Alkasyn’s Homebrew Campaign – Mission #1 – Infiltration

Welcome, gentlemen. Let’s start. Our target is a diplomat, enjoying some downtime on-board the Lumière de l’avenir. The boys at IntelCom say that he is to be terminated for lobbyinga short burst of laughter erupts from the audience. The Commander continues, unfazedAs we all know, in the Human Sphere, lobbying in itself is not a criminal offence. However, we are being told there’s something more here than meets the eye. It turns out that Ibrahim as-Saud, our target, had been responsible for termination of biometrical control procedures at all the outposts at one of the blockades. “Mechanical failure” was reported. The incident occurred more than 72 hours ago, and the biometric scans have still not been resumed. Mr. Saud is also the one responsible for breaking off of the negotiations with Ambassador Dia Mareetaa flash of irritation can be seen on the Commander’s faceAn event which disrupted the exchange of information between our friendly powers – a short pauseWe all know that we definitely should not trust the aliens, but the eggheads do insist that the obtained data, even despite all the censorship and omissions, is still very valuable. The Old Man, God keep him safe, has seen it fit for Mr. As-Saud to become a lesson. Right now, Alpha is disabling the security systems of the station and disconnects the life support. As-Saud is located in the Safe Room, accompanied by other civilians. We are to get there and eliminate him. His Cube must be destroyed. Other civilians are not our concern, but the mission does not allow any collateral damage. Any questions? – the room is silent Great, let’s get to work, then.

 –  May 18, 2189, Briefing room on-board the Rabbin bilgelik, Paradiso System


The strike force sent to the station is small and travelling light. Both players use 200 Points to build their army. They can also use a Spec Ops, paying the normal cost for him. He starts the game with 10 EXP points.

The scenario takes places on-board a space station, where O-12 and other Human Sphere officials are having a meeting.

The Safe Room is located in the middle of the board. It is a square room. Its walls are 8 inches long. It is of infinite height and blocks Line of Sight. The doors, when opened are Wide Access Markers. Infiltrator/Impersonator/Mechanized Deployment units cannot deploy inside the room or within 8 inches from it. The Doors to the room are initially closed. They are located in the middle of each of the walls. They are opened with a short movement skill.

The Y2,1K Virus: Alpha Strike Team has infected the life support system with a virus. The whole board is treated as having Terrain:Zero-G rule. In this scenario, Zero-G is treated as Difficult Terrain.

Enemy at the gates: There are two Access Consoles on the table. They are located in the middle of the board, on the 24 inch line, 8 inches from the left and 8 inches from the right table edge. In order to enter the Safe Room, a Specialist needs to activate the console in base-to-base contact. Only then can the doors be opened. Additionally, the Access Consoles allow purging of the virus from the system and bringing back of artificial gravity. This means the Zero-G rule stops to apply. The virus can be uploaded again to turn the whole table into a Zero-G environment once more. This can be repeated an infinite number of times.

The doors to the room are opened with a short movement skill, when the model is in base contact with the door. After opening of the doors, you randomly place 4 Civilians inside the Safe Room, using the following rules : roll 2 dice – the single digit of one of the dice shows the direction of scatter, the single digit on the other shows the distance. The “1” on the template points twice toward Player A’s table edge, and twice toward that of Player B. While rolling for the dispersion, you have to remember that the Civilians cannot land outside of the room, shortening the distance results if necessary.

In order to find out which of the Civilians is the Target, you are required to perform a Discover WIP roll. A successful roll calls for an another dice roll, and a result of 1-5 on the second roll means that the Discovered civilian is The Target. The Target can be different for the two players. It can also be the same for both of them.

Friendlies on site: Causing the death of a non-Target means that the player responsible immediately loses the scenario and gains no Victory Points from the encounter.

Specialists: In this mission, Hackers, Engineers, Forward Observers, Doctors, Paramedics and Chain of Command units are considered Specialists. Unless specified otherwise, Repeaters and G:Servants can be used to perform the mission objectives.

