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Aleph. The Artificial AI in the Human Sphere. The only AI in the Human Sphere. To keep it that way, Aleph set up its own force of operatives that eliminate threats to Aleph or the status quo as Aleph thinks is best. With the alien threat of the Combined Army on the event horizon, Aleph created its own assault army.

Aleph’s army consists of three different branches; the Vedic branch. Aleph’s operatives; the Homeric, Aleph’s assault army and the Hebrew branch, Aleph’s support troops.
Most of Aleph’s forces consists of cyborgs, remotes and Lhosts; bodies with a downloaded conciousness in them.

High tech and with inhuman strength and endurance, Aleph’s forces are elite and expensive to work with when building lists.

Let’s take a look at the Starter Set

The starter clocks in at 162 points/0,5 SWC, based on the loadouts on the box, but you can easily use some of the units with a more expensive profile. The starter stems from pre-Paradiso, so the Homeric branch of Aleph wasn’t created back then. The starter consist solely of Vedic units.

The line infantry consists out of three Dakini remotes. These are Aleph’s standard line infantry, and unique in the Human Sphere armies as the only remote line infantry available. This means bringing a hacker is mandatory to field them. It also means, you can use that hacker to upgrade the Dakini with support software, making it extra lethal and effective.
The Dakini is a fast MOV6-4 soldier with pretty standard stats for a line infantry. ARM 0, so it has difficulty taking a hit. CH:Mimetism will help you to protect the Dakini, as it applies a -3 on all BS attacks.
G: Remote Presence also gives you another bit of extra; two levels of unconciousness. This allows you to repair a broken down Dakinis with an Engineer, even after it goes minus 1 wound. Remember that when you field them, as this might come in handy!

Next is the Deva, one of the most elite Light Infantry in the game. These are operatives directly linked to the AI’s mind, created in such a way that their beauty and humanshaped presence can interact with the public. Devas are tough as their No Wound Incapacitation keeps them running even when all their wounds are depleted. Watch out for Shock Ammo, though. It will kill them, as it ignores NWI.
High willpower makes the Deva a great Lieutenant during the roll-off, but unfortunately for us they need a Devabot to become a Lieutenant. More on that later! 😉
The Deva comes with a Combi Rifle and a Nanopulser for the close quarter fighting.

Nagas are camouflaged infiltrators, with access to a lot of cool tools. In the box he’s shown as a hacker, but you can easily proxy him as the profiles with mines if you like. Keep in mind though, you do need a hacker to field the Dakinis, so if you do not field him as a hacker, remember to bring another one! 😉
Nagas have the V:Dogged skill, which allows them bypass the Unconcious state, keeping the model out of the Null state. At the end of the turn, the Dogged state forces the model automatically to the dead state, removing it from play. That’s great to keep the Naga alive for ARO possibilities, or just because you want to stretch his effectiveness just a little bit longer.
As an Assault hacker, the Naga brings a lot of damaging tricks to the table, and his camouflaged infiltrated state allows him to catch enemies in his ZoC quickly.
This Assault Hacking Device does not allow you to upgrade the remotes. If you want to make use of that synergy, you’ll have to bring an other type of Hacking Device.
Put him in a safe spot upfield and you’re good to go, throwing a wrench in enemy’s plans.

Last of the bunch is the Asura, a Heavy Infantry with No Wound Incapacitation, and a Multi Spectral Visor Lv3. The NWI makes this Heavy Infantry effectively a small TAG, with her three wounds and high armour. Multi Spectral Visor L3 deals with every camo token on the field, auto-discovering before killing them. It also sees through every kind of smoke besides Zero-V, so it’s hard for your opponent to surprise the Asura.
The Multi Rifle is a fearsome weapon, with the ability to fire three kinds of rounds; Armour Piercing, Double Action and Shock. It’s a great ARO weapon, due to the Double Action Ammo, and Armour Piercing is effective against high armoured units, while Shock tends to negate all kinds of skills, like No Wound Incapacitation and Dogged, killing many units instantly.
The Asura is one of Aleph’s most feared units; a counter to all kinds of tactics, and inhumanly strong on top of that. She is expensive though.

Let’s look at what we can work with.

Thijs "Scorch" van Tienen

Infinity enthusiast and longtime cyberpunk fan. Also enjoys some good quality tea and Thai food. Runs Data Sphere together with Arachas.

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9 Responses

  1. el_presidente says:

    Nice article but “Artificial AI”? 😛

  2. Bazlord_Prime says:

    Nice write-up, Scorch! You’ve got me all excited about starting up Aleph as my first faction! 🙂

    I want to run mostly Hackers, Engineers and REMs (Dakini, Garuda, Yudbot, Daleth & Zayin) tho, and work the E/W side of the faction.

    I don’t know how much Hacking is actually used in-game, tho. For instance, @ 300pts, are 2-3 Hackers viable to allow multiple support programs to be run at the same time on the various REMs? Or are those upgrades not really as good as say, dropping a Hacker and getting an HMG Ekdromoi 😉 Or, an Infiltrator or something?

    Also, I was thinking of taking 2 Sophotects (w a Yudbot each), mainly to support the REMs. Do you think that’s too much redundancy?

    Only played a couple of the Operation Icestorm missions so far, but I’m really loving the game, and want to get into it 🙂


    • Errhile says:

      Remember you have only 10 slots per Combat Group. 3 Hackers + 2 Sophotects – and you’ve filled 5 of these already.

      Personally, I’d cap at 2 Hackers and 1 Doctor / Engineer, but then I’m not an Aleph player. So, whatever works for you 🙂

      I’d suggest to run various variants of the list you’ve enivisioned with proxies a handful of times – for test purposes. You’ll find out by yoursefl whether this style suits you, or not – and there’s little point in wasting your cash for models that yuo will find redundant after a handful of playtests.

  3. Bazlord_Prime says:

    That’s a very good point – I should just calm down, and run a few games to get the feel of some of the units before committing cash to them. I haven’t even played with the hacking rules yet, so I’m probably getting a little ahead of myself!

  4. Bazlord_Prime says:

    No truer words had ever been written…

  5. Starrius says:

    As a new player looking to get into aleph you mention different sectorals but looking at the army they only list steel phalanx. Is this article out of date now?

  1. October 3, 2015

    […] Here is an overview of the ALEPH Starter Box […]

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