The 20 x 20 Infinity Mission System

Versión Española? Aquí.

The 20×20 mission system was a much bigger success than I had ever dreamt of. Initially, I wrote these missions because this is the way I want to play Infinity. I thought that I should be happy if my gaming partners would agree to play 20×20 missions with me. Obviously, many other people want to play Infinity in this way. People around the world use it and there have been 20×20 tournaments around the world. There is even a translation into Spanish.

For those still not in the know, I will give you a summary what 20×20 is about:

The 20×20 mission system is meant to facilitate fast pick-up games but can very well be used for tournament games. It is a flexible system that allows players to use any army point size and play on any table they want to. There are twenty primary missions and twenty secondary missions, allowing for 400 different scenario configurations.

The system basically works like the ITS missions, but it does not use classified objectives and it does not put such a high emphasis on specialists. It is beneficial to include specialists into the army lists, but not a must.

Unlike ITS, this system distinguishes between the different specialists (engineer, hacker, doctor, etc.) In many missions, having a specialist of one sort gives an advantage to the WIP roll required to win an objective, but all troopers are able to score. Just like ITS missions, the maximum number of objective points is 10.

Version 3 does not bring any new missions or game variations. My aim with this version was to correct all the mistakes that had been in the previous versions. Thanks to feedback and proof readers, I hope I was able to get rid of the bugs. The wording is clearer now and I have also included diagrams to show where the objectives are. Special skills which had been neglected in previous versions now play a role. A lot of effort has been put into reworking the victory conditions.

Those who hope to see new missions or getting old missions back in a new form should not feel disappointed. I am currently working on a document which consists of an updated version of all the missions that used to be part of 20×20 or that never made it into publication

I wish to thank everybody who has contributed to 20×20 by feedback, proofreading, playtesting, translation and providing me with their ideas. Without you, this mission system would never have worked.

Feedback is essential for me to improve 20×20. If you have questions or observations, please do not hesitate to contact me via Data Sphere.

20×20 Infinity Mission System Version 3.0

English Version Here.
Versión Española Aquí
Version Française Ici

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10 Responses

  1. Tony says:

    I think it would be great to try and test.

  2. Prophet_of_Doom says:

    I would be very happy to receive playtesting feedback. Of course I have done play tests, but it is virtually impossible for a few people to thoroughly playtest all those missions. So far, people seem to enjoy them for the reason that the missions are straightforward and easy to understand.

  3. TanKoL says:

    Will give them a try for the escalation campaign I’m running here (starting with category A, obviously!)
    I like YAMS, dislike ITS a lot (me likey robots & knights) … so this seems fine 🙂

  4. Prophet_of_Doom says:

    Thanks to people giving me feedback, I got rid of some minor mistakes.
    I will keep on updating this document as people point out mistakes to me. However, I will not change rules to avoid confusion.

    So if you have downloaded this document before and spotted some mistakes, they should be gone if you download again.

    If you spot some other mistake or have some comments about the missions, I am very happy to receive feedback and constructive criticism.

  5. Red09 says:

    Triangulation (6) – this needs clarification – does each opponent have 5 markers (this makes sense to me) or are there 5 in total (you could effectively deny your opponent 4 points straight up by marking your deployment zone even before they can get there).

  6. Red09 says:

    Ok. Hope this is constructive.

    Mission 9 – modifiers stack (thus -3 plus +3 =0) – you can avoid this if you use the word ‘instead’ as you did in mission 17. Likewise in mission 15 and 20. Can a player retry if intercepted? (Obviously successful otherwise data couldn’t be intercepted).

    Mission 10 – seems it would better to have the warcor dead than alive at the end. More points that way.

    Mission 12 – clear language needed for awarding first +1 VP.

    Mission drop ship – (assumed only one dropship?) – says to have 1 pointing towards table edge of choice – whose choice?. Also could suggest a countdown turn rather than immediate launch as will turn into an auto 2VP who ever gets in first and launches. This could allow you to put multiple models inside (become non combative (as they strap in)) at the disadvantage of having less models outside to fight. Whatever.

    Mission 15 – what if one OM lands on another OM? Maybe reroll? Or put to side?

    Mission 19 – can a scientist as a member of your team heal/CASEVAC another scientist using his irregular order?

    Hope these thoughts were helpful 🙂

  7. Prophet_of_Doom says:

    Hi, thanks for the feedback. I will answer your questions in the feedback thread.

    Please use the feedback thread for your comments, as it is easier for me and others to look at only one thread.

  8. Red09 says:

    Feedback thread doesn’t seem to exist yet.

  9. Red09 says:

    Works now. 🙂

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