September Preview #2: Panoceania Fusiliers SWC

Just in by Customeeple showing their new Neo City PanOceania line! They managed to sneak in the new SWC box of PanOceania Fusiliers!

Those are so wickedly cool! The Missile Launcher has a really characterful pose, and the new HMG design of PanOceania looks sleek as never before wait, that girl is carrying a Spitfire! Looks like the HMG will be gone from the Fusilliers as well!

We’re awestruck. And it’s a must have for everybody who recently purchased Operation Icestorm!


Come on PanOceania Fusiliers!

Edit: Better pictures where shown soon afterwards by Miniwargaming!


Thijs "Scorch" van Tienen

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3 Responses

  1. Hero of Man says:

    Looks like Same Leg Syndrome to me. Still, they have a lot more personality and look different enough, unlike the Ghulam SWC box.

  2. Lampyridae says:

    Yup, Same Leg Syndrome. Made worse by standing on exactly the same air conditioning unit. Otherwise, they’re looking very good indeed.

  3. Petr says:

    I love them, do you think A fusilier only army is viable? I also play nomads but i like fusiliers more than the alguaciles. I got operation icestorm and just bought this kit was wondering how viable doing a list with just fusiliers without taking other specialists.

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