„Bravo in position”:
Changing of the gravity level on-board the station. Done by a Specialist performing a WIP roll, in base contact with an Access Console. Points can be obtained only once, but by each of the players – 1 Victory Point

„System Override”:
Allowing the Safe Room doors to be opened.  Done by a Specialist performing a WIP – 3 roll, in base contact with an Access Console. Points can be obtained only once, by the first player – 1 Victory Point

„Breach and clear”
Throwing a Smoke/Flash or E/M grenade into the room – 1 Victory Point

„Terminate with extreme prejudice”:
Killing the Target in Close Combat – 4 Victory Points

„Cut off the head and the body dies”:
Killing the enemy Lieutenant (Unconscious is enough) – 1 Victory Point

„Putting on white gloves”:
Have less Unconscious models on the board than the enemy, calculated at the end of the game – 2 Victory Points


The mission ends after 3 turns. If any of the players is in Retreat!, the mission ends that game turn, after both players have played their turns.

The Spec Ops uses the advancement rules from Campaign:Paradiso. If he dies and the MEDEVAC and CUBEVAC rolls are failed, the next Spec Ops has half the EXP points of the fallen one. The EXP points can be used to buy new skills for the Spec Ops or new Command and Control options. Models that exit the table due to Retreat! Rules, do not have to roll for MEDEVAC or CUBEVAC, they are considered alive and well.
                        – Dear viewers, Marlene has some breaking news for you! The Lumiere de l’avenir space station has been brutally attacked by terrorists! The only reported casualty is Mr. As-Saud, a philanthropist, businessman and politician, sponsor of the newest season of Myrmidon Wars: The Second Conflict, as well as many secret governmental projects! Marlene regrets to inform you, dearies, that Mr. As-Saud’s Cube is reported to have been destroyed in the attack. You probably remember the attack on the Storage that occurred last week – these two events coupled together mean that Mr. As-Saud will not be returning to us in a Lhost body anytime soon. What a shame! However, there are some good news as well! The terrorists responsible for this perfidious attack have already been apprehended by O-12 Gendarmes and are transferred to a high security location. Do you want to know more?

 – Fragment of the News Segment of Channel 10, May 19, 2189



Patrycjusz 'Alkasyn' Piechowski

Warcor for Warsaw, Poland. Plays Haqqislam, USARF and Tohaa. Enjoys S-F books and board games. Owner of blog about Infinity locales in Central and Eastern Europe

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5 Responses

  1. Nasca says:

    A nice and solid mission. I like the background story.
    The only change what I would do is to skip the mission objective „Cut off the head and the body dies”. So long Infinity version 2 is in place I don’t like it to give additional points for killing the lieutenant.
    I assume the next mission is to rescue the terrorists from the high security location.


  2. Nasca says:

    Second thouhgt: It would be nice to have a downloadable / printable version.

  3. Dozer says:

    I agree with Nasca’s comment on the kill the Lt objective. The mission looks very solid and has entered my gameing crew’s rotation of scenarios. I’m excited to play this with some raging JSA or some sneaky Nomads shinnanigans.


  4. Alkasyn says:

    Thank you for all the comments. I hope the missions will play smoothly! I still remember the one I played, where Yasbir held of a Myrmidon Enomotarchos Link, using Suppression fire to block them from entering the Safe Room. Then my Ghulam doctor killed the target in Close Combat.

    Regarding the LT objective – I wanted to put in something to make the total score 10 points.

    Regarding the file version, I uploaded it to mega:!pcdFmQSQ!PYUGGmIireo3iXUxnIFoyTIscWcrqVPYm6ya54olydo

    Regarding the next mission – it will be something else than rescuing the “terrorist group” . It should be available soon, I just need to get around to knowing the panel 🙂

  5. Nasca says:

    @Alkasyn: Sounds like a great game and thanks for the file.

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