Pics all come from people attending the seminar and from the forums! Thanks a lot to everyone who contributed to make this possible!

There is only one thing on our mind for this seminar: Human Sphere N3. The intel on this new release is similar to what we’ve seen across the forums, Facebook and Twitter. Similar format to N3; two paperback books, come sleeved in a hardcover casing. Badass art and for those pre-ordering; a Limited Edition Mini.

The LE mini is a Druze, equipped with a Killer Hacker Device. Our summary on the Killer Hacker Device can be found here, and in short it’s an anti-hacker hacking device, that can only kill other hackers… interesting development.

The seminar was openend by Carlos ‘Bostria’ Llauger but soon Tom Shadlez took over to continue the seminar with his very soothing voice (he should do a podcast with his voice), as Carlos appeared to have lost his voice due to a cold.

Enough about people, let’s go to the goodies!

New Troops

Black Friars: a new PanO/MO unit. From what we know now, he’ll become the MSV hunter in the PanO army as his rules give him a White Noise zone surrounding the model. That’s a neat little trick!

Black Frair

Locust: A new PanO/NCA unit. This will become PanO’s stealthy ODD Infiltrator. Looks like someone in NCA has found the stones to deploy outside of its DZ.


We are shown art of the Tikbalang: One of the mini TAGs from PanO, and the only one in ASA. We’re promised by the words ‘soon’ that we’ll see the Tikbalang appear in the near future. As many of you might know by now, the Tikbalang and the Uhlan (PanO’s other mini TAG) will both be available in a Dual TAG boxed set, similar to Nomad’s Geckos. We hear ‘Bostria’ from the sideline, squeaking that ASA will see a very good year with lots of promising releases.


From what we know now, same goes for Imperial Service. Both Sectorials will undergo their upgrade to N3. A much needed upgrade, I might add. Yu Jing as a whole with get much love, with some great releases incoming.

We’re shown the USAriadna profiles of the Lone Ranger, Black Jacks and the Kazak Character Yevgueni Voronin which will come with as an HVT and a in-game Profile, with doggy attached to it. Strategos Lv1 will be available for that model as well.


For Haqqislam, we’ll see the Bashi Basouk model soon. We’re also shown the profile of the new Ayyar: A true Hassassin HI Specialist with dual viral pistols, shock marksman rifle and Holoprojector Lv 2. They also get an (explicit) Surprise Shot Lv2 and the new rule Free Agent meaning they can change command groups without spending a Command Token.

Bashi ayyar

We’re shown the Bandit art, and we hear he gets KHD (Killer Hacker Device). Next we see Bakunin’s Taskmasters, who have a surprising Silhouette 5, making them akin to Azra’ils. These are upcoming Bakunin HI and Bostria again squeaks from the sideline how Bakunin is getting their moment in the spotlight, now that Corregidor is getting fleshed out pretty well.


We’re shown the new Suryat profiles, showcasing the new Morat linkteam flexibility. The Suryats will gain Duo Fireteam + Haris options, making Morat links more flexible.

Now, for all the aspirant CA players; bigger news.

The Onyx Contact Force will be a new sectorial in Human Sphere N3. The army list contains a mix of Umbras, Batdrons (in various shapes and sizes) and some Shasvastii models ready to tear a whole in the defences of the Human Sphere and secure a beach head on Paradiso. This army will get a starter pack, similar to USAriadna did last year, giving you a fully kitted out 300 point army to start your CA campaign towards the Human Sphere!


Among those aliens is the Xeodron Batroids; which appear to be another mini TAG that can form a Haris around the new Umbra Samaritan. Mini TAG Haris. Let it sink in and remember April 1st has passed. The profile doesn’t show, but the video makes mention of it.


Next up, Aleph! We’re shown Hector, Achilles competition. He’s already released and there is little new info on him. The other one is more surprising, in my eyes.

Andromeda, Forward Deployment, Guardian, Mimetism, S4. Wait.. S4 character? Aren’t those the 55mm REM/Bikes? Yes, exactly. It is still a secret what shape she will become, but S4 is indeed the Silhouette for 55mm REMs and Bikes. Seeing her movement speed, she won’t be a bike. Are we going to see the first four-legged Homerus character? Nope, nothing like that! Guardian Lv3 rule states that she comes with another model on a 55mm base, similar to Voronin, who comes with a Guardian Lv1 Antipode. Andromeda will probably have something similar protecting her, with which she shares her base.


Last but not least, Tohaa close the line, but

Sukeul Commandos; a toolbox profile with Mimetism, Veteran Lv1, Stealth, V:Courage and the possibility to form Triads. Their main game appears to be Forward Observing, but they also pack a load of Heavy weaponry in the form of  Missile Launchers, HMGs and K1 weaponry. Triads with Missile Launchers…. gosh darn it.


New MINIS!!!

First up, the Celestial Guards gets an update. As do both the Pheasant and the Crane Agents. Considered by many to be among some of the best looking models in Infinity already, these steps up a notch. An N3 notch. We’re shown the ZhanYing Agents as well. Big news: we’re getting a new ISS Starter. And it is gorgeous!

