Diary of a Haqqislam Newbie

These thoughts come from longislandgamer on the Corvus Belli international forums.


Before I describe the units I took for tonight’s game, let me give you a brief introduction of how I came to play Infinity…

I always loved wargaming. Some of my favorite games were skirmish games. I was in love with Necromunda. Once I found Infinity, I found another game to replace Necromunda.

I started by looking at the different factions. The faction that I kept being drawn to was Haqqislam. I enjoyed the fluff, the models and the colors. I went onto the forums and found people fairly close to me that play. This prompted me to put together a quick 200 point list. This beginning list got me familiar with shooting, moving, the importance of terrain and the ARO system.

Tonight I went to a 300 point list. The newest models I tried were Yuan Yuans, Hawwa, and Janissaries. I have a few games under my belt using Djanbazans. Here was my experience….

Tonight I played a game of Haqqislam QK versus Haqqislam QK.

Janissaries – Looking at the stats, I was impressed with their BS 13 and their ARM 4. Sure, they cost a lot, but I also felt that they could hold their own in a firefight. I took two loadouts – HMG and AP Rifle & Shotgun. Although my HMG didn’t see too much action, my AP Rifle guy did. He made his ARM saves during four turns of attacks from a 5 man Djanbazan link team. I rolled pretty good but the ARM 4 REALLY came in handy! Next time I play him, I’m going to take him as a doctor. With a movement of 4-4 he should be able to get to where he is going to fix someone.

Yuan Yuans – I took these for their ability to throw smoke, thus augmenting my Djanbazans. Boy, they are tricky to use. With their impetuous orders, they love to run right into harm’s way. The first Yuan Yuan stepped right into a sniper’s ARO fire and was eliminated. The second Yuan Yuan didn’t last much longer. It’s going to take me time to be able to handle these troops effectively. I’m going to have to place them where it’s not too easy to leave them out in the open.

Al Hawwas – I took two of these, one a forward observer and another a sniper. With their camo, I put a marker on the table where the figure should be. I really gotta remember they are on the board! Too many times I passed a turn totally forgetting to take them out of camo and use them! I need to figure out a way to remember they’re there.

Djanbazans – With their movement of 4-2 they are slightly slower than other troops. However, they really shine with their Multispcetral Visor L2. This allows them to ignore Mimetism and smoke (making them the perfect fit for the smoke throwing Yuan Yuans). I took two different flavors – sniper and a HMG. These troops proved to be most effective for me. Next game I’m probably going to them the same way – camp them out and allow them to limit the movement of the enemy.

In short, I think I used the Djanbazans correctly. I have to remember that when trying to discover someone in camo during the ARO, spot with the HMG and shoot with the sniper! A couple of times I used the HMG to shoot and they were out of the optimal range – giving me a -3 modifer – which hurt.

My next game the goals will be

Trying to use the Yuans Yuan effectively.

Yuan Yuan elite preparing for descent

I also have to learn that facing is a big deal in this game. A couple of times this came back to bite me because my figures weren’t facing the optimal way to maximize coverage of the board.

Finding a way to remember that my hidden Hawwas are on the board. Forgetting about them is throwing points away.

Till next time, may you always roll well… unless you’re playing against me.


Bryant "Claudius Sol"

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  1. Elric of Grans says:

    Just a rules point. You cannot have one model Discover and another BS Attack in the same ARO. All actions happen at the exact same time: your opponent’s action and all your AROs. The model you are trying to declare ARO BS Attack with is trying to target a token, but you *cannot* target a token with BS Attack. ARO Discover is happening at the very same moment, so there is not time for the discovering model to pass the info onto the shooting one.

  2. LongIslandGamer says:

    Wow – I’ll have to look that up. Thank you for the information

    • TanKoL says:

      Technically he’s correct
      However you can declare that dude X uses “discover” while dude Y holds his ARO
      “Holding ones ARO” effectively means “I’ll shoot if your action reveals you”
      But it is true that you can’t discover and attack a token during a single ARO phase
      You will either try to discover it if it doesn’t reveal itself, or shoot it if it reveals itself, but not discover the token and then shoot the discovered model

      • Miramart says:

        That is not right. ARO’s happen at the same time regardless of how many models you have reacting. If he chooses to have one model discover, then all that can happen to the marker that turn is that it might be revealed. No one else knows it is a model because it does not exist while being discovered. The newly-discovered model would have to activate in a new order before it could be shot at by anyone. It’s actually in a red “Important!” section in the N3 rulebook, page 30 on the bottom right.

      • Miramart says:

        Scratch that, I re-read and see what you’re saying!

  3. Dimitrios says:

    That last picture would make a fantastic t-shirt. I’d buy it; I constantly need to be reminded of that.

  4. Frank says:

    I actually do not know what you mean with: “hidden deployment”, when you talking about your Hawwas? Do you mean there Marker state? Because Hawwas have normal camouflage and no TO-camouflage. The hidden deployment Option is only for TO like the Tuaregs.
    Greetings Frank

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