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    The Morat Aggression Force Starter Set

The Morat Aggression Force is the muscle of the Combined Army. A race of brutal warriors, they are bred for aggressive and brutal assaults. The Morats only lost two battles in their entire existence. The first time, they decided to re-organize themselves towards a true warrior-society build around professional soldiers. The second time was by the Evolved Intelligence. After their defeat, they pledged their allegiance to the E.I. and its cause. Now they’re fighting for his goals.

The Morat society is build around combat and strife. Each individual is linked to a social caste or regiment, which forms their status and identity. Though the Morats function as one army there is still rivalry between these regiments.

The Morats are responsible for some of the hardest and most brutal attacks on humanity and they have been a true nemesis for the forces on Paradiso.

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  3. June 26, 2014

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