ISS Starter

Foxtrot Ranger; as one can never have enough Foxtrots. This time we’re getting a female design equipped with a Boarding Shotgun.

Kazak Spetsnazs get their last remaining model released; the HMG. Now with Tactical Ammo Box!

spetnaz hmg

Now now for the Scorpion King: we introduce the Maghariba Guard in all her heavy weight glory. Back when the design was revealed, the crowd already went wild. Now, we’re seeing her in person. Just before ‘Bostria’ went to Adepticon, the mini was first brought back from the foundry to the CB team. They were all so excited about their new baby.



The ‘Maghy’ is a huge block of metal, and probably the biggest model CB designed. For all you Haqq players out there; you’re getting the first four-legged TAG in full-beast mode!

Reverend Healer, Boarding Shotgun. The models gets a very ‘old school’ Infinity style of pose. Very dynamic! Something we haven’t seen since CB started their 3D sculpting. I hope we’ll get to see something like this more often as their sculptors get more accustomed to this new form of art.


BAM! Hardly a surprise, when the Tikbalang is said to be coming ‘soon’. The Uhlan Model is spotted on the screen! It seems CB delivers again! The forum breaks, the crowd goes wild!
The Uhlan is getting a very spectacular action pose. Only the Uhlan can pull off a tactical rock.  This appears to be one of the best TAG minis that CB has produced until this day. The pose shows a TAG, moving forward towards its target, set in stone for Giraldez to paint.




Next is the missing Yaogat, the one with the MULTI Sniper Rifle. Decent model, quality we’ve come to expect from CB. Nothing spectacular, but great to be able to field a fleshed out Yaogat link in their new design!


But then! The new Miyamoto Mushashi model shows up.  A real N3 update on the model, but is currently has no colour scheme, to which Carlos asks the vote of the public. Mushashi will get two different models for extra choice. Both sculpts show him wielding both of his swords in his infamous ni-to-ryuu school’s classic technique.

Miyatmot Miyamoto

New Rules

Then we continue our seminar with the new rules of Human Sphere N3. “Awh, already?”

Fireteams N3


The Fireteam Rules will see a big overhaul. The rules are smoothed out and we see there are now 5 types of Fireteam.

Core: oldy but goldy. The familiar 5 man linkteam formed out of the the same unit. Fully fleshed out, they receive the most boosts, but intel suggests that we can now mix-and-match certain models within a linkteam formed of 4 other models. Interesting.
Haris: This type forms a 3-man linkteam. Previous exclusive to Haqqislam,  this tactic proved to be a success and other armies incorporated it. Apparently, mixing and matching units is becoming more frequent here as well  –
Triad: Tohaa only. Multiple 3 man linkteams, without restrictions to the unit they’re composed out of, as long as they have the Triad skill.
Enomotarchos: for now still Steel Phalanx exclusive, these form a 4-man linkteam, in most cases around a character.
Duo: This is a new one. Now we can link up two models, that won’t get any bonusses, but will be able to gain more mobility out of their orders.
It’s also big news that Linkteams will now stay intact with two models.

Look for ARCangel’s article on new hacking rules here. That summarizes everything better than I can in this article!

When will we be able to play?!

Human Sphere N3 will become tournament legal on May 5th-8th. The book will be distributed through-out April and when CB feels there are enough books distributed, the online tools will update in one quick swoop.


Then all we’re left with is some extras!

New Wu Ming art, that will come after the ISS Starter Set for people to quickly start up any ISS force they want to collect. From the intel it appears to be a Boxed Set.

Wu Ming

We’re also shown different colour schemes, that will be included in the Human Sphere N3 book. Those can be of great for inspiration for non-Giraldez colour schemes for your models (something I find hard to come up with, as his style and choice of colours is great in my eyes).

For those of you locked into Beasts of War’s Operation Flamestrike we will also see a big development. The Flamia Campaign will gain new locations with new missions. Lots of new stuff is going to be unlocked!

  • Aranda -another Quadrant Control below Tianxian.
  • Mount Skillion – Supremacy which is a mountain above Sagres.
  • Agoge Center – Frontline across the lake from Antela.
  • Onza – Nimbus Zone on the island where the O-12 complex is located.

Looks like we’ll get 9 locations total. From the seminar it appears a couple of areas will both compete for area control: TianXian and Aranda will both form the Western front for example, and to hold the center stage, you’ll have to hold both Antela and Agoge Centre.

And as regular closing of the seminar, Bostria and Tom both show the upcoming releases for April and May

In April we’ll receive the following:

  • Kazak Spetznazs – HMG
  • Revered Healer – Boarding Shotgun
  • Yaogat – MULTI Sniper
  • Maghariba Guard
  • ISS Starter Set

And in May we’ll see:

  • Bashi Bashouk
  • Kosuil – Boarding Shotgun
  • Xeodron Batroid
  • Uhlan
  • Mushashi


  • Onyx Army pack